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Disneyland’s Avengers Campus, With Its WILD Food Creations, Set To Open June 4th

Photos courtesy of Disneyland

After much anticipation, Disneyland’s hyped-up Avengers Campus will finally be opening inside of the California Adventure theme park on June 4th.

Disneyland itself will be reopening at the end of April, which means early parkgoers will have to wait a few weeks before they can step inside the Marvel-themed section of the park.

Once they do, there will be a variety of fantasy-based food located throughout Avengers Campus, a lot of which has been revealed in previous sneak peeks.

Photo courtesy of Disneyland

The new food vendors include Pym’s Test Kitchen and Tasting Lab, where you can find foods sized both giant and small (plus plenty of beer and cocktails), Shawarma Palace (a restaurant from the first Avengers movie with plant-based Impossible Shawarma), and Terran Treats (located near the Guardians of the Galaxy ride and is filled with churros and other sweet treats).

Photo courtesy of Disneyland

One of the biggest companies involved in this futuristic food lineup is Impossible Foods, whose plant-based meat will be found throughout the land in the form of meatballs, the aforementioned shawarma, and more.

It’ll be exciting to see this new part of Disneyland open up, and we can’t wait to see what the food will be like as well.

To get into the park, for now, you have to be a California resident, as well as score an online reservation and have an admissible theme park ticket for the date you want to visit.

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Disneyland’s New Avengers Campus Food Lineup Was Just Released

Disneyland just announced the opening date of their new Avengers Campus, a section of the California Adventure theme park dedicated to all things Marvel.

With the announcement of the superhero area, which opens on July 18th, came a sneak preview of the different food options that will come in the park. Each of them is packed with all of the eye-catching, Instagram worthy treats you would expect from Disney, but with some unique and interesting twists as well.

The big restaurant in the area is the Pym Test Kitchen, which will focus on making foods in both giant and little sizes. We knew about this dining area beforehand, but we’re getting a look at some of the foods it will be selling for the first time.

An item that veers on the more shocking end is this Not So Little Chicken Sandwich. Think a German schnitzel-sized cut of chicken breast, but with flavors like teriyaki and red chili sauces slathered on top. The bun-to-cutlet ratio on this sandwich is pretty comical upon first glance.

Other items in the Pym Test Kitchen include a pasta dish made with Impossible Foods meatballs, both in giant and tiny form, served inside of a giant spoon with a tiny fork.

There’s also giant pretzels and elongated “Pym-Nini” sandwiches that you can order by the portion, or take an extra-long one for the whole squad to share.


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An early look at Avengers Campus eats!!! An yes, even though it’s not pictured, THEY WILL HAVE SCHWARMA! • Picture 1 – Terran Treats on the Avengers Campus features a menu of intergalactic eats, including colorful Sweet Spiral Ration Churros with unique flavors. • Picture 2- Pasta under giant vegetarian meatballs served in an oversized spoon with a tiny fork. • Picture 3 – Dubbed Experiment No. EE90, the “Not So Little Chicken Sandwich” is a fried chicken breast with teriyaki and red chili sauces, pickled cabbage slaw and crispy potato tots. We have all the info as a swipe up in our story! • Looks like the eating is going to be good! We’ve got even more pictures of new food in our post on the food (link in bio)! All picture credits and info to Disney.

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Another eating option in the Avengers Campus is called “Terran Treats,” and it focuses on vibrant and eye-catching eats of all kinds. The only items we know about so far from here are a “Cosmic Cream Orb,” which is a creampuff stuffed with purple raspberry cheesecake mousse, and “Space Ration Churros.” These spiral-shaped churros come in the colors of the six Infinity Stones from Marvel and Avengers lore.

In a nod to the 2012 Avengers film, Disneyland has also confirmed that there will be a shawarma cart inside of Avengers Campus, serving up standard shawarmas with protein options like chicken and falafel.

We’ll obviously know a lot more details about the full food lineup when the park opens in July, but for now, the options that we’re seeing are definitely tantalizing.

Celebrity Grub

‘Hot Ones’ Host Tries To Get Scarlett Johansson To Spoil ‘Avengers Endgame’

Scarlett Johansson is getting ready to avenge the fallen later this April when Avengers Endgame finally concludes an 11-year journey through one of the most engaging movie series of all time.

While Johansson will surely make several rounds of press interviews, none of them will be like the one she just endured on First We Feast’s Hot One’s fiery wing challenge.

If you’re not familiar, the notoriously spicy chicken-wing based interview consists of celebrities eating 10 wings, each one hotter than the last, all while trying to answer host Sean Evans’ questions at the same time.

