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A Half Kangaroo, Half Emu Pizza Is A Unique and Delicious Reality In Australia

I’ve tried many flavors of pizza in my life, even ones with toppings from all over the world. Because pizza is such a vesatile medium for countries and cultures to put their flavors onto a slice, I don’t think there will ever be a day where we try every pizza this planet to offer… and that’s a wonderful thing.

Take this half emu, half kangaroo pizza for example.

Called the Coat of Arms Pizza, the pie is a 50/50 tribute to the two iconic animals of Australia and can be found at the Austrian Heritage Hotel in Sydney.

One half is topped with kangaroo steak and capsicum peppers. The other half is topped with marinated emu meat and juicy whole bush tomatoes. Once out of the oven, the Coat of Arms Pizza is finished with a drizzle of lemon myrtle mayo, a native ingredient to Australia.

Together, the two meats form one formidable pizza pie that attracts both tourists and locals alike.

Reuben Mourad, our Foodbeast correspondent on the other side of the world, says the pie packs the flavor of the lean meats while being able to stay juicy throughout.

Pizza aficionados, you may want to put this on your bucket list.

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This Giant Ferrero Rocher Cake Is A Golden Dome Of Decadence

Growing up, a Ferrero Rocher piece was the pinnacle of decadent confection. Wrapped in bright gold foil, the balls of chocolate and hazelnut boasted a rich flavor and bold textures created from the marriage of the two balanced ingredients.

Now imagine that feeling, magnified one hundred fold.

Gelato Messina, a gelato shop in Australia, created a giant Ferrero Rocher ball that pales all other candies before it.

Photo Courtesy of Reuben Mourad

The exquisite details to create this dessert miracle start with tempered chocolates that are liquefied and poured into a dome mold, which is then tipped upside down. The mold is next filled with gianduja gelato, white chocolate, and hazelnut spread, all of which are then frozen. What follows is the hazelnut praline mousse and chocolate covered Rice Krispies being added to the gelato dome once it’s stiff.

A second, smaller hazelnut and cream gelato dome is crafted, frozen, and glazed with chocolate rocker glaze while the bottom dome is sprayed with gold luster. Finally, the Rocher glazed dome is placed on top of the gold glazed one, sealed and ready to be split in half.

Photo Courtesy of Reuben Mourad

An intricate process, yes, but the results speak for themselves.

You can order this cake online to be shipped or pick it up in-store if you’re in Australia.


Australians On High Alert Over Finding Hidden Needles In Their Fruit

When you go to the grocery store and buy fruit, you usually check it for quality, color, and other key attributes. In Australia right now, folks also have to take the disturbing step of checking it for needles.

An unknown party is hiding the needles inside of strawberries and other produce all around the country, according to Over 100 different incidents have been reported to date, since becoming an alarming issue around two weeks ago. The activity has even prompted local supermarket giant Woolworth’s to take needles off their shelves entirely until the crisis is resolved.

So far, the fruits involved also include mangos and bananas, and police have caught at least one suspect they believe to be a copycat criminal.

It’s unclear at this point why the needles are being hidden and why strawberries have been the chief fruit targeted by the perpetrators. But Australia is taking drastic steps to try and mitigate their threat.

For starters, they’ve cracked down on food tampering, imposing a 10-15 year sentence to anyone caught committing the crime. There’s also a social media campaign encouraging people to smash their strawberries. This way, they can still enjoy the seasonal berry without the fear of biting into a needle.

It’s outlandish and bizarre that this type of serial criminal activity is happening, but until the needlers are caught, Australian grocers and consumers are going to be on their toes when shopping for fruit.

Featured image courtesy of the USDA on Flickr, CC 2.0.
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McDonald’s Now Serves Wagyu Beef Burgers, First In Fast Food History

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Wagyu is known for being one of the best cuts of beef in the world, and is often sold for hundreds of dollars. In an unlikely move, McDonald’s Australia now has its own Wagyu Beef Burger, becoming the first fast food chain to offer the cut on its menu.

The burger is made with “100 percent Australian-bred Wagyu beef,” and comes with bacon, caramelized onions, lettuce, classic cheese and McDonald’s tangy sauce.

This obviously isn’t the fancy, straight-out-of-Japan, $200 beef, but Australia is known to produce a pretty mean Wagyu, with exquisite marbling, and is still better than the standard pastoral cattle.

According to Stock and Land in Australia, the new burger is the most expensive on the menu, selling for $12.50 (about $9.64 USD).

McDonald’s Australia, AKA Maccas, expects to purchase over 600,000 pounds of Wagyu beef from Queensland farmers, in order to supply all its stores.

There is no indication how long the premium burger will be on the menu, but if any Aussies out there want to try McDonald’s fanciest burger ever, now’s the time to do it.

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McDonald’s Is Realizing We Want Breakfast Burgers, Step One Is The Big Brekkie Burger In Australia

McDonald’s is finally starting to see that people love combining breakfast with dinner items, so at least in Australia, the Golden Arches debuted a breakfast burger that we wish was a thing in the U.S.

They call it the Big Brekkie Burger, and it is a bacon cheeseburger with not only a layer of barbecue sauce, but a round egg and a hash brown nestled in between its buns.

At least here in the U.S., there’s nothing on the Mickey D’s menu that combines the best of breakfast and lunch, although we’ve recently learned that they’ll gladly stick an egg in your burger if you ask. The hash brown is another story, though, and this western-style brunch burger is yet another reason we should be jealous of McDonald’s Australia.

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Aside from it being all the way out in the Land Down Under, another heartbreaking issue is that it’s only available as a breakfast menu item.

So while they’ve got the hookups on this gorgeous combo, at least we get to say we can enjoy breakfast all day, without worrying about a 10:30 a.m. cutoff. Take that, Aussies.

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13 McFlurry Flavors the US is Sorely Missing Out On

The McFlurry is arguably the best thing at McDonald’s as it combines ice cream, usually some sort of chocolate, and if you do it right, zero guilt. Yeah, everyone’s always trying to tell you to eat healthy, or whatever, but sometimes you have to just treat yo self. While we’ve learned to love the delicious Oreo and M&M’s McFlurry here in the U.S., it seems like the rest of the world really goes all out with its McFlurry flavors. Don’t believe me? Check out 13 insane McFlurry flavors you cannot get in the U.S.  


Chocolate Orange McFlurry – UK

Not quite sure how I feel about a citrusy fruit flavor mixed with my ice cream, but the U.K. seems to make it work with this Chocolate Orange McFlurry. Not only do they use Terry’s Chocolate Orange pieces, they also add a chocolate orange sauce in there, too.  


Chocolate Fudge Brownie McFlurry – Ireland

Ireland has done a Chocolate Fudge Brownie McFlurry, which sounds amazing. Brownies a la mode are always a winning combo, so just imagine bits of fudge brownie mixed into a McFlurry. Yes Ronald McDonald, take all my money!


Pirulin McFlurry – Venezuela

You’re probably not familiar with Pirulin, but simply put, it’s a hazelnut filled-wafer, and in Argentina, they’ll put those bad boys in a McFlurry. It’s almost like a crunchy Nutella wafer mixed with McFlurry ice cream. Yes, please.


Tiramisu McFlurry – Netherlands

Dat McFlurry❤ #tiramisumcflurry #mcflurry #mcdonalds #icecream #food

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Ice cream, coffee, and chocolate syrup. Is there any more perfect of a combination? You’d think Italy would have been all over this, but the beautiful creation can actually be found in the Netherlands.


Cadbury Creme McFlurry – Ireland, UK, Australia

I’ve been waiting all year for you. #Cadburymcflurry

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Cadbury eggs are a favorite around Easter time, and in spots like Ireland, the UK, and Australia they put those creamy little eggs inside McFlurries. The classic white and orange fondant filling, along with the chocolate shell sounds like a pretty good combo with the popular cold treat.


Pineapple Oreo McFlurry – Colombia

Yes, pineapple on pizza has been a hot debate for a while, but how do you feel about pineapple in ice cream? Colombia didn’t stop at the chunks of pineapple though, as they wanted to contrast the flavor with bits of Oreo.


