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Here Is How To Win An Avocado Grove in Mexico For Free

Do you put avocado on everything like I do? Have you ever thought about owning an avocado grove? I know you’ve at least said yes to one of these questions. If you’ve said yes to both, then tomorrow being National Avocado Day must be marked on your calendar.

In celebration of this amazing fruit, Chosen Foods, the world’s largest supplier of avocado oil, is giving one lucky fan the chance to win their very own avocado grove in Jalisco, Mexico or $5,000 in cash.

This is an avo-maniac’s dream come true. Avocados are native to Mexico, originating more than 10,000 years ago. The ideal conditions of Mexico make for the amazing avocados we enjoy here in the states. If you’re an avocado enthusiast and/or wanna try your luck at scoring $5000, visit The winner will be announced tomorrow on Chosen Foods’ social media channels, and on its website.

Quick thing to note, as I’ve read the fine print of the contest: basically, if you choose the land as the prize, they have 120 days to get it to you, but they choose the land — and you have to pay for all expenses, which includes all taxes, maintenance, regulations and licenses, etc. They literally just provide the land. Which is dope if that’s all  you need. They don’t say you have to plant avocados on the land either so that’s also good depending on the land that’s chosen.

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Costco Avocados Will Now Stay Fresh For Twice As Long, This Is How

Avocados are notorious for going from ripe to mushy in the blink of an eye. It leads to several tragic moments where we toss the fruit away because it is no longer usable.

We may have that problem less often now, because Costco avocados now come with some special protection that doubles the amount of time they stay ripe and fresh.

costco avocados

Photo courtesy of Apeel Sciences.

The new “Apeel avocados” are being distributed by two different companies to Costco and Harps Foods Stores in the midwestern US. They come with a special protective coating that “naturally reinforces” the outer skin, according to Apeel Sciences.

Basically, Apeel uses natural compounds from the skins and peels of fruits and vegetables to create an additional layer of protection. This can be sprayed onto foods to protect against degrading reactions like oxidation and water loss, both of which are major causes of food spoilage. Apeel’s extra layer can keep avocados in their ripe phase for double the original time. Fully ripe avocados are good for about 3 to 5 days in the fridge, so you’ll be getting an extra few days of shelf life with Apeel avocados.

Apeel hopes that their product will prove big in the fight against food waste and cut down on the 400 pounds of food the average American tosses every year. They’re looking to make their avocados as widespread as possible fast, and while there’s no specific timeline yet, a representative confirmed to Foodbeast that they’re working to get them in nationwide Costcos, “hopefully very soon.”


A Museum Dedicated Entirely To Avocados Is Opening This Summer

When the Museum of Ice Cream first opened, everyone went nuts trying to get their tickets and capturing that sweet experience for all to see on social media. It seems we might be in for a similar treat this summer, especially if you’re a fan of avocados.

The Cado is said to be an immersive pop-up museum experience dedicated to California Avocados set to open this June in San Diego, CA.

At 6,700 square feet, the museum will feature seven rooms each boasting large-scale interactive art installations. Created from 16 shipping containers, the Cado will be entirely mobile.

The entire experience is described as traveling through the entirety of an avocado from skin, to fruit, to core — hopefully similar to The Magic School Bus. I can dream, can’t I?

Photo: Peter Pham

Some sensory highlights from the museum include: sight (a 40-foot wall of cassette tapes to take Instagram photos with), sound (a grove-to-grocer audio experience through a vintage Walkman), touch (the textured walls of the ‘Ripe Room’ stimulate what it’s like touching a real avocado and determining ripeness), smell (taking in the fragrance of a real California Avocado grove), and taste (California-inspired avocado foods from local San Diego restaurants in the middle of an avocado grove).

Tickets for the summer Cado opening are now on sale through their website. Part of me hopes there will be a giant guac pool in one of the rooms. It’d be like living out a childhood dream.

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Produce Company Debuts ‘Avocado Light’ With 30% Less Fat And We’re Confused

The pervasiveness of the ever popular avocado can be found on a daily basis. We mix them into guac, smash them onto toast, utilize them as burger buns, and do just about everything else imaginable to them. They’re also touted as a great source of monounsaturated fat and help support cardiovascular health. However, the latest innovation around avocados, Avocado Light, aims to cut that total fat amount drastically.

avocado light
Photo: Pixabay

Spanish produce company Eurobanan has invented the Avocado Light product under their Isla Bonita brand. The new avocado variant, which is naturally cultivated in tropical areas of Central and South America, contains 30% less fat than other avocados, but retains all of its other nutritional benefits. It’s presented as a lower-fat option for those who want less overall fat in their diets.

