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Dunkin’ Adds AVOCADO TOAST To Spring Menu

Photo courtesy of Dunkin’

There was a time where you could only find avocado toast on the Sunday menu of restaurants. Looks like those days are long gone, as the ever-popular dish of smeared avocado on bread has hit the fast-food mainstream. 

Dunkin’ has just added a new spring menu, and one of the latest items is a slice of Avocado Toast

The new Dunkin’ Avocado Toast features a creamy avocado spread that’s made with avocado, sea salt, black pepper, and lemon juice. It’s served on a slice of Dunkin’s toasted Sourdough Bread. Finally, it’s topped with an Everything Bagel seasoning that features sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion, and garlic. 

Dunkin’s new Avocado Toast is available now at nationwide locations, along with Grilled Cheese melt and a new selection of spring drinks. 


Avocado Heist Of The Century Involves $300K Of Stolen Green

I’ve heard somewhere that you can make plenty of ‘green’ by selling ‘green’ but this is just ridiculous. Who would have thought that slanging avocados from the street could be so profitable?

Well it is 2017, where the avocado has stormed the main stage at your local farmer’s market. It has become a most hated brunch menu item, and the go-to toast for the trendy millennial.

California based company, Mission Produce, a leading global distributor of avocados, discovered that three employees, Carlos Chavez, Rahim Leblanc, and Joseph Valenzuela, had been illegally sacking pallets of their precious fruit from their Oxnard distribution center, and selling them back door. The company discovered their hijinks after going through surveillance cameras and finding grave errors in their accounting books.

The three were arrested on grand theft charges, where Ventura County authorities have estimated that the value of the stolen avocados amounted to roughly $300,000. Imagine just how many avocado toasts that can make? Probably only three days worth at the most hipster brunch joint in Brooklyn.

Recent statistics estimate that the current average sales price for the avocado in California is $1.31, a nearly 50 cent jump from the January 2017 price of $0.89. It’s no wonder these dudes thought it would be the perfect heist. The come up would have been legendary.

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Restaurant’s Avocado Toast Is A Middle Finger To This Australian Billionaire

The internet and the food industry are once again undefeated with their petty comebacks! As you might recall from an article that went viral last month, an Australian property rich guy named Tim whocareswhathisnameis shamed millennials’ spending habits for overspending on avocado toast.

In proper internet fashion, UPROXX challenged Burnt Crumbs in Huntington Beach, Calif. to put together an avocado toast worth a whopping 100 doll hairs… basically as a big “MIND YO DAMN BUSINESS” middle finger to any millionaire 1%-ers with a desire to give us unwarranted budgeting advice.

So, what ingredients are included in this ‘holy grail’ of avocado toasts? Obviously you begin with a massive slice of sourdough bread, a mountain of smashed avocado, beautiful buttered poached lobster, ricotta cheese, white truffle shavings (of course), and edible GOLD flakes.

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This glamorous behemoth of an avocado toast can be found at Burnt Crumbs in Huntington Beach, CA. But you might need to give them a two-day heads up if you plan on ordering it.