Celebrity Grub Hit-Or-Miss

Watch Rapper ASAP Ferg Start Crying During This Spicy Wing Challenge

Today we learned that even a guy who raps about shooting guns and stealing your girlfriend can be humbled in the presence of a dangerously spicy wing. While rapper ASAP Ferg is known for putting in work, he had a pretty hard time putting in work on the “Hot Ones” wing challenge.

As soon as the Harlem native took a bite of the first wing he knew he was in trouble, and he had nine more to go, with each one more spicy than the last. By the time he got to his seventh wing, his lips were numb, his head was tingling, and he didn’t even bother to finish chewing it.

“I ‘ma explain what it is right now so the viewers know what’s happening,” Ferg while experiencing his ninth wing, which was topped with Blair’s Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage. “My eyes is tearing up right now. My lip feels like it’s been burnt by a coal… so it’s starting to numb up. It’s hard for me to talk right now because my throat is burning.”

While it was fun watching ASAP Ferg get destroyed by the heat, the interview did hit some interesting topics, including Hip Hop’s growing love affair with Nando’s grilled chicken, the importance of chopped cheese in Harlem, and the wild time he had touring with Skrillex.

Ferg made it all the way through the 10 wings and showed that he just might be the toughest rapper in the ASAP Mob.