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McDonald’s Announces J Balvin Will Be Next Celebrity Collab, Following Travis Scott

Photo courtesy of McDonald’s

Last month, the Travis Scott x McDonald’s menu collaboration took the Golden Arches by storm, becoming an immensely popular order. On the heels of that success, the company has now announced the next artist they’ll be teaming up with for a custom combo.

Reggaeton artist J Balvin will officially be the celebrity “order” for October. The J Balvin meal will consist of a Big Mac, medium fries and ketchup, and an Oreo McFlurry.

In an uncanny coincidence, this was my break time order while I worked at McDonald’s in my college years, just with extra Big Mac sauce for my fries.

The most nominated artist for this year’s Latin Grammys, J Balvin, was also recently named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People of 2020. Not a bad year.

To celebrate the collaboration, McDonald’s employees will also sport J Balvin uniforms. Customers who order the meal through the McDonald’s app will also get the McFlurry for free.

You can find the J Balvin order at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide, beginning now through Nov. 1.

#foodbeast Adventures Brand Culture Features FOODBEAST SPONSORED Video

Watch This Food Artist Create Surreal Visuals With Noodles

Paul Fuentes is a graphic designer known for his ironic, and somewhat metaphoric illustrations that combine an avant-garde approach to art by incorporating aspects of food, surrealism and inspiration from everyday life. With more than 200K followers on Instagram, Fuentes is on the verge of becoming a household name.

Recently, Fuentes’ art was featured within the Museum of Ice Cream, where thousands of people were able to admire the seamless mashup of fantasy and reality he creates within his art.  

In continuation of the FOODBEAST video series in collaboration with Nissin Cup Noodles®, Just Warmin’ Up, we sat down with Fuentes to discuss his creative process, his ability to create art outside his comfort zone, and why he loves yarn so much.

The Just Warmin’ Up series spotlights young, up-and-coming entertainers and entrepreneurs riding their own wave to success.

Fuentes find his creative inspiration from real life situations. He can become inspired from simple, everyday situations. Anything from conversations with friends, or a trip to the supermarket has the ability to spark a new idea.   

Fuentes’ tendency to incorporate vibrant shades of pastel into his artwork in the form of bright blue and pink backgrounds is a direct correlation to Mexico City, where he was born and raised.

It’s easy to see Fuentes adopts his surrealistic concepts from a database of common and relatable objects like fruit, animals and nature. Although there is no true formula to his artistic process, Fuentes capitalizes on the use of mixed media, paint, photography, and hours of Photoshop magic to create his inspiring and never-before-seen designs.  

“Every image has their own story, their own background,” he said. “What I try to do is open my own senses, and get ready for everything.”

For Fuentes, it’s all about being inspired by his surrounding environment. While it might seem effortless to some, Fuentes explained that he can hit creative roadblocks. Ironically, Fuentes has appreciation for those stagnant artistic periods, because it forces him to work outside of his comfort zone.

“I kind of appreciate it when it happens, it means I’m not in a comfort zone,” he said. “It means it’s time to move on, don’t care about the block just keep going.”

Learn more about Paul and his life in our latest episode of Just Warmin’ Up.

Created in partnership with Original Cup Noodles

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Sweetfin’s Collaboration With BØRNS Yields A Poke Bowl Masterpiece

Surely good food and dope music are a winning recipe for a fantastic dining experience. So what better result could one get than when a musical artist and renowned chef form a masterful collaboration?

In a partnership with popular singer and songwriter BØRNS, Sweetfin Poke has created an exclusive poke bowl that’s truly a work of art.

The Blue Madonna, named after BØRNS’ new album, was created by Sweetfin’s own chef Dakota Weiss. Chef Weiss’ creation features a medley of unique ingredients such as golden beets, Green Dragon apples, forbidden rice, golden edamame shoots, and a Forest Berry Anise Ponzu sauce designed to complement the albacore. As a garnish, Chef Weiss adds blue Borage blossom and tops the bowl with a curry toasted almond for some heat.

Kind of makes sense why they’re describing it as something from “the garden of Eden.”

Launching Monday, Jan. 15, the Blue Madonna Bowl will be available at all Los Angeles Sweetfin locations through Feb. 28.

Visually and conceptually, this a masterpiece.


Artist Leaves His Kids Adorably Drawn Art As Notes Inside Their Lunchbox

When you love to do something, you tend to it daily, and Andre Guerra of Bend, Oregon found a way to combine his love for art, with the love for his kids.

Inspired by grade-school lunchbox notes from his mother, Guerra decided to do something similar, but with an artistic twist, as he draws cartoon characters to place in his kids’ lunches, according to Viral Nova.

Guerra’s Instagram bio says, “I love to draw fun shit for my kids, creepy shit for myself, realism shit for my wife,” so while his feed is filled with an array of various art, his colorful lunchbox drawings (Mostly Super Mario related) stick out like a sore thumb of happiness.

Sometimes the drawings will be nothing more than just the cartoon, with a little signature that says, “love mom and dad. “But a lot of times he’ll incorporate nice little reminders, like, “Keepa sharp mind,” and “Always do your best.”

It’s obviously adorable, and these kids will have an amazing piece of art in their hands that they can appreciate for the rest of their lives.

Below, check out the cute notes Guerra has posted:

Humble Beginnings

A post shared by Andre Guerra (@artbyarg) on


Mario Knows Best

A post shared by Andre Guerra (@artbyarg) on


Frankenstein Isn’t Such A Monster

A post shared by Andre Guerra (@artbyarg) on


Lunch-Invading Goomba

A post shared by Andre Guerra (@artbyarg) on


Lunch is Awesome

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Shocking Lunch

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Celebrity Grub

Selena Gomez Drinking Coke Is The Most-Liked Photo On Instagram

Have you ever wondered what the most-liked image on Instagram was? The photo-driven platform is the home of many pet photos and memes, but the the single image that’s garnered the most likes is a Coca Cola pic featuring celebrity Selena Gomez.

when your lyrics are on the bottle 😛

A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

The image features Gomez drinking a glass Coke bottle, showing off the lyrics to her song “Me & The Rhythm. Gomez’s photo currently has 4.5 million likes.

Here we thought our 35 likes on an In-N-Out photo was impressive.


This Artist Recreated Popular EMOJIS Using Real Life Objects


Peechaya Burroughs, an Austrailia-based graphic designer, created a series of popular emojis using everyday foods and items. As part of Instagram’s recent ‘Emojis In The Wild’ project, the artist visually recreated the iconic images at an uncanny accuracy.

From balloons to paper, the cute emojis you text your love ones everyday have been reimagined and brought to life.

You can check out her work on Instagram and follow for new ones. Pretty beautiful stuff.



A photo posted by peechaya burroughs (@pchyburrs) on


A photo posted by peechaya burroughs (@pchyburrs) on



Artist Builds Model City From Potatoes

It took artist Peter Root three weeks to create his city of potatoes with nothing more than a knife, a bicycle repair kit, 176 pounds of potatoes, and a dream. Root’s cityscape, which he named Plot, was created in Istanbul, Turkey. Though Plot was not modeled directly from from the Istanbul, Root says that he’s taken certain aspects of the city into the design.

“I chose potatoes because they are available in abundance and are amazing things to sculpt with,” Root told The Sun. The British artist felt there were so many different ways to work with potatoes because of it’s various densities.

Root put a meticulous amount of detail into the city’s skyscrapers, city blocks, buildings, mosques, and hundreds of windows. He also added that, “I didn’t have to peel all of them because I decided to leave the skin on some of them to encourage them to sprout and grow shoots.

via: The Sun Photos: Peter Root