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Some Dopes Just Funded a $11K Kickstarter for Bacon Sprinkles, aka Bacon Bits


People buy a lot of stupid things. Those balance bracelets for instance. Or fortune teller readings, or Instagram followers. But it takes a special kind of genius to sell them things they already have.

Bacon Hagelslag is a recently funded project on Kickstarter that, despite its cool foreign name, is essentially just bacon bits. Meant to be drizzled over salad or sandwiches or ice cream, it’s the bro’s version of regular “hagelslag” — chocolate sprinkles Dutch people put on toast – and apparently was a cool enough idea that over 500 backers pledged over €8,500 to make it a reality.

Let’s reiterate: over 500 people paid nearly twelve thousand US dollars. For. Bacon. Bits.

Thrillist called the bacon-slag “bacon sprinkles” and praised their six month shelf life. For reference, regular bacon bits can keep between six months to a year.

There is, of course, the possibility that the Dutch simply don’t have bacon bits, in which case we might be willing to look the other way. If we didn’t have bacon bits, we’d pay big money to make ’em real too.


This Guy Made Nachos Out of Bacon Strips


Because the solution to wanting nachos but not having any tortilla chips isn’t just to eat something else, obviously.

Sometimes I wonder about the state of Nick / Dude Food’s kitchen. How can one guy be so incredibly deficient when it comes to normal food stuffs like bread or tortillas and still have so much bacon?

According to Nick’s most recent blog post, the idea for his new Bacon Nachos (joining the ranks of the Bacon Weave Grilled Cheese and Bacon Weave Breakfast Burrito) came out of some drunk munchies and a dire lack of Tostitos. Instead of going down to his local grocery however, Nick decided to flip the traditional idea of “bacon nachos” on its head, literally, by making the nachos out of bacon strips.

We’ve already seen the glorious food-group mishmashes that are Doritos-flavored tacos and taco-flavored Doritos. But this – this is something else, entirely.


Taco Bell, your move.

H/T + PicThx Dude Foods


The Chuck Norris Pizza

What you’re looking at is one of the signature pies from Out of the Park Pizza in Anaheim Hills, CA. The Chuck Norris Pizza is described as pizza that ‘will kick your butt‘. Layered on top of three different types of cheese, this pizza is covered with tons of bacon pieces, buffalo chicken smothered in buffalo sauce, with a spicy, hot sauce as the base and topped off with fresh cuts of avocado. It’s said that Chuck Norris ordered this at McDonald’s and got it. [/pun]


Bacon Bit Burger

A burger made entirely of bacon bits. More burger art than anything we’d actually be interested in eating (but don’t let me speak for the majority, I’m sure many of you will claim otherwise). This artwork was meticulously placed by burger artist Char.L.Ton in his quest to portray a burger for every day of the year. Make sure to follow his journey here.


Craving: Carl's Jr Loaded Breakfast Burrito


Aside from my current craving for kool-aid, I could fully go for a breakfast burrito right now. Considering there is a Carl’s Jr. about 500 yards from my house I think I’m gonna ride my bike over and get one. Consisting of scrambled eggs, sausage, ham, bacon bits, hash brown nuggets, shredded jack and cheddar cheeses and fresh salsa wrapped in a warm flour tortilla, I know I can’t go wrong.


Craving: The Dagwood Sandwich


A sandwich piled high with pastrami, roast beef, peppered turkey, honey ham, bologna, cotto salami, provolone, American Cheese, cheese whiz, swiss, pepper jack, muenster, cheddar alfalfa sprouts, tarragon, pickles, red cabbage, horseradish with beets, mayo, mustard, sun dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, baby lettuce, shredded carrots, purple onion, bacon bits, on an onion roll, white bread, dark german wheat bread and…*let-me-catch-my-breath*…potato bread. Need a fork? (PicThx Scanwiches)

Adventures News

Corner Bakery: Santa Ana

So on Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be quite nice to go enjoy dinner with my mother. We both didn’t want to do anything fancy, so after driving around for a bit, we finally decided on definiently one of my favorite places; Corner Bakery. Kind of funny considering that’s our last name too. Chicken Cavatappi and salad for the win! Pics after the jump: