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KFC Japan Invents Low-Smell Fried Chicken To Keep Aroma From Bothering People

Around Christmastime, one of the go-to party meals in Japan happens to be none other than fried chicken. Of course, carrying a bucket full of the crispy stuff home can lead to some strong aromas wafting through the air. If you’re taking the subway or other public transportation, some may even find it bothersome. Fortunately, KFC’s got a “low-smell” fried chicken solution to keep that awkward scenario from happening.

According to Sora News 24, there’s a special KFC subway stand in downtown Tokyo that sells the low-smell fried chicken. Called “Fried Chicken Home Type,” the meal consists of two pieces sealed in a special container served at room temperature. KFC claims that they’ve developed a technique that locks in flavor and aroma, although that may just be the fact that the chicken isn’t piping hot upon serving. Since steam carries flavor through the air, a lack of that may contribute to that aroma repression.

Regardless, the Sora News team couldn’t detect any whiff of fried chicken unless their noses were pressed up against the container. When they took it home and heated it up in the microwave, they claimed it smelled and tasted just like normal KFC.

Those interested in this aroma-free fried chicken can grab two pieces for 500 yen (about $4.50 USD) while the special KFC subway station is open. It closes on December 31st, meaning you have until then to keep yourself from bothering fellow subway travelers on the train with eau de fried chicken.