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McDonald’s Has A FISH MCWRAP In Singapore


Singapore McDonald’s has released a fish-inspired variation of their Chicken McWrap. You guessed it, the Fish McWrap.

Made with slice of tomatoes, single leaf lettuce and a fried fish patty. The McWrap is served in a flour tortilla with a spicy chili sauce. Essentially, it sounds like a Chicken McWrap with the protein swapped out of a Filet-O-Fish.

While US McDonald’s are cutting all kinds of wraps from their menus, it looks like the Singapore locations will feature them for at least a limited time.

The wrap itself will set you back $5.40. A little on the pricier side, but most seafood items are.


Hooters Racks Up 30 New Locations Throughout Asia


Hooters of America LLC announced that they will be opening 30 Hooters locations in Southeast Asia. The development agreement will bring to Asia 30 new restaurants over the next six years. Hooters first hit Asia with Thailand’s opening of Hooters Phuket. (That’s POO-KET.)

We’re guessing it found some success as now the brand intends to further expand into neighboring countries, including: Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore and Vietnam. Thailand will also possibly see more Hooters restaurants there as well.

Currently, the Atlanta-based franchiser has more than 430 locations in 28 countries. The majority can be found in the US.

The owl-themed restaurant is known worldwide for its chicken wings and cheesy appetizers. We hear the servers are also pretty charismatic too.

Picthx Hooters Phuket

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Domino’s Taiwan Stuffs Their Pizza Crust with Cheese and Peanut Sauce


Just when we thought the world has seen plenty of novelty pizza crusts, Domino’s Taiwan introduces another take on what a stuffed crust should entail. The region-specific entree will feature a pizza crust filled with mozzarella cheese and special Taiwanese peanut sauce. Yep, you can now get peanut sauce in the crust.

While the crusts are something to write home about, the pizzas themselves can be customized to however customers prefer. Don’t expect any special peanut sauces on the pie itself. Though, we think just the crust should be more than plenty.

Not quite sure if peanut sauce and cheese are such a great idea, but if the creative minds behind Domino’s are willing to give it a chance, it can’t be that crazy.

Maybe it’s worth a nibble or two.

h/t Brand Eating

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Hello Kitty Dolls Come to Singapore McDonald’s, Overwhelming Pre-Orders Temper Kitty Riots


The residents of Singapore braced themselves for the launch of Hello Kitty plushies at Singapore McDonald’s this week. About a decade and a half ago, the fast food chain released a similar promotion with the toys and were met with chaos.

Customers once again have the opportunity to buy limited-edition Hello Kitty plushies in a variety of different costumes. The choices include “Bad Badtz Maru,” “PomPomPurin,” and a few others I won’t pretend I know. Of course, like every other Hello Kitty product, they’re retail-friendly, aka adorable.

The result of the previous release of the toys in the early 2000s led to students ditching classes, adults skipping work, fistfights and damaged property. In hopes of maintaining even a shred of order, the chain implemented a a 4-dolls-per-customer policy. However, word has it that thanks to overwhelming pre-orders days before the launch, things were a lot calmer this year. Well, for now at least.

Picthx Singapore McDonald’s


This is How Every Continent Serves Corn on the Cob


A versatile and hardy plant, corn can be found on every continent except Antarctica (hmph). The golden kernels offer endless possibilities, from a simple grilled treat doused in lemon and pepper to cheesecake popcorn.

This time around, this tasty graphic decided to take things through the lens of continental food porn and combined 6 different recipes onto one corn on the cob. The visual below takes a playful approach to beloved ingredients — Sriracha, Greek yogurt, goat cheese etc. — and offers quick, slathery spreads for grilled corn. Peek the refreshing lime-avocado crema and quesco fresco, then dive deep into that recipe for maple bourbon butter folded with crumbled bacon. We know you’ve been eyeing that the entire time.

