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15 Bacon Desserts That Will Leave You Squealing For More

We live in an age where bacon can go on just about anything. Add bacon to your burger? Absolutely. Add bacon to your fries? Who wouldn’t? Add bacon to your ice cream? …that sounds like a terrible idea.

Terribly amazing, that is. Here are a few more terribly amazing bacon desserts that you need to try immediately.

Bacon Ice Cream

Bacon… on ice cream? Our taste buds are 200% curious. This bacon ice cream features a caramel rimmed cup, filled with our 100% organic milk soft serve and candied bacon! This dream treat was available for a limited time only at Milkcow Australia this past September, so we’re high-key jealous of our friends Down Under!

Bacon Pie Shot

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The Pie Bar in Long Beach, CA serves up a mini pie shot called the Bacon Me Nutty that has us saying “Pie Felicia!” to our diets. What this epic bite consists of is a maple hazelnut cream with candied bacon and toasted pecans. It’s a seasonal Fall flavor only, which might be a good idea, because we’d hate to be tempted this bad all year long!

Bacon Brittle Milkshake

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Your milkshake proooobably already brings all the boys to the yard, but add a little bacon brittle and you’ll give Kelis a run for her money. Not only do you get bacon brittle in this milkshake, but it’s also made with bacon ice cream and garnished with chocolate-covered bacon. Found at the Toothsome Chocolate Emporium in Orlando, FL, this milkshake will definitely leave you checking if you have some teeth left.

Bacon Popcorn

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Bacon popcorn tastes a lot butter when it’s free. At Great Jones Craft & Kitchen in Northern Ireland, you can enjoy a cup of complimentary bacon popcorn after you order your food and drink! Tbh, we might be down to go just for the complimentary bacon popcorn, but we’ll see…

Bacon Cheesecake

Bacon cheesecake? Why not!? For National Bacon Week, Goodwood Quality Meats in Australia decided to make a cheesecake topped with delicious maple bacon, and just by the looks of this photo, we wish every week was National Bacon Week, sigh.

Chocolate Bacon Toffee

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Say it with us: Chocolate. Bacon. Toffee. Individually, these three are delicious nonetheless, but when put together to create a tasty snack, we basically have died and gone to bacon heaven. You can find chocolate bacon toffee at Whole Foods or even order them from Sugarfina for a friend! And by “friend” we mean “yourself,” obviously. Because treat yoself.

Chocolate Bacon

Chocolate covered anything is amazing tbh — yes, we’re all one of those people who wants a huge chocolate fountain at our weddings, ok? Chocolate covered bacon at Bacon Bacon in San Francisco, CA is nothing less than stependous, and it’s bacon our hearts that it isn’t currently in our tummies.

Bacon-Flavored Chocolate

Ok, chocolate covered bacon is one thing, but a whole bacon-flavored chocolate bar? We don’t know whether to be excited or concerned, so we choose to be excited because #bacon. Dylan’s Candy Bar went all out with these bacon flavored chocolate bars, and we’re lowkey down to make it part of our balanced breakfast.

Chocolate Covered Bacon S’more

Did you read that right? Chocolate covered bacon… s’more? The baconeers at Bacon Bacon have one-upped themselves by adding toasted marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs to make their chocolate bacon strips a little s’more extravagant than ever.

Bacon Caramel Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a bacon caramel apple might not fall under that category. Nevertheless, a bacon caramel apple from Chewy’s Gourmet Kitchen in Detroit, MI is everything your inner 8-year-old needs. Dipped in caramel and then coated with a layer of candied bacon bits, this is definitely going to be the apple of your eye.

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies are delicious as is, but why not upgrade it with some bacon bits? If you’re near Spartanburg, SC, pop by Le Spice Restaurant and Bakery for their IG-worthy bacon chocolate chip cookies!

Biscuit Cinnamon Roll with Bacon

Roll call! Cinnamon rolls with bacon bits on top are bacon us crazy just thinking about them. The biscuit cinnamon rolls at the Denver Biscuit Company in Colorado are flakey and baked to perfection, and with the added bacon, it becomes a brunch treat that makes all the calories worth it.

Chocolate Bacon Truffle

Just when we thought we couldn’t get enough of the whole “chocolate bacon” thing, we discovered chocolate bacon truffles and needed 13 of them immediately. At Piece, Love & Chocolate in Boulder, CO, these chocolate bacon truffles are topped with sea salt and candied bacon.

Bacon Roses

Stop and smell the… bacon? These dark chocolate dipped Candied Bacon Rose lollipops by Chef Erika Urso are perfect for when your S.O. has some groveling to do. Or you can just ditch them and make this bouquet your new bae(con). We won’t judge.

Bacon Caramel Toffee

A box of Vosges Uncured Bacon Caramel Toffee is something we absolutely need in our stockings this holiday season. Found in grocery stores or online at, these bacon caramel toffee bites will make going to the dentist worth it (maybe).

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