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Guests At A Vegan Cafe Are Assaulted With Chunks Of Meat

The vegan lifestyle is already a difficult one to live as it is. The thought of never eating anything that comes from an animal is quite literally making me sick to my stomach at this very moment. I love beef jerky too much to give it up, sorry I’m not sorry that I’m sorry. Still, that’s one man’s opinion, and that’s where the buck stops. Some people are taking this “kill the vegan” mentality way too far, and it’s beginning to get out of hand.

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Georgia, a Middle Eastern country located in the nook between Asia and Europe, is famous for its particular wines and cobblestone streets, but the capital city of Tbilisi seems to be a cultural battleground lately. The Greek Orthodox church continues to ward off forthcoming western values while people more dedicated to love and acceptance (also known, unfortunately, to many people as “western values”) fight the archaic traditions of their culture.

The Kiwi Cafe, a bohemian cafe in Tbilisi, was assaulted over the weekend by a group of more than a dozen men wielding a wide variety of meats, from sausage links dangling from around necks to grilled meat on skewers to handfuls of fried fish, according to the New York Times. After emptying their hands of their ammunition, the men bravely ran away before any authorities could catch and/or identify them.

I’m all for a a few jokes and jabs here and there when it comes to veganism, but acting out like this is sickening. We don’t know why these people choose to be vegan, and it’s none of our god damn business either. That’s a universal right to privacy we were all given. Vegans need not answer to ANYONE for their decisions, period.

Live your life, vegans. You do you.



Photo Credit: Kiwi Cafe, Trip Advisor


Woman At Applebees Gets Cracked Across The Face With Glass Mug For Speaking Another Language

One of my favorite run-of-the-mill restaurants on Earth is Applebee’s, so hearing that a racist Caucasian woman attacked another woman with a beer mug just because she was different kind of scares the shit out of this Egyptian-American food lover.

Asma Jama, who moved to Minnesota from Kenya in 2000, was sitting at a table with her family in Applebee’s minding her own business, when Jodie Burchard-Risch, 43, and her husband began harassing her about speaking Swahili with her cousins and nieces.

“Go home,” said Risch to the family, according to Jama. “When you’re in America you should speak English.”

“I’m home,” Jama calmly responded to the couple. “I can speak English, but we choose to speak whatever language we want.”

Risch then suddenly responds by Chris Brown-ing Jama in the face with a glass beer mug. The attack left Jama with cuts along her eyelid and nose, along with an incredibly grisly gash on her bottom lip that required 17 stitches.

Risch was then forcefully removed from the restaurant and was subsequently arrested and charged with third-degree assault, however prosecutors will be looking to pile on additional charges in light of how racially loaded the attack was.

I’d be upset too if that ugly mug was attached to my head.

Looks like Applebee’s is no longer safe for potential victims of racism. Does anyone know where the nearest TGI Friday’s is?

Image Sources: Bring Me The News, Kare 11, Happy Customers Review


Fired Taco Bell Exec Who Attacked An Uber Driver Issues A Tearful Apology

Benjamin Golden, the former Taco Bell senior marketing executive who assaulted an Uber driver while heavily intoxicated, is now making a public apology to the man he attacked.

Golden, 32, now faces legal action from both the Uber driver, Edward Caban, and the district attorney of Orange County. He is assuming responsibility for his actions claiming that his behavior during the Uber ride last Friday in Costa Mesa, California, was inexcusable and out of character.

According to CBS, Golden claims he was blacked out the night of the assault and has no recollection of his attack on Caban, which was caught on footage by a dash cam in the driver’s car. Golden said crying:

“It’s not me in the video, it’s not me. It was hard to watch and I’m ashamed.

“So the next day, I got out of jail and I didn’t know what happened until I saw this video. My heart sank.”

Golden said he doesn’t remember how many drinks he had that night and added:

“I’m not one to get in fights. I think a lot of people that I know are in shock by what they saw.”

Golden was arrested shortly after the Uber ride and was consequently dismissed from his job as a marketing manager at Taco Bell the following week.

Caban has since stopped driving for Uber and is suing his attacker for a minimum $25,000 for assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress. He also refuses to meet with Golden for an apology as he said:

“He says it’s not him, but that’s the only him I know. That wasn’t him, but it was him who had the first drink. It was him who made the decision to go out that night, and in the end, it was him who made the decision to beat me.”

Golden faces four misdemeanor charges that include assault and battery and up to a year of jail time. Though Golden claims not to have a drinking problem, he had pleaded guilty to a DUI charge three years ago in Kentucky. Golden, who is now seeking counseling, expressed regretfully:

“I’ve worked so hard and I’ve tried so hard and I had a stupid night and it’s my fault and I’ve thrown everything away, you know. I’m going to make it right, and I think that’s the only thing I can do.”

Watch the original video of the attack below:

Written by Jacob Wagner, Nextshark