B-Dubs Finally Brings Back ‘Wing Tuesday,’ Permanently

Buffalo Wild Wings is returning “to its roots” and bringing back its greatly missed “Wing Tuesday” deals.

Half-Off Tuesdays became part of Buffalo Wild Wings’ identity. Up until 2017, fans could post up with a couple of friends, catch a random Tuesday ballgame and eat wings for about $0.50 to $0.60 per wing.

In 2017, Buffalo Wild Wings phased out its wing deals, instead offering nationwide deals on “Shareables,” and directing the focus away from its longtime wing specials.

They’re back now, in the form of a BOGO deal, meaning when you buy one order of their traditional wings, you can get a second order free. They’ve even boldly stated that the deal will be permanent this time.

However, wing order sizes aren’t specifically outlined, probably to give the restaurant some wiggle room as far as the number of wing pieces that they consider an “order.”

When B-Dubs did away with its traditional Tuesday wing specials, it was traced to both dropping sales reports, and a 2017 wing shortage which led wing wholesalers to raise prices by at least 20%. Wing restaurants were then forced to adjust as best they could.

Notably, both Buffalo Wild Wings and Wingstop paused their traditional wing specials around then and instead pushed their “boneless” wings, which kind of masked the traditional wing issue for them.

Thankfully, life has been restored to balance, and it seems that we can enjoy our traditional wing deals, yet again.

While it’s not the same as BWW’s past deals, you have to be excited that there’s an excuse to eat wings on Tuesdays again. Forever.


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Buffalo Wild Wings Testing A Smaller, Fast Food-Like Makeover

Buffalo Wild Wings is known for getting hundreds of people together in one place to drink beer, watch sports, and eat delicious wings. While the size of their vast restaurant/bar setting has been their bread and butter, the B-Dubs you know and love might soon start looking a bit smaller, like, let’s say, Wing Stop.

BWW is testing a downsized version of its restaurant, in Minneapolis, called B-Dubs Express. You’ll still be able to get your wings, a few selections of beer, and even sit in a smaller dining area, but the restaurant plans to cater to the on-the-go fan who wants to order their food and just head back home.

The dining area will only seat between 35-50 people, and they put an emphasis on their Door Dash partnership for delivery, changing the sit-down feel it has always been known for.

This has a very Instagram vs. Snapchat feel to it, as BWW seems to be dipping into Wing Stop’s business model of easy access take-out wings.

The giant wing slingin’ sports bar does plan to expand these Express restaurants throughout the country, so don’t be surprised when you start seeing mini B-Dubs popping up.

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Buffalo Wild Wings Wants To Take Over Taco Tuesdays With 1/2 Price Wings


Gone are the days of 50-cent wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. All that’s left is the nostalgia of stuffing your face for $5, and the limited time deals they throw out every once in a while.

Their latest deal is trying to compete with our beloved Taco Tuesdays, as B-Dubs announced that they will start offering their wings at half-off on Tuesdays. That means their on-menu Snack, Small, Medium, and Large sized traditional wings will have the discount applied. It does not work for boneless, unfortunately, but does include a side of celery and carrots with ranch or blue cheese.

If you’re an a la carte kind of person and aren’t familiar with their traditional wing sizes, the Snack size comes with 5 wings, Small has 10, Medium has 15, and large has 20. The largest size usually goes for about $26, so on Tuesdays, you could max out those 20 wings for about $13.

It sounds like they needed a reason to bring people in on Tuesdays this fall. Their Wednesdays and Thursdays are covered by their 75-cent specials. Fridays, they get the weekend warriors ready to leave behind their work worries. Then Saturday through Monday, football has the wing restaurant popping off.

It’s going to be tough to convince the taco-loving community to switch things up, but discounted wings would at least make them think about it.