Husband Uploads Drinking Selfie Of The Year At His Wife’s Family Reunion

This is CJ’s husband:


4 hours ago, he uploaded this selfie to Reddit, apparently at year number four of his wife’s family reunion. Within a few minutes, his image had soared to the front page of Reddit with over 580 comments and counting.

There is little context beyond what we see in the selfie, but the lack of description is what makes the image so powerful.

Wedding ring? Check. A flagrant amount of people just out of frame that CJ’s Husband doesn’t feel like talking to? Probably, check.

The yellow alcohol cup with “CJ’s Husband” scrawled on the the rim? Check, because inevitably, none of CJ’s family can get poor husband’s name right. Oh, the ceiling? Yeah, this reunion is somewhere drab — like CJ’s uncle’s accounting firm’s conference room. Fluorescent lighting for ambiance? Yes, and it is coupled with removable ceiling panels that remind us all of our first terrible desk job.

CJ’s Husband’s photo is resonating with a lot of people. The best comments on his Reddit thread revolve around folks who have also had to cringe their way through a significant other’s family reunion of which no one seems to remember their name.

Here is a particularly special comment from Brittney, who is of course “Whitney” at her family reunions:


Better yet, poor Eric’s name was too difficult to remember when he first met his in-laws. He is now a “Chet:”


My only question now for CJ’s Husband…what’s in that pretty yellow cup?


First Date Cutlery Supposedly Makes Dinner Less Awkward


I don’t know about you, but I hate being fed by anyone except myself.  Got something tasty on your plate? I’m reaching over and snagging it, thankyouverymuch.  Luckily, I’ve been very fortunate in my dining (and dating) partners, and haven’t needed to slap anyone. Yet.  But I’ll tell you who I do want to slap: the inventor of First Date Cutlery.

First Date Cutlery is designed by Cristina Guardiola, who claims the set responds “directly to appropriate advice in Debrett’s Etiquette, enhancing the prospect of correct use and diminishing that of an unfortunate faux-pas.” This eliminates any concern for etiquette, and allows both parties to relax and “focus less on formality.”

Oh but wait. It gets better. Because if you manage to make it through dinner without your date running away, there’s the dessert spoon that’s “made for two people sharing one dish”. Barf.

FDC-Lady-Being-Fed…I’m pretty sure if I’m trying to figure out how to use my weird sideways spoon, I’m not relaxed or enjoying my date.  But maybe that’s just me?

H/T + PicThx Core77