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Finally, An ATM That Spits Out FREE McDonald’s Big Macs


Where do you go when you’re short on Big Macs? The Big Mac ATM, of course.

According to Metro Boston, a Big Mac-themed pop-up in Boston will feature an ATM that dispenses McDonald’s iconic burgers. Not only will the ATM feature the classic Big Mac sandwiches, but also the two new variations introduced this year: The Mac Jr. & Grand Mac.

Located at 540 Commonwealth Ave. at the Kenmore Square McDonald’s, the machine will feed patrons free burgers until Jan. 31 between the hours of 11am to 2pm each day. There will be a constant stream of fresh Big Macs loaded into the ATM on a daily basis.

Sounds eerily like one of my three wishes as a child.

If you’re in the Boston area for the next week and you’ve got some Big Mac cravings, but you’re short on cash, this is definitely a cheap option to feed your bellies.


Class Meets Mass with This Caviar-Dispensing ATM

Face it, no rich people are actually going to use this thing. Heaven forbid they even walk outside and not have everyone within a quarter mile begging to hand them free stuff. No, no, LA’s new caviar vending machines were obviously made for butlers. When the mister and misses have a hankering and their favorite sturgeon farmer is off to Fiji for the week, what’s a poor, well-meaning, not-at-all-jaded serving person to do?

Grab some from caviar from an ATM of course!

We already have movie ATMs and Apple ATMs and even cupcake ATMs, so what makes these caviar ATMs from Beverly Hills Caviar any different? Oh right, they’re caviar – fish eggs – between $4 a spoon to $500 an ounce.

Granted, your failure to procure the right eggs, as well as your lord and lady’s most refined palates, will probably ensure your firing anyway, but at least you can say you tried. And you can keep saying it right until they sue you for food poisoning. How dare you try to feed them something so terribly lowbrow?

via LAMag


Sprinkles Cupcake ATM in Action [VIDEO]

Last week, we told you about Sprinkles’ 24-hour cupcake-dispensing ATM. Now you can check out a video of how it works. Thanks to Lucy Blodgett, a writer for the Huffington Post, those of you that aren’t from around the Los Angeles area can now see how the machine works.

All you have to do is pick what cupcake you want to buy, swipe your card, and watch as a camera records the claw as it finds and dispenses your baked treat. Pretty cool, huh? The machine is said to be stocked with about 600 freshly baked cupcakes every day.

Check out the video now!

via: HuffingtonPost


Cupcake ATM Open 24 Hours a Day

Ever crave a fancy cupcake you just can’t have because it’s too damn early in the morning? Los Angeles based bakery, Sprinkles has developed their own custom cupcake-dispensing machine. Considered to be “the world’s first cupcake automat,” Sprinkles will be restocking the bright pink ATM every day with freshly baked cupcakes and cupcake mixes.

The machine will be the divider between Sprinkles Cupcakes store and the new Sprinkles Ice Cream store. Both shops are located in the center of Beverly Hills. This is great news for guys like us who are tired of getting 4am gas station cupcakes.

via: laist Photo: Sprinkles/Facebook