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‘Attack on Titan’-Inspired Plum Wine Won’t Make You an Evil Man-Eating Giant, Hopefully


Attack on Titan is the critically and commercially acclaimed dystopian anime series which follows a ragtag group of human teenagers and their attempt to protect their homeland from giant, man-eating creatures called Titans. Haunting, dark, and visceral, the show is also incredibly gory — the animated antithesis of freshly baked cookies and bear hugs.

It’s also now apparently a drink.

Distilled using plums from Titan writer Hajime Isayama’s hometown, the new limited-edition Attack on Titan plum juices and wines come in six different varieties, each inspired by a different AoT teen. Of course, as one Kotaku commenter noted, human-shaped bottles with twist-off heads would’ve been so much more fitting (read: sadistic and gruesome). But maybe it’s best we don’t all transform into drunken, brainless, man-eating monsters. Just saying.


Attack on Titan Plum Wine Set: three 500 ml bottles for $63; juice set: three 180 ml bottles for $18 @ Hibikinosato

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