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Bacon Pocky Sticks, Because Everything Else Was Already Taken

I don’t know if it’s just that foreign palates are more adventurous, or maybe just foreign marketing teams are, but for some reason every other country gets better flavored things than we do. I mean, milk tea Pocky? Cream cheese Pocky?

And here we are, “greatest nation in the world,” and the best we can think to cover our already-boring cracker sticks with is bacon-flavored salt.

Granted, I’m probably still going to go out and buy some, but couldn’t you have at least dipped them in bacon-flavored cream instead? I mean come on, I might as well just drive to the grocery, head to the meat section, buy myself some plain old bacon and eat that but ain’t nobody got time for that.

Savory Bacon Sticks: $3 @ Archie McPhee

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Bacon Salt

From breath mints to plush toys, we seem incorporate bacon into everything. We can now add salt to that list thanks to this little number.

Bacon-ize your fries, steak or other foods that need seasoning to add a delightful bacon kick to any dish. If that weren’t enough, Bacon Salt also comes in a Cheddar Flavor if you want your seasoning a bit on the cheesy side. The best thing about this special seasoning is that it’s Kosher and Vegetarian, leaving no man withheld from the smokey flavor of bacon. Both varieties are up for sale for $5.

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Jones Soda: Bacon Soda Holiday Pack

Tapping into the bacon foodie hype, Jones Soda brand has prepared a rather peculiar holiday gift pack…the Bacon Soda Holiday Pack. The description notes the pack features a “one time only” Jones Bacon Soda flavor, and has teamed up with the creative group at Bacon Salt to include 1 Tube of Bacon Lip Balm, a package of Bacon Popcorn and a package of Bacon Gravy Mix to round out the holiday gift basket. Available for a limited time only for $9.99 on the MyJones web store.