This Ambitious Pasta Chart Maps 250 Shapes, from the Supermarket to Italy


Pop Chart Lab highlights it penchant for alliteration with it’s newest addition: The Plethora of Pasta Permutations.

We have a ton of respect (and a bit of envy) for the person whose job it was to track down the over 250 shapes of pasta: generic supermarket brands or handmade from Italy, down to the last tortellini.   And we can’t wait to work our way through each delicious carb-tastic shape.  I know I’ll be stocking up on lots of Parmesan cheese and homemade tomato sauce. 250 days worth, to be exact.


The 24” X 36” poster can be pre-ordered for now, and the first batch will be shipped by August 8.  While you wait, maybe consider a pastasaurus, just to keep your new routine interesting.

PicThx Pop Chart Lab


80,000 Bees Create Beautiful 3-B Bottle-Shaped Hive


To promote their new Highlander Honey Whiskey, Dewar’s, a brand of Scotch by Bacardi, has created unexpected and un-BEE-lievable pieces of artwork with their new campaign. (I’m so sorry, but I couldn’t resist.)  In a project called 3-B printing, they placed 80,000 highlander bees into a clear plastic mold and let them do what bees do best.

When the plastic mold was later removed, a bottle-shaped hive of honeycomb was left behind, strangely beautiful, if slightly terrifying.  It’s an innovative project, and we definitely give it kudos for appreciating the greatness of nature and all, but we hope that Dewar’s closeness with their bees won’t lead to an uninvited guest in our drink later on.


Now please fly far far away from my nice whiskey.

To see more about how the bottle and (bonus!) a creepy human bust were made out of the honeycomb, check out the production video below. Just be prepared for some very close and personal shots with the little honey-makers.

H/T + PicThx Visual News


Adventure: Espresso Royale Caffe (Boston, Massachusetts)

It’s December, time to grab your favorite book, throw on a scarf, chill and people-watch at your local coffee/tea shop… Or act super Indie and paint portraits and read poems aloud to strangers! Either way, my friend Emily knew of the perfect place with just the right vibe! The Espresso Royale Caffe was only couple blocks away from where we were staying in Boston, and was apparently well-known  for their delicious tea, coffee, bagels and laid-back atmosphere! Check it out how we got all Edgar-Allen-Po in this biatch: