Nashville Hot Chicken Loaded Potato Wedges Are A Mouthful of What We Love

The South can’t possibly ever get fried chicken wrong. It’s fact further strengthened by the things they’re doing over at Richard’s Southern Fried in Atlanta, Georgia. There, expect a bird that’s marinated in a special spiced brine anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, depending on its size. A number of their spices are even ground fresh in house to ensure freshness and peak flavor.

Factor in them winning best chicken & waffles and best chicken sandwich in Atlanta and you get an idea of just how good their hot chicken is.

While on a quick trip to the ATL, we stumbled upon some deliciousness they’re serving up that we simply couldn’t ignore: hot chicken loaded potato wedges drenched in a spicy queso and topped with a cooling crown of sour cream. The description itself is a mouthful and so is the dish itself — not that we’re complaining. It’s definitely a worthy switch-up from the typical iterations of hot chicken that have been dominating our IG feeds lately.

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Shaq Loved Krispy Kreme So Much, He Bought His Own Franchise


We all know Shaq loves his donuts. The basketball legend has made his affection for the fried breakfast cakes quite clear over the years.

Krispy Kreme just announced that the star of Kazaam and former Laker has become an owner of the the brand’s downtown Atlanta location. The 60-year-old location can be found on Ponce de Leon Avenue in the Georgia city.

Here’s what he had to say about the purchase:

Krispy Kreme prides itself on spreading joy and supporting local communities, and that’s a cause that I am thrilled to be a part of. Our goal is to help people find their happy place, and what better way than with a box of delicious Krispy Kreme doughnuts.”

If you’re still not buying Shaq’s love for donuts, take a quick peek at this sensual video of him enjoying some Krispy Kreme glazed.

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These Are The 4 Best Dishes Action Bronson Ate On His VICELAND TV Debut

Thank God for good grub and Action Bronson. The ‘Renaissance Man’ has officially returned,  working his palette in addition to spitting the usual fire, in VICELAND’s F*CK THAT’S DELICIOUS.

In the premier episode, we join Bronson and his crew—The Alchemist (DJ/Producer), Big Body Bes (Entertainer), Meyhem Lauren (Rapper)—as they eat and rap their way through a few of the stops part of his Mr. Wonderful tour: Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Miami.

102_FTD_Atlanta (1)

Action Bronson. Crew. Bomb food. Wackiness ensues. Check out the f*cking delicious things these boys got their hands on:

1. Lychee and Pork Salad: Roses Luxury, Washington D.C.

action bronson roses

General Manager Andrew Limberg and Chef/Owner Aaron Silverman of Roses Luxury presented the table with a signature tasting menu, wanting to ‘highlight the good stuff.’ The good stuff included smoked trout, catfish, brisket, chicken fried oysters with raw oyster tzatziki dill, and scrambled eggs over a soft broiler mixed with uni, topped with an uni hollandaise. Though, it was the lychee pork salad that might’ve won over Bronson’s heart: ground garlic, red onion, marscapone, lychee, and smoky pork. Everyone agreed that Roses did a good job at combining and experimenting with flavors; makes sense, since they happen to be America’s Best New Restaurant according to Bon Appetit and GQ!

2. Barbecued Chicken: Wyatt’s Country Barbecue, East Atlanta

action bronson jamaican

The gang soon enough found themselves heading south for the tour. Stopping in Atlanta, they met up with Frko Rico, an illustrator who created original artwork for Mr. Wonderful. Rico brought the boys to hidden barbecue gem Wyatt’s, named after the owner, Oscar Wyatt. Wise old Wyatt explained that the key to cooking the best BBQ is a using old-fashioned rock pit, which he definitely has, and takes advantage of. Bronson and Co. take advantage of being in town by loading up on tons of Wyatt’s tasty barbecued chicken.

3. The Original Jamaican Restaurant, East Atlanta

action bronson wyatts

Within the same city, the squad was able to try out another local-legendary barbecue joint: The Original Jamaican Restaurant. Bronson praised their curry chicken and roti (“It’s all about the surprise inside”). Other squad-approved items included the jerk chicken, coconut water, and caramelized pepper.

4. Bay Scallop Ceviche: The Dutch, South Beach

action bronson dutch

“It just made me feel like a man…a man who loves a beautiful thing…”

Beautiful words from Action Bronson, in reaction to sampling some Bay Scallop Ceviche from The Dutch in Miami. Among all the delicacies he sampled—sandwiches, stuffed pasta, shellfish and seafood—Executive Chef Conor Hanlon’s papaya ceviche had Bronson completely intoxicated, so much that he insisted on recreating the dish right then and there. Hanlon said that it was the area’s Latin influence and fascination with ceviche that inspired the summer-flavored dish: a sweet blend of fresh bay scallops, passion fruit, red onion, and jalapeno. Getting to make the dish himself must have been that much sweeter for Bronson—he actually grew up working in kitchens in NY. “I never really went as far as I wanted to culinarily, but now, it’s like I’m living out my dreams.” Just add that to the Wonderful dream he’s already living.

