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Burger King Flusters Customers By Using Whoppers To Explain Net Neutrality

At the tail end of last year, the Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal net neutrality rules. This meant that cable providers could slow down Internet services and charge more for fasters speeds or even better service.

Super wack.

In an effort to raise awareness on the subject, Burger King created a short commercial explaining the concept of net neutrality through the Whopper. And it’s actually pretty brilliant.

The fast food restaurant temporarily transformed into a Burger King/Net Neutrality Pop-Up concept.

While regular items (fries, chicken sandwiches) cost and took the same time to make as they usually would, those who ordered Whoppers were faced with a predicament.

Customers either had to wait really long time to get their hands on Burger King’s signature burger, or they could pay up to five times as much for the burger just to have it immediately.

Needless to say, some customers were steamed.

If you’re one who learns things more easily through visuals and tasty burgers, you might want to check out this commercial. Watching this really did clear up the concept of net neutrality a bit for us.

While this was an ad to inform viewers about net neutrality, Burger King claims the participants were actual customers. The only thing fake was the pricing for the faster speeds of burger making.


This Dog Started A Kitchen Fire Looking For Pizza & Taught Its Owner A Valuable Lesson


There have been many moments in our lives that we’re not proud of when pizza is involved. For this dog, starting a house fire is one of those moments.

Hilariously horrifying footage shows the dog of a Waterbury Connecticut resident trying to grab a slice of pizza. Brookfield, a black labrador, was sniffing around some pizza boxes that were on top of the kitchen stove.

The dog accidentally nudges the stove burner nob and sets the pizza boxes on fire.

Owner, Gary LeClerc, rushes in to find his kitchen on fire. He immediately tries to extinguish the flames as Brookfield watches her master in shame. The incident, however, has become an educational experience for the homeowner.

LeClerc told NBC Connecticut that he and his wife have since begun to use this footage to raise awareness about the 700 yearly fires caused by pets in the household. Guess leaving pizza boxes on stoves isn’t the best idea with pets around. Check out the video below.

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Posted by Gary LeClerc on Sunday, September 27, 2015