Serial Mystery Tipper ‘TipsForJesus’ Leaves Over $80,000 in Tips


Known only by the internet handle “TipsForJesus,” a stranger has been posting Instagram photos of generous tips that now add up to well over$80,000. One of the most recent of which was delivered to the NoMad and Bo’s Kitchen & Bar Room this past weekend for $7000 and $1000, respectively. TipsForJesus was previously spotted leaving a $3,500 tip at the Smith, a New York-based Restaurant, last week.

TipsForJesus has been surfacing in many places, from Chicago to Los Angeles to San Francisco, and he/she/they don’t seem to be planing to stop their random and unpredictable acts of kindness. Some have predicted that these spontaneous, extraordinary tips are being carried out by Jack Selby, a former Paypal executive.

So next time you find yourself on the wrong end of a long shift at your restaurant, don’t despair! Know that at any moment your day could be made a little bit brighter.

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McDonald’s Rough Draft

mcdonald's draft-lol

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Faith in Humanity Restored: Man Warms Our Hearts with Amazing Note


Our hearts were touched when a waiter in the Boston area  posted a picture of a note he was given alongside the bill of one of his customers. The waiter informed Huffpo that two people who seemed to be a mother and a daughter, began crying after receiving a phone call giving them bad news.

“Do me a favor and bring me their checks too. Someone just got diagnosed,” read the note.

“While waiting tables tonight, a mother and daughter started crying mid-meal. I had no idea what happened until a single guy at the table next to them handed me this note with his bill. Faith in humanity, restored,” the waiter stated on Reddit.

Suddenly, everything feels right in the world.

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You’ll Never Need Another App Again: How to Order Beer in 59 Different Languages


Admit it: one of the best parts of traveling abroad is getting just a little krunk in foreign bars. In most major cities around the world, you can find a group of drunk 20-somethings passing around the local microbrew. Granted, it’s probably a lot easier when the bar you’re at speaks a language not too dissimilar from your first, or even second language.

But for those of you with more adventurous souls, there’s Pivo. It’s the absurdly brilliant new app from world-conquerors Justin Amey and Ollie Hepworth, developers who realized there was a global dearth in beer-ordering apps after a sticky situation in Prague.

“We landed in Prague and headed straight to the nearest bar,” wrote the Amey and Hepworth. “After catching the attention of the barmaid, we realized neither of us knew how to order a beer in Czech! We googled it, nothing, we asked Jeeves and even he didn’t know! So we thought there must be an app for that but there wasn’t. . . Pivo was born.”

The app teaches you how to order beer in 59 different languages, and is pre-programmed, meaning you don’t have to hook up to wifi to order wine at the Parisian bar you stumbled into with your college buddies.  It also comes with a pronunciation guide and even a video, just in case sounding it out is too difficult once you’re six beers deep.

The best part? It’s all available on iTunes for $0.99. At that rate, you may as well try it out, just to impress that cute French bartender.

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Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream, A Guilty Pleasure Times Three


As the Foodbeast faithful have recently learned, avocados are, among many things, “nature’s butter” (though these OG gangstas put it far more eloquently). They are also packed with the kind of fat you’re actually encouraged to eat, and then there’s the fiber, and the blah blah blah — who cares if they’re healthy, because avocados are delicious. Delicious enough to mix with just about anything, joining the ranks of peanut butter, Nutella, and Sriracha, all of which have paired nicely with both chocolate and ice cream in the past.

Ergo, chocolate avocado ice cream seems only natural, if not a touch healthier than your standard fair. By replacing the cream with two chilled and beaten avocados (plus melted chocolate, coconut milk, and sweetened condensed milk), you get the same flavor and texture, but healthier and far more hipster. It’s a win-win-win. A triple win. Like ice cream, chocolate, and avocado should be.

The whole recipe comes from the gluten-free blog Mom, What’s For Dinner. Gotta love that lady.

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Awesome Sauce

How to make your food more awesome in a few short, simple steps:

Step 1: Add Awesome Sauce

Simple, right? Turn any ordinary dish into something completely awesome with Awesome Sauce Hot Sauce. This king of condiments adds a heavy-hitting heat alongside a hint of garlic to make your dishes exude an excellence that can only be accomplished by bringing out its inner awesome. That being said, $10 is a small price to pay for such awesomeness manifested in sauce form.

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Refrigerator Upgrade Magnets

So you weren’t blessed with all the money in the world and you had to settle for that refrigerator that doesn’t allow you to be lazy (water in the front). So what if your friends come over and complain that they have to get tap water with no ice because you don’t have an awesome ice crusher on the front of your cold box. Well guess what, now you can, kinda. Stick the refrigerator upgrade magnet on that ol’ metal food house of yours and you’ll be the talk of the town in no time. Probably because your fridge now serves french fries, frozen yogurt and chicken wings. (Thx Amazon) (Source Incrediblethings)


"Book of Awesome" Ice Cream Cake

An ice cream cake inspired everything awesome. An ice cream cake inspired by digging a hole in your mashed potatoes and letting it be a lagoon for your gravy liquid, or finding money in your pocket just moments before you put your jeans in the wash. What’s inside the book? Well, we can atleast tell you what it’s made of! We’re looking at a sandwich made from a cookie, covered in dark chocolate and stuffed with vanilla ice cream. That, my friends, is awesome. (PicThx Insanewiches)