Kiss Summer Goodbye With Some Bacon Bloody Mary Popsicles

bacon bloody mary popsicle

Enjoyed as a means of nursing a wicked hangover, Bloody Marys have recently been reimagined into crazy creations. Straight up just isn’t good enough anymore. No, it’s all about topping this alcoholic beverage with whatever comes to mind, from an entire fried chicken to a whole friggin’ pepperoni pizza.

Our friends over at Thrillist managed to take the Bloody Mary in a totally new direction by transforming it into a portable frozen snack. Created with bacon infused vodka, this Bloody Mary popsicle trades in a boring wooden stick for a bacon wrapped breadstick, making the entire treat completely edible.

The recipe itself is very simple to follow. The most lengthy steps, such as infusing your favorite vodka with freshly rendered bacon fat and letting your popsicles chill, take some extra effort but definitely make this boozy treat worth it.

H/T + PicThx Thrillist