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Jack in the Box Does Dorm Food Right with New Cheesy Pizza Bites

jack-in-the-box-pizza bites

My first year as a freshman in college I lived off Rice Krispie squares and cooked mushrooms. Yes, really, and no, I don’t know how I survived. That being said, if these Pizza Bites from Jack in the Box rolled out back when I was living in the dorms, I would’ve been right on board. I mean, come on, I wasn’t exactly picky.

The new side item features mozzarella, pepperoni and oven-dried tomatoes stuffed into pizza dough and served with marinara dipping sauce. Think Bagel Bites enveloped in a fried, crunchy shell and taken a few notches up. Can’t you just imagine that gush of hot pepperoni and melted cheese when biting into these delights?

The photo below was taken by Marvo from The Impulsive Buy and forwarded to Grub Grade. Ryan of GG notes that Marvo is located in Hawaii, where the prices might be higher. So the $1.99/3-piece and $3.89/ 6-piece prices may vary according to what state you’re in.

H/T Grub Grade


These Hello Kitty Bagel Bites Have Pepperoni Bows


Before you rush to the grocery store scouring the frozen section for Hello Kitty Bagel Bites, let me disappoint you. These petite snacks are not available anywhere (at least not that I know of) to the public and are created by Flickr user LoveBones, who seems to have a particular fondness for food too adorable to eat.


Chocolate Covered Bagel Bites

My recent move to Colorado has given me a new group of taste testers. They didn’t know that I play to win, so I’ve been trying to break them in slowly. They’ve been happy with what I’ve made so far, but I thought it was time for them to branch out and have a go at some chocolate-covered questionables. And these bite-sized snacks of bread, meat, and cheese have been begging me to coat them in chocolate for a while now. 

Chocolate-Covered Bagel Bites


  •  as many bagel bites as you can see you and your friends consuming
  • chocolate bark


  1. Bake and cool bites as you see fit. (I had time so I threw mine in the oven).
  2. Chill in the fridge (This helps the sauce, pepperoni, and cheese stay on the bagel while dunking).
  3. Melt chocolate bark and dunk top-side of bites in chocolate.
  4. Chill until set.

While only chocolate is pictured, I covered some of them in white chocolate, which I found tastier than regular. Surprised? I thought not. You also shouldn’t be surprised that the bagel bites had mixed reviews, but these guys are still wet behind the ears. I actually thought they were pretty good, so stop acting like you don’t have a box in your freezer already, and go make a batch!


The Triple Pizza

Pizza much? Yes. A base that consists of a DiGiorno Cheese Pizza, further topped with 3 Red Baron Single Serve Cheese Pizzas, which are further topped with 4 Cheese Bagel Bites each (12 Bagel Bites total for you non-Math Majors). I would have loved to see what a slice of this pie looks like, particularly a segment that cuts into a Bagel Bite, a Red Baron and a DiGiorno, all at once. MmmMmmM. (Thx Gumpy5)


Craving: Bagel Bites

Bite-sized bagels, sauce, cheese and pepperoni bits. My childhood is running rampant through my mind as I drool at this picture. Give or take 30 Bagel Bites, a cold Pepsi and some vintage Nickelodeon would be all that was needed. (PicThx Azzaelea)