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In Case You Missed It: McDonald’s France Gets Bagel Burgers in Bacon, Cheese & Red Onion

Upon learning that McDonald’s France introduced Bagel Burgers, my first reaction was: Did they really get to it before America? Our lucky comrades overseas have access to Mickey D Bagel Burgers in the three scrumptious flavors: “Cheese” (with Emmental), “Red Onion” and “Bacon.” We, on the other hand, have to settle for eating ordinary Quarter Pounders with ordinary sesame buns. Le sigh. Each Bagel Burger contains “some sort of sauce,” which only the French are fortunate enough to know what that means (we can only imagine).

It’s a limited-time offer and only the Bacon Bagel Burger will be offered each week until the end of December. Cheese, is available the weeks of December 5 and 19, and Red Onion is available during the week of December 26th. They made it complicated, but don’t complain. At least you have Bagel Burgers, France. Mark your calendars and eat one for the rest of us!

via huffington post