If you’re feeling particularly lazy, however, you can always skip the first step and shamelessly nuke ’em:


Sunshine Sweet & Column Five

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Dunkin’ Donuts Thailand Has All-Black Chocolate-Flavored Donuts


We’ve already seen McDonald’s all-black burgers, Vegas Premium’s 12-inch all-black hot dog and Aya Cemani’s all-black cock (chicken). This time around, Dunkin’ Donuts Thailand is rolling out a line of 27 inky (obsidian, raven, stygian) donuts guaranteed to make your inner 3m0-g0tH-ch1ld squee (you know, on the inside).


From Charcoal-Choco-Chili to Charcoal Blue Mint to Charcoal Banoffee (banana toffee), Dunkin’s take on the monochromatic food trend definitely sounds tastier than anything we’ve seen in the past. According to Rocket News, “these doughnuts took a year in the making as Dunkin’ Donuts carefully selected what they thought were the best combination of ingredients.”


For anyone still feeling a little squeamish (these things do look kinda dead after all), rest assured: the charcoal doesn’t affect the donuts’ taste at all. So you can indulge your morbid sweet tooth with all the comfort that your non-charcoal eating tastebuds can handle. Suh-weet.

H/T + PicThx Rocket News

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Run For Your Lives, It’s a Durian McFlurry


It’s known as the “King of Fruits,” which is perfectly fitting, supposing the kingdom in question just happens to be a pointy sewer. Both loved and loathed all over Southeast Asia, the durian is a large, porcupine-looking fruit whose smell has been described simultaneously as “almonds, rotten onions, turpentine” and “raw sewage,” according to Wikipedia. It also happens to be McDonald’s Singapore’s newest limited time McFlurry flavor, for . . . reasons.

Available at all McDonald’s Singapore dessert kiosks (because apparently they have kiosks in addition to actual restaurants over there), the new Durian Crunch McFlurry features “a mix of vanilla soft serve, durian syrup, and what looks to be some kind of crunchy cereal,” according to Brand Eating. Considering McDonald’s tendency to water down local cuisine, however, chances are the actual product will be relatively harmless – more of a publicity tool than anything, similar to a chocolate bacon sundae or Watermelon Oreos (ohohohoho).

I personally have never tried durian, though growing up I did confuse it with jackfruit and couldn’t understand for the life of me what the big deal was. Several advocators on the interwebs claim that once you get over the smell, though, the actual taste of durian is absolutely delicious. They also recommend starting off with milder recipes like durian cakes or durian custard to get yourself acclimated to its glory. To that end, maybe Mickey D’s is just trying to help out the Singaporean durian market by releasing a baby version of the King to the masses. This could be stealth marketing at its finest, folks. Those sly, sly dogs.

H/T + PicThx Brand Eating

Celebrity Grub

Lebron Will Be Taking His Donut Dunking Talents to Asia

NBA superstar Lebron James, one of the most hated athletes in America, will focus on increasing his likability overseas instead. James will be the new face of Dunkin’ Donuts as he will be taking his marketing talents to Asia.

A Dunkin’ Brands spokeswoman said that James will be the new “brand ambassador” and although specifics were not given, it is a multi-year deal.

Dunkin’ Brands, which also owns Baskin’ Robbins stores, has about 5,400 stores across the Asia-Pacific region. Its plans to add 250 more stores by 2015 will just add to its overpowering control over competitors as Starbucks, the second leading coffee company in Asia, only has about 1,700 stores, while Krispy Kreme has around 100 stores in the region.

This will be the easiest time the Dunkin’ Donuts advertising staff will have with commercials, just have James dunking donuts in different variations. China, Taiwan, India and South Korea will be the lucky countries to see Lebron’s face pasted all over their morning coffee.

Surprisingly, Dunkin’ isn’t taking advantage of the Jeremy Lin phenomenon, but Lebron is no slouch when it comes to his brand in Asia. China, the second largest market in the world has already embraced Lebron as his NBA jersey and shoes are top-sellers in the country.

No word yet if Dunkin’ will rename its donut holes after Lebron, but surely they will not name any ring-shaped donuts after him.