New Antioxidant Drink Supposedly Cures ‘Asian Glow’


It doesn’t take much for Alcohol Flush Reaction, better known as the infamous “Asian Glow,” to kick in. Usually, one or two drinks is all that’s necessary for one to become bright red and heated. Sure, popping a Pepcid might make things easier, but the risks are kind of unavoidable.

Apparently, there’s an elixir going around that can solve this. They’re calling it Before Elixir.

Asian Glow is said to affect 15 percent of all drinkers and about 70 percent of Asian drinkers. These folks have a variant of the enzyme that metabolizes alcohol, causing them to process it up to 100 times faster than the average drinker. Because of this, a buildup of toxins is created leading to flushing, increased heart rate, headaches and other discomfort.


Before Elixir claims to slow down the metabolism of alcohol and toxin production in the liver that causes the flush reaction. The elixir is made with ingredients like mangosteen, raspberries, pomegranate, milk thistle and B vitamins.

Antacids, such as Pepcid AC, are commonly used to help reduce these symptoms. However, they can cause blood alcohol levels to quickly rise and increase the chance of alcohol poisoning.

While the beverage is currently looking for funding, a few pre-produced bottles can be purchased at the official site.