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Aziz Ansari Reads Savage Restaurant Responses To Nasty Yelpers

Aziz Ansari has been in a couple of award winning TV shows, just hosted Saturday Night Live, and is beloved for his stand-up comedy, so he’s got the ‘funny guy’ role down.

While Ansari was on the Tonight Show this past Friday, he and host Jimmy Fallon went through a few 1-star Yelp restaurant reviews.

Fallon read the customer reviews first, then Ansari, getting into the character of a restaurant owner, read the ridiculed restaurants’ savage comebacks.

For example, one reviewer said that they would not be recommending Onefold Coffee Shop to friends who visit Denver, to which the restaurant’s owner responded with:

“Not recommending this place to your friends is a purely hypothetical situation. First, you will probably need friends, then second you will have to be likable enough for them to visit you in Denver. I hope we can survive without your theoretical friends visiting our establishment.”

Now imagine that coming out of Aziz Ansari’s mouth, with the most snarky tone.

If you need a good laugh today, just go through the whole video. It’s worth it.


Watch Mario Batali Hypnotize Aziz Ansari With Italian Lunch

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.57.21 PM

If you’re looking to be both hungry AND mesmerized, you’re gonna want to watch this video of Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang have lunch with Mario Batali. Actually, it might be brunch — considering it’s only 9am before the trio’s first glass of wine.

Regardless of the meal’s time-slot nomenclature, our buds at Munchies have brought us what we hope will be a series, Master of Lunch with Mario Batali:

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 3.53.19 PM

As the show starts Aziz appears a little awkward, but time and wine increase his comfort and personality. I can only surmise he was as enthralled with Batali’s cooking and knack for killer storytelling. Surely sitting front row for the epicurean performance, at 9am no less, is nothing short of transcendent and in his position I would abso-fucking-lutely be taking in every detail the entire meal.

You can watch the video below and grab the recipes over at Munchies. I’m off to go make some meatballs for dinner. ✌


Parks and Recreation References Used to Sell Food at Trader Joe’s

Blame the foodies out there for the incredible amount of airplay the characters of NBC’s Parks and Recreation are receiving for their particular in-show food references that have become inescapable memes across the Internet. Maybe it’s our natural tendency to gravitate to anyone who enjoys a hearty meal, or a young Indian comedian who takes huge bites of extremely hot pepper to prove a point in front of his peers.

We’ve seen Ron Swanson get his fair share of foodie love from the show (Ron Swanson Meat Mosaic – All Things Food With Ron Swanson – Ben & Jerry’s Ron Swanson Flavor) along with co-star Aziz Ansari who playes the role of Tom Haverford (Tom Haverford Food Slang – Tom Haverford Eats a Pepper) discuss food quite a bit.

It seems the team at one particular Trader Joe’s market has taken the meme to new heights, using it in their marketing and offering up some humorous suggestions on the price tags starring Ron Swanson and Tom Haverford. While these pictures, which surfaced thanks to Reddit users jmlache and panteradactyl, aren’t indicative of an official co-branding or nation-wide initiative on the part of Trader Joe’s, it is a fun look into one store’s particular sense of humor and pop culture references.




Tom Haverford Explains His Food Slang on “Parks and Recreation”

For those in the know and continuously on their Thursday night NBC comedy lineups, this will come as old news. For those that are casual viewers or completely unaware who “Tom Haverford” is, he’s a fictional character on NBC’s Parks and Recreation show, played by comedian Aziz Ansari.

The show has several running jokes with its ensemble of characters, one of which plays off Aziz’s impeccable comedic timing and ridiculous slang terms. In this particular segment, Tom Haverford explains his “food slang,” which has in turn spurned a notable meme across the Internet. So much so, it inspired a novel website where users can submit their own names for food using Tom’s slang,

It all stemmed from this ridiculous bit, as he explained to one of his co-workers he was going to order up some “Appz and Zerts,” slanging that he would order “Appetizers and Desserts.

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Video: Aziz Ansari Schools Dude on Pepper Eating [Parks & Rec]

This video has about 80k views on YouTube at the time of this posting, I’m probably responsible for about 40k of them. This is a clip from the show Parks and Recreation where Aziz’s character tries to one up another character in a pepper eating display. Aziz straight getting his Montell Jordan on!


#FoodBeast: @azizansari Predicts @50Cent’s Food Tweets

#FoodBeast is a new area of interest we will be covering here at It will consist of interesting social network and web food trends, discoveries and research. Most will be of the humorous variety. Enjoy!

Comedian Aziz Ansari has taken to his Twitter account to spread #Predicting50CentTweets. His latest predictions include a hodgepodge of food related guesses, including 50’s love for peanut M&Ms, apple juice and gummy bears. Anyone has ever read @50Cent‘s Twitter will understand the strong parallels between Aziz’s predictions and what actually gets regurgitated on the rapper’s account. #WackStarGalactica


Video: Aziz Ansari on Coldstone

Aziz Ansari’s standup game is definitely on point. Here’s a dope little bit he did about Cold Stone Creamery. My favorite part is definitely where he talks about asking for a simple vanilla scoop, only to be told “he’s a bitch”. I won’t spoil anymore, enjoy the clip!