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Game Changing Spinach Artichoke Pizza Operates As Both Pizza AND Dip

When the holidays roll around, Rose City Pizza owner Brian Nittayo is in full spinach artichoke dip mode. A popular dish among his family, Nittayo would constantly get requests days prior to family get togethers for his take on the classic app.

At the last party, the pizzeria owner wondered what would happen if that dip came in some kind of pizza form.

From that stray thought, The Dip Pizza was born.

Rose City’s pie features spinach, artichoke hearts, garlic cream sauce, mozzarella, Parmesan, and is topped with colorful tortilla chip strips.

The idea was that the pizza crust would act as a giant chip, ferrying the contents of a gooey party app directly into your mouth.

You can either enjoy the pie by the slice or grab some tortilla chips and dip directly onto its savory surface as if it were its own party bowl.

The Dip Pizza can be found at Rose City Pizza in Rosemead, CA. It’s also home to the viral Al Pastor Pizza that comes straight from a spit. Between this and the spinach artichoke dip pie, I’m excited to see what this spot comes up with next.

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Newscaster Throws Up His Co-Host’s Artichoke Dip On Live TV

If you’ve ever been to a potluck, you can relate to the situation where your friend made a suspicious looking potato salad, or tuna casserole, and you’re wondering whether you should risk your health in order to not hurt their feelings. At least you never have to make that decision on live TV.

Global News in Canada put together a holiday food segment, and host Leslie Horton tried to convince her co-hosts to try her artichoke dip.

The dip looked less-than-appetizing, and the news team immediately roasted her, in the politest, most Canadian way possible.

Anchor Scott Fee casually said that it “smelled like a barn,” while meteorologist Jordan Witzel straight up exclaimed, “I can’t do this!” while fidgeting around the couch in fear.

She did warn them a bit, saying that, “Something went terribly wrong,” when she made it, so after that, it was on them.

They eventually tried the dip, and the looks on their faces were priceless. So much disgust over one bite.

Witzel was in shock by how strong of a vinegar flavor the artichokes had, even though Horton swore she didn’t put any vinegar. He tried to keep it down, but eventually reached for some gift wrap on the floor, and spit out the dip as he gagged and coughed like he was just poisoned.

They should have just hit her with the, “I think I’ll try it later,” and moved on.


The Tailgater Burger

The Tailgater burger comes complete with two hamburger patties, a turkey burger, a brat, an Italian sausage, a hot dog, a turkey dog, three pieces of cheese, bacon, spinach, artichoke dip and a fried egg. Best served warm, with a beer, best served cold. I’m. So. Hungry. For. This. (PicThx DudeFood)