Stroopwafel McFlurry – Netherlands

The Dutch treat, Stroopwafel, is a thin and crispy waffle biscuit that’s got a decadent caramel filling. They’re already addicting by themselves, but having them in a McFlurry just might be a crime. Yet in the Netherlands, this just translates to another way to treat yoself proper.


Galak McFlurry – Venezuela

Galak is probably another chocolate you’re not familiar with, but it’s made by Nestle and is found other countries such as Canada, Ireland, and Venezuela. This beautiful McFlurry has been spotted in Venezuela, and has pieces of the white chocolate to make us Americans all the more jealous.


Dulce de Leche McFlurry – Venezuela

One of the things I will miss the most… #DulceDeLecheMcflurry #Toddy

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OK, if you haven’t noticed by now, Venezuela’s McFlurry game is way more advanced than anything we have in the U.S. Dulce de leche is like a Latin American caramel that’s a little thicker, and has a slightly bolder taste. It tastes amazing combined with ice cream and cookie crumbles, so McD’s really found a sweet spot here.


Green Tea McFlurry – Malaysia

#greenteamcflurry 😍

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Green tea flavors have become all the rage over the last couple of years, so it should come as no surprise that there is a McFlurry version. McDonald’s in Malaysia took advantage of the world’s obsession with green tea and made this dream a reality.


Red Velvet Oreo McFlurry – Canada

We sometimes forget about red velvet until it’s February as the flavor represents Valentine’s love for some reason. Well, McDonald’s Canada takes full advantage of the the general population’s love for red velvet, and adds Oreos to it.


Bubblegum Squash McFlurry – Australia, New Zealand

The Bubblegum Squash McFlurry came and went like a thief in the night, and while it might sound like a questionable flavor, the Aussies must have liked it. There was even a petition to bring back the limited time flavor. Knowing McDonald’s, it will be back at some point, then take it away like the teases they are.


Prestigio McFlurry – Brazil

Hmmmm❤🍦 #mcflurryprestigio

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Prestigio is a Nestle chocolate that’s stuffed with coconut, almost like a Mounds bar or Almond Joy. Brazil mixed mini pieces of those chocolates into this McFlurry, because as we’ve learned, you can pretty much put anything into a McFlurry and it’ll probably give you a mouthgasm. Ugh, the FOMO is real with this flavor.

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Domino’s Created Final Fantasy Specialty Pizzas In Australia

Down under in Australia, Domino’s is celebrating the release of Final Fantasy XIV Online by creating limited edition pizzas based around characters from the beloved role-playing series.

A new specialty pizza called the Chocobo Chow includes chicken, pineapple, capsicum, mushrooms, onions, and spring onions.

Domino’s four popular existing specialty pizzas will be getting new names in honor of the Final Fantasy collaboration: The Moogle’s Meatlovers (BBQ Meatlovers), Curious Cactus (Vegetarian), Stormblood Supreme (Supreme), and Heavensward Hawaiian (Hawaiian).

Those unfamiliar with the popular franchise need not fret.

Anyone who orders the pizza chain’s Final Fantasy XIV Pizza and Gaming Bundle —  which includes three traditional pizzas, one garlic bread, and a 1.25 litter drink for $49.95 — will receive a free downloadable copy of Final Fantasy XIV Online: Complete Edition for either Playstation 4 or PC.

You can find these Final Fantasy-themed pizzas at all participating Domino’s locations in Australia and New Zealand sold while supplies last.

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McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac Arrives In Australia

McDonald’s has bridged the gap between the McChicken and the Big Mac in Australia with a new sandwich that combines the best of both burgers: The Chicken Big Mac.

Only available at Australian McDonald’s locations, the new Big Mac variation features the core ingredients of the iconic fast food sandwich: pickles, onions, lettuce, cheese, Big Mac sauce, and three pieces of bread.

Instead of the two beef patties, however, the Chicken Mac substitutes two crispy chicken patties in their place.

While the burger has made appearances in other markets around the globe, this will be the first time Australia has seen such a variation.

Still, if you’re craving something like this in the United States, you can always order a regular Big Mac and ask for the meat to be substituted. Get yours.