Bizarre Foods Host Andrew Zimmern Just Showed Us The Birth Of A Baby Lamb


You gotta love Andrew Zimmern, he does a lot for us food enthusiasts. He eats all the crickets and lizards we never knew we never wanted, and he teaches us about life in the process — today, that lesson is on what it looks like to birth a cute baby lamb.

The past couple days, Bizarre Foods TV host Andrew Zimmern has been trotting around the Minnesota State Fair, Instagramming pictures of fries and cheese curds. Here’s proof:


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Then all of a sudden, he seems to make a B-line to the livestock area and starts documenting the miracle of birth. Let’s all take a moment and be thankful for Andrew Zimmern’s diligence and curiosity.

Animal births often get overlooked (mainly because the majority of us don’t live on farms in Minnesota), but they are a genuinely beautiful (and slimy) thing. Watching a baby lamb come out of its mother in all its film and glory, head and hooves first, is an awesome reminder of the miracle of life — and where our food comes from.

This Is What A Very, Very Pregnant Lamb Looks Like:

Sheep getting ready… @mnffa

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As you can see, we’re about to learn — and see — a lot. This is genuinely a very crucial process, as upwards of 20% of newborn lambs can die within the first week of being born if they are not properly taken care of. Look at that glistening bosom. You can just imagine Andrew Zimmern’s excitement as he whips out his smartphone to capture the glory:

The Birth Of A Lamb, Thanks Drew:



Lamb number two, a little boy named Viper! @mnffa A video posted by Andrew Zimmern (@chefaz) on

Touchdown! Little baby girl newly named Java was just born

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