‘Tis The Season: Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes Returning August 25


Another year, another round of seasonal drinks that come out way too freaking early. That’s right, even though summer doesn’t officially end until September 23, Starbucks is ready to get the cinnamon and nutmeg sugar bomb ball rolling. Long time no see, Pumpkin Spice Latte, long time no see.

For the past couple of days, baristas from here and there have been posting proof of #PSL’s return to twitter and instagram, from giant jugs of orange syrup to fully-sleeved hot lattes. With temperatures from Los Angeles to New York this week averaging about 80 degrees, it’s nice knowing that our insides can now feel as warm and sticky as our outsides.

Starbucks’ PSL returns August 25.

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Jamba Juice Offers $2 Smoothies Every Morning This Week, Knows You Won’t Wake Up For Them Anyway


You told yourself this summer would be different, didn’t you? You’d wake up with the sun and give up coffee and take your dogs on morning hikes, all before breakfast. And hey, if this deal had come out around early July, you probably would have taken advantage of it, at least for a few days. But no, it’s August, so feel free to just turn over and go back to sleep.

Apparently Jamba Juice is offering any 16-ounce smoothie for only $2 between the hours of 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. all this week, starting Monday August 12 through Friday August 16, at all participating locations, no coupon necessary. Which, you know, would be awesome, if you didn’t spend last week in Vegas and weren’t expending all your precious energy just to wake up in time for work without looking like a total homeless person. Come on JJ, don’t you know “summer mornings” don’t start until at least noon?

Just kidding, you’re a big kid now and you’ll probably be at work by then. But wasn’t it nice pretending you still had the luxury of sleeping in? Oh, the good old days.

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Subway Introduces New $6 Footlong, Makes Its Slogan Infinitely Less Catchy


For reasons that have yet to be seen (the economy, global warming, Tuesday), Subway isn’t doing its whole Featured $5 Footlong thing this month, instead trading up for a significantly less slogan-friendly “$6 Footlong Special” – possibly from now until forever but for sure at least until the end of August.

They are keeping the $4 Lunch deal and $3 Custom Breakfast Combos though – (“6 inch sub + 21 ounce soda for $4” and “breakfast sub + coffee or soda for $3,” respectively). And the regular $5 Footlongs (which include the Black Forest Ham, BLT, Cold Cut, Veggie Delite and Egg & Cheese) will continue to be the regular $5 Footlongs.

Finally, in much less interesting news (since, considering the new “deal” is close enough to the price of Subway’s more premium subs anyway that you might as well A) forgo it entirely and B) get something you actually want), the infamous “$6 Footlong Special” this month is the Buffalo Chicken with buffalo sauce and ranch dressing.

And that was your $5 Foodbeast Footlong Feature $6 Soodbeast Sootlong Seature.

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Fast Food

Black Forest Ham, Egg & Cheese with Spinach is the Subway $5 Footlong of August

Following up their Buffalo Chicken $5 Footlong back in July, Subway is celebrating the month of August with a spinach-heavy version of their Black Forest Ham, Egg & Cheese sandwich.

Available all day, the featured $5 Footlong of the month is stocked with egg, melted cheese and baby spinach on toasty flatbread. The stock 12″ version of the sandwich will set you back 26 grams of fat, 10 grams saturated fat, 2,320 mg of sodium and will credit you with 48 grams of protein.