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Man Brutally Beaten For Offering To Pay For Strangers’ Meal In Brooklyn Restaurant

A kind gesture can go a long way sometimes. However, in some cases, there can be negative connotations to trying to be a nice guy. Such was the case with a man at a Brooklyn restaurant earlier this month, reports Daily News.

Two men entered a Texas Chicken and Burgers in Prospect Park on the evening of March 1. One of the men had said loudly that no one would give him a dollar to order his food. A 37-year-old diner overheard and offered to pay for the two men’s meal.

It seems the offer of a free meal triggered the two assailants as they proceed to assault the man, even going as far as taking his walking cane while he was on the ground and hitting him with it repeatedly. Upon seeing the commotion, two more assailants rushed into the restaurant and attacked the victim. One man even rifled through the victims pockets before the police arrived.

Some patrons of the chicken and burger restaurant tried to intervene and stop the beating, while others merely stepped over the victim and ordered their food.

It’s terrifying to see how some people can react to a kind gesture. Hopefully this incident doesn’t deter us from trying to help out those in need.

The police are asking anyone with information regarding the assault to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577 – TIPS.

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Teens Attack 76-Year-Old Worker At McDonald’s Because He Asked Them To Be Quiet


Typically, being asked to quiet down in a restaurant is met with embarrassment or slight annoyance and a lowering of voices, but apparently that was not the case for two rowdy New York high school students.

Two 17-year-old girls reportedly assaulted a 76-year-old McDonald’s employee who asked them to quiet down.

DNAinfo reported that the elderly employee asked the pair to lower their voices. Instead they pushed the man and punched him in the left side of his face.

The assault left his face red and swollen, resulting in medical treatment at the fast food restaurant, which is located on Broadway near Times Square.

The teens attend Food and Finance High School, where students learn about the culinary arts and related finances, but apparently at least these two did not learn about respect for restaurant employees. The pair was arrested and received desk appearance tickets according to police.

This is far from the first time a McDonald’s employee has been assaulted. Just earlier this month three women and their children assaulted an Ohio McDonald’s worker for serving them too slowly. That trio seem to have no remorse and even are smiling in their booking photos.


Domino’s Delivery Guy Stabs Customer For Dumbest Reason Ever


Sometimes, orders get backed up and your pizza may not arrive at the expected time. Understandable, but it still sucks. One particular order resulted in a customer getting stabbed by the delivery driver, NBC Los Angeles reports.

A Domino’s driver in Covina, CA, was arguing with a customer over an order that was about 90 minutes late. This led to the driver stabbing the customer before leading back to the Domino’s store he worked at.

The police arrived and arrested the driver.

While not life-threatening, the victim suffered from serious lacerations to his neck, hands and wrists.

A spokesperson for Domino’s said they had no idea about what happen at one of their franchised stores. However, they hope that the victim is alright.

The Domino’s delivery guy was charged with suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.


One Simple Denny’s Pancake Rule Led To A Woman Punching A Waitress


Some folks take the term all-you-can-eat very seriously. An Illinois woman was charged with assault after she was told some very disappointing news about her pancakes: No sharing.

The Smoking Gun reports that the woman, Natasha West, was sharing her Denny’s $4 all-you-can-eat pancakes with other people at her table. A waitress at the restaurant explained to West that she couldn’t do this, causing West to Hulk out.

According to NBC Chicago, 27-year-old West began to swear and started swinging her fists at the server. The authorities say that in her flurry of fists, West struck the waitress that told her she couldn’t share. West then kicked a door numerous times and left the Denny’s without paying her bill.

After she left, the manager of the restaurant called the cops. They found West in a car with her dining companions a short while later and brought them back to the Denny’s to be identified by the staff. One of her friends paid the bill and West was arrested and charged with assault and damage to property.



Woman At Applebees Gets Cracked Across The Face With Glass Mug For Speaking Another Language

One of my favorite run-of-the-mill restaurants on Earth is Applebee’s, so hearing that a racist Caucasian woman attacked another woman with a beer mug just because she was different kind of scares the shit out of this Egyptian-American food lover.

Asma Jama, who moved to Minnesota from Kenya in 2000, was sitting at a table with her family in Applebee’s minding her own business, when Jodie Burchard-Risch, 43, and her husband began harassing her about speaking Swahili with her cousins and nieces.

“Go home,” said Risch to the family, according to Jama. “When you’re in America you should speak English.”

“I’m home,” Jama calmly responded to the couple. “I can speak English, but we choose to speak whatever language we want.”

Risch then suddenly responds by Chris Brown-ing Jama in the face with a glass beer mug. The attack left Jama with cuts along her eyelid and nose, along with an incredibly grisly gash on her bottom lip that required 17 stitches.

Risch was then forcefully removed from the restaurant and was subsequently arrested and charged with third-degree assault, however prosecutors will be looking to pile on additional charges in light of how racially loaded the attack was.

I’d be upset too if that ugly mug was attached to my head.

Looks like Applebee’s is no longer safe for potential victims of racism. Does anyone know where the nearest TGI Friday’s is?

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After He Ate Her Ribs, This Man’s Sister Came At Him With A Butcher Knife


One’s barbecue dinner can be a very intimate experience. There’s nothing quite like the feel of soft warm BBQ sauce on your fingers as you nibble on a juicy piece of spare rib. For one woman in Texas, losing out on that experience was enough to go after her own brother.

Austin Police arrested 61-year-old Ethel Jean Banks with an aggravated assault charge for allegedly attacking her brother. The reason behind this attack? He ate her barbecue ribs.

Fox Baltimore reports that Banks took a butcher knife to her brother on the evening of Sunday, Sept. 27. When he spotted his sister coming at him, the victim booked it out of the house and called the cops.

Police arrived and arrested Banks who was also part of a similar incident a few months back.

In his defense, Banks’ brother says he didn’t know the ribs were hers.



How Nutella Waffles Got An Old Man Punched In The Face


When it comes to getting free food samples, sometimes things can get crazy. The Burbank Leader reports that an old man was punched in the face at a Costco while in line for a free taste.

The warehouse retailer was giving away pieces of Nutella and Eggo Waffles when a 27-year-old Derrick Gharabighi began to grab more than he needed. A 78-year-old gentleman in line asked the younger man to only take one and leave the rest for his fellow customers.

Understandable, right?

His remark, however, was met with a punch to the face by Gharabighi. The senior was taken to the hospital where he was treated for a one-inch cut and swelling to his eye.

Gharabighi was arrested for elder abuse and facing two felony charges.


Why Busta Rhymes’ Protein Drink Got Him Arrested At The Gym


Because he threw a protein drink at a gym employee, Busta Rhymes was arrested and charged with assault, NBC reports.

Witnesses say that Rhymes was seen arguing with a Steel Gym employee on Tuesday over Rhymes’ desire to bring a cameraman into the Chelsea gym to film his workout routine. The employee did not let Rhymes bring the cameraman into the gym.

The two started up another argument the next day, witnesses say, which led to Rhymes splashing water at the employee and the employee splashing back. This caused Rhymes to allegedly throw the bottle of chocolate protein drink at the employee. The cardboard from the bottle cut the victims head, however, they denied medical assistance.

Police arrived and charged Rhymes with second-degree assault. The rapper’s lawyer told the New York Daily News that the whole situation was ridiculous.

Rhymes is ordered to appear in court on Nov. 6. He’s since posted this Instagram photo: