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Canada To Finally Get Bacon Poutine-Flavored Potato Chips


We were so surprised not to see this flavor in the running for last year’s Lay’s Do Us A Flavor Canada edition, but we’re happy to report all has been set right in the world. That’s right, Canada is finally getting poutine-flavored potato chips.

From tomorrow through October, chip-munching Canadians will get to vote between four new crowdsourced flavors for this year’s Lay’s Do Us A Flavor contest, and they’re pretty much as diverse as ours. Jalapeño Mac’N’Cheese, Tzatziki, Cinnamon Bun, and Bacon Poutine all make an appearance, with the mac and tzatziki flavors available in the special textures of wavy and kettle-cooked, respectively.

Perhaps we might be able to make some sort of arrangement with our Canadian readers, one bag of Bacon Poutine for one of Wasabi Ginger? Whaddya say, eh?

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Fast Food

Burger King Canada Reveals Two New Poutine Dishes

The availability of poutine dishes at Canadian Burger King locations may not be new, but the addition of two new dishes, one of them called the Angry Poutine (pictured above) is definitely something to talk about. The Angry Poutine dish comes complete with jalapenos, angry onions and angry sauce on top of Burger King’s french fries, smothered with cheese curds and hot gravy.

Along with the addition of the Angry Poutine dish comes another heart warmer (if you will), in the form of Poutine with Bacon (pictured below), featuring the traditional fries, cheese curds and hot gravy, all topped with bacon. Both these dishes are available for a limited time only, at participating Burger King locations in Canada.

 The Poutine with Bacon nutritional break down includes 800 calories, 45 grams of fat, 30 grams of protein and 68g of carbs. The Angry Poutine will set you back 730 calories, 43 grams of fat, 79g of carbs but credit you with 20g of protein.