Not easy.

The artist also known as Natasha Romanoff pounded some brewskies to help ease the pain of the hot wings, so that added an extra layer of vulnerability to her question answering.

This is how Black Widow almost got herself in trouble. When Johansson eventually made her way through all 10 wings, Sean Evans threw a flurry of Avengers Endgame-related questions. They told Scarlett that she did not have to answer the questions, but in her fiery moments of vulnerability, her facial expressions would be the the key to each non-verbal answer.

As Evans asked her if Captain America will die, Johansson gave a painful face that may or may not be the from the hot sauce.

When asked if Goose the cat was the key to saving everybody, she did mouth, “I don’t know,” while in pain.

When asked if Thanos will be tricked into entering the quantum realm by Ant-Man, she also said, “I don’t know.”

When asking if Loki was still alive, she said absolutely nothing, which could also be a telling sign.

Johansson ultimately said, “I do not know what those last three things you said were, because my mouth is…. full of fire.”

So take those answers how you will, but we’ll ultimately find out when Avengers Endgame finally comes out April 26.


These Avengers Sugar Cookies are Definitely Earth’s Cutest


Here’s what you’ve missed since the Avengers movie: Iron Man can’t sleep, Black Widow straightened her hair, the ninth Doctor’s ransacking Asgard and Loki’s settled into his new lot in life as a Russell Brand impersonator. They were also all transformed into a set of adorable and incredibly detailed cookies and are palling around with the guys from Sherlock during its hiatus. Or is that not right?

In any case, resident tumblr cookie nerd Fanfectionary is ringing in the latest batch of Avenger-sequels the best way she knows how: with SWEETS.

She describes her creative process:

I used a cutter for the cookie shape . . . and then did some editing of some edges and angles with a knife. Then I used a food coloring marker to outline the legs and such.”

Oh dearie, you make it sound so easy. Goodness knows anything I try would probably wind up on a list of Pinterest fails.

Check out the pics below to see all her finished cookies, which include Tony Stark, Captain America, Black Widow and my personal favorite, Loki

But of course, that’s coming from a biased and bonafide Hiddlestoner. Speaking of which, is that word supposed to be pronounced “bone-a feed-eh,” because it’s Latin? Inquiring minds want to know.





Also, because you’re dying to see it:

H/T Neatorama + PicThx Fanfectionary


This Mjolnir Beer Bottle Opener, I Like It — Another!

If you’ve ever dreamt about partying like a Norse god up in Valhalla, but aren’t quite sold yet on the whole dying thing, this Mjolnir Beer Bottle Opener could be a good way to start.


Mars Mission Astronauts Will Have Just Two Menu Options, and Both Seem Pretty Miserable

I’m sure being locked for three years in a pressurized metal container would be enough to turn anyone into a green, hulking rage monster, but imagine if your only diet options while up there were to go completely vegan or only eat pre-packaged space food.

Let’s just say you wouldn’t want to see us when we’re hungry.

In preparation for a planned journey to Mars in the 2030s (about 18 years from now) scientists are racing against the clock to create a sustainable meal plan for a team of six to eight astronauts to last the duration of the trip, or a whole two and a half years. Laid out, this will come out to approximately six months getting there, six months back and 18 months in between doing like, science and stuff.

The main problem with such a trip is the distance, says Maya Cooper, one of the senior researchers on the Mars Meal Plan Project. “Mars is different just because it’s so far away,” she explains, “We don’t have the option to send a vehicle every six months and send more food as we do for International Space Station.”

To tackle this issue, Cooper and her team are experimenting with a “Martian Greenhouse,” which will allow astronauts to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables to be used in their 100% vegetarian meals, as meats and dairy products won’t last the trip. They are also considering the alternative of having all pre-packaged meals which will have to sustain a five year shelf life.

Citing the importance of variety to both psychological health and nutrition, researchers say the ideal would be to combine the two menus, though Gizmodo joked that a third option could be to make a preservative-chocked McDonalds run the night before the launch.

Personally, I think all three options are bunk, but hey, even vegan pizza is bound to sound better than soggy fries after the first three to four hours (or you know, seasons). Let’s just hope Cooper and co. can get their act together in time.

[Via Huffington Post]


Marvel Pint Glasses

If all my beverages were served in Marvel-themed glasses, I’d be one happy camper! I apparently still relate to a 12 year-old boy.

In all seriousness though, if you have any love for the Marvel Universe, or just a love for fine beer glasses, then go ahead and grab these Avenger pint glasses. Choose from Captain America, Iron Man or the whole Avengers crew to gear up for the upcoming Avengers movie arriving in 2012. $10

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