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Art of Food: Lobster Fried Rice Is A Decadence We All Deserve

The vibe you get at Chef Tin Vuong’s latest restaurant, LSXO, is one of posh and intimate decadence. The aura of mystique you get from the semi-secret entrance in the back of Bluegold in Huntington Beach, CA permeates throughout LSXO’s 28-seat dining room. Settling around the interior theme of a colonial mansion in Saigon (albeit with a bombastic and unapologetic soundtrack of 90s era hip-hop), the restaurant’s food coincides with it, all prepared with effortless finesse and panache.

A particular dish on their menu that represents this aim in quality perfectly is the Salt & Pepper Lobster. A signature dish of Chef Vuong’s, the Salt & Pepper Lobster is a fiery Southeast Asian take on the luxurious crustacean. What’s more, the dish is as versatile as it is opulent. Watch as in our latest edition of Art of Food, you’ll see the transformation of the Salt & Pepper Lobster into an equally deluxe Lobster Fried Rice.

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Art Of Food: Bone Broth Is The Next Superfood On The Come-Up

Kale and acai have already established themselves as the go-to superfoods for the health conscious. However, they better make room for the next superfood that’s steadily been gaining traction over the last year: bone broth.

Experts have been singing its praises for quite some time, attributing proper gut health, rejuvenation of skin and hair, bone and ligament maintenance, and even hydration as the mega tonic’s many benefits. In fact, big-time athletes like Kobe Bryant, have been known to be staunch consumers of the magic elixir, incorporating bone broth remedies into their recovery and fitness maintenance efforts.

To get a closer look and, of course, taste, of bone broth done right, we visited The Brothecary in Downtown Los Angeles, CA for our latest installation of Art of Food. Sisters Allison and Janice So are owners of The Brothecary and pair their homegrown, one-of-a-kind bone broth recipes with delectable dumplings to serve at the Smorgasburg LA food market every Sunday.

We sat down with the So sisters to get a glimpse at the unique process of how they make their bone broth and dumplings. The artistry behind the The Brothecary’s practice of making bone broth influenced all other aspects of the operation, from the delicate creation of the dumplings, to the precise plating that served as more of a canvas than a vessel. Truly The Brothecary is presenting bone broth in a way that has mass appeal, which will definitely be a large factor in its success.

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Behold The Beauty Of Chicken Tikka Poutine From Badmaash

That beauty is only skin deep in the old adage that champions the quality of inner character is a testament that can apply to food as well. It’s been said time and time again that we eat with our eyes. The popularity of “food porn” and food content-based Instagram accounts help sustain that banner statement. However, when a dish is altogether aesthetically and gastronomically pleasing, then it warrants deserved attention.

The chicken tikka poutine at Los Angeles’ Badmaash is exactly a dish worthy of such distinction. Brothers Nakul and Arjun Mahendro are the creators of it, a perfect representation of the unique slant they give Indian food at their Downtown Los Angeles hot spot.

Now back to that aesthetically pleasing aspect, though. Clicking on the video above should be enough to hit home the beauty in a gooey cheese curd pull or the grace in the gravy’s perfect drape over the crispy fries.

Ah, the art of food. Our palates are essentially all blank canvases waiting for the next chicken tikka poutine to color its existence.