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Shake Shack Expanding to Multiple Cities in 2014


Good news for Shake Shack fans who aren’t on the East Coast, the chain is planning on expanding to select cities across the country. Shake Shack will open two new locations over the summer: a second storefront in the JFK Airport as well as a new shop in the Tysons Corner Center in Fairfax County, Virginia. A fourth location in Florida will open in Winter Park sometime in mid-2014.

We’re pretty juiced about Shake Shack expanding since we’ll finally have some Midwest and West Coast locations. Brand new storefronts are set to open in Atlanta, Chicago, Austin, and Las Vegas. Notice there’s still no California location.

What the hell Shake Shack I thought we were cool? Big Gay Ice Cream is already expanding over here so why are we still being deprived of our beloved Shack Stack and Concretes? For now Angelinos will have to road trip it up to Sin City to get our fix, which I guess isn’t so bad.

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Obligatory Cronut Knock-Off Update: The ‘Piessant’


Today’s Cronut Knock-Off of the Day (“#CKOotD”) comes from the Cake Hag pastry shop in Atlanta.

Unlike Starbucks’ most recent Duffin debacle, the “Piessant” actually combines the better parts of its two namesakes, flaky croissant dough wrapped around gooey pie fillings. Think a fruit filled hand-pie, only souped-up and sexy.

The Cake Hag website hasn’t yet rolled out a full list of flavors, but the photo featured on the company’s Facebook page has been identified as “Butter Almond.”

To be fair, the idea behind the Piessant isn’t so far-fetched. Croissants typically come with filling anyway, so why not swap in something a little fancier instead of your regular chocolate or blueberries or cheese? Ahem, Chicken Pot Piessant, anyone?

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Starbucks Testing Handcrafted Sodas; Trenta Size Bloomberg Approved?


In an attempt to dominate the caffeine world (and someday take over the universe, probably), Starbucks is currently testing a line of fountain drinks in Atlanta and Austin, according to The Wall Street Journal. These made-to-order drinks are being offered in spiced root beer, ginger ale and lemon ale flavors, with Starbucks fans already raving about the new line-up.

Others weren’t too stoked on the prices, which range from approximately $2.45 for a tall, $2.95 for a grande and $3.45 for a venti. No word yet on what a trenta will run you.

While the company stated that it’s too early to tell whether these “handcrafted” sodas will get a national roll out, we have a pretty good feeling that an order of “Lemon ale, please. Medium carbonation. Hold the whip” isn’t too far off in the bizarre future.

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Pa’Zing! Pepperoni Pizza Chicken Wings


You know the saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention” by someone or other. It’s how the Cronut was invented, because croissants just aren’t round enough and normal donuts are f*cking boring. But what about those of us who prefer our genius a little greasier and a little more deep-fried? Folks, meet the Pa’Zing.

Created by Atlanta-based restaurant Calypso Wings, the internet’s favorite new finger food mash-up is chicken wings meets melted cheese and pepperoni pizza. According to Grub Street, Calypso uploaded photos of its still-under-development “signature product” earlier this week, after which Reddit got a hold of them and sent them mini-viral. Unfortunately, would-be Pa’Zingers will have to wait until Calypso opens its doors in late summer/early fall, but at least you can totally make a Peppicken Wing at home right now.


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Times Are Tough, So this Waffle House is Charging an Extra 20% for Security


A Waffle House in downtown Atlanta is charging customers an extra 20 percent to cover the cost of hiring extra security.

“We want to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. In an effort to be proactive we are being upfront and adding a 20% surcharge to help offset the cost of private security,” explained Pat Warner, Waffle House Vice President.

The restaurant is located in a high-crime area, with the cost of off-duty Atlanta police officers costing the Waffle House $160,000 a year, according to Warner.

While some customers welcome the extra protection, others have been known to walk out upon being informed of the extra charge.

“I’ve been cussed at,” stated Quintonia Colbert, a waitress at the restaurant. Colbert also lamented that the surcharge has caused customers to give smaller tips or none at all.

According to the company, this is the only Waffle House in the country that has a “20% property management surcharge.” Business Insider notes that while other Waffle Houses also have security guards, “they don’t charge customers an additional fee.”

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