However, it’s curious as to why someone would cultivate a fruit that gets high praise for its natural fat content. Sure, avocado is tossed on everything with abandon, but is that enough to merit a lower-fat option? California Avocados are recommended at only 1/3rd of one for a serving, and many people definitely consume more than that in a sitting, so that could be a possible reason.

Regardless, if you’re interested in trying Avocado Light, you’ll have to wait for a little bit. The fruit will officially debut in Madrid on October 18th, although it has started appearing in Spanish supermarkets and specialty stores already. There’s no current plans to bring the new avocado product overseas, but knowing our love for all things involving this fruit (well, nearly all), there will definitely be a demand for it.

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Avocado Prices Reach Record High After Terrible Harvest, Here Is How It Affects You

It’s the last thing we want to hear, but the days of affordable avocados might be a thing of the past, as avocado prices have been rising, hitting a record high this summer.

Per The Wall Street Journal, wholesale prices on avocados have surged by 75 percent since July after a bad harvest season in not only California, but in Mexico, as well. The U.S. can usually rely on Mexico for avocado backup, but a drought put the country behind on its usual production.

Now, a case of 48 Hass avocados is costing about $80, meaning retailers would have to sell each avocado for about $2 just to break even.

Avocado production is a bit tough to predict, as there could be a really good harvest one year, and a record-breaking terrible harvest the next, as is the case right now.

Chipotle, who spends 10 percent of its food costs on avocados, and Whole Foods, who just slashed prices after being acquired by Amazon, might be able to take the hit, but that might not be the case at other restaurants or supermarkets.

If you start seeing guacamole cost a little more than usual at your favorite taco spot, now you know why.

#foodbeast Hit-Or-Miss News

A Free Pop-Up Guacamole Lounge Is Making It’s Stop In Los Angeles This Week

Calling all guac lovers, basic bitches, trend hoppers, and anyone who just loves free food!

A pop-up guacamole lounge is making its Los Angeles stop, boasting free chips and guac, a custom sample bar, photobooth among other things that most Angelenos get excited about. Did we mention free chips and guac?

A post shared by Wholly Guacamole (@eatwholly) on

Wholly Guacamole—the most properly named avocado company next to Avogadro’s Avocados, is inviting everyone out for their free Summer soiree celebrating all things guac. Who could blame them? Guacamole and Summer go together like pumpkin spice and Autumn.  This is free for the public to join in, with absolutely no ticket required.

The “Guac Stop” is happening now, July 27 through July 31 at The Americana in Glendale.


Avocado Heist Of The Century Involves $300K Of Stolen Green

I’ve heard somewhere that you can make plenty of ‘green’ by selling ‘green’ but this is just ridiculous. Who would have thought that slanging avocados from the street could be so profitable?

Well it is 2017, where the avocado has stormed the main stage at your local farmer’s market. It has become a most hated brunch menu item, and the go-to toast for the trendy millennial.

California based company, Mission Produce, a leading global distributor of avocados, discovered that three employees, Carlos Chavez, Rahim Leblanc, and Joseph Valenzuela, had been illegally sacking pallets of their precious fruit from their Oxnard distribution center, and selling them back door. The company discovered their hijinks after going through surveillance cameras and finding grave errors in their accounting books.

The three were arrested on grand theft charges, where Ventura County authorities have estimated that the value of the stolen avocados amounted to roughly $300,000. Imagine just how many avocado toasts that can make? Probably only three days worth at the most hipster brunch joint in Brooklyn.

Recent statistics estimate that the current average sales price for the avocado in California is $1.31, a nearly 50 cent jump from the January 2017 price of $0.89. It’s no wonder these dudes thought it would be the perfect heist. The come up would have been legendary.

Hit-Or-Miss News

‘Avocado Hand’ Is A Legit Medical Condition Affecting People Worldwide

If you’ve ever sliced yourself while cutting an avocado, you cannot be trusted with knives, but you’re also not alone. It has been such a prevalent problem that doctors have dubbed it, “Avocado Hand,” and are urging people to be more careful while prepping that guac.


According to the Times of London, people are out here getting irreparable nerve damage in their hands from this “global phenomenon.”

Plastic surgeon Simon Eccles said he treats at least four patients a week for avocado hand, and there’s even a “post-brunch surge” on the weekends.


How does this keep happening?

Well, apparently when you underestimate the avocado’s ripeness, and when you try to take out the pit.

Just be careful when you’re prepping that beautiful avocado toast because you don’t want to end up in the Emergency Room, telling your friends and family you got “avocado hand.”