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NBA Star Caught Hiding Weed In Arizona Iced Tea Can

Photo courtesy of Erik Drost

Brooklyn Nets NBA All-Star D’Angelo Russell blew by a lot of defenders this season, but he couldn’t sneak by TSA on a recent flight from New York to Louisville, Kentucky.

Russell was caught at La Guardia Airport with a fake Arizona Iced Tea can that contained a hidden compartment within, according to the New York Post. There, Russell had less than 50 grams of marijuana that he was trying to travel with on the way to visit his pops in Louisville.

TSA found the can inside his checked-in luggage and he received a summons to appear in court, according to USA Today.

At least legally, Russell will get no more than a $100 slap on the wrist, but could face disciplinary action from the NBA. Even then, the collective bargaining agreement between the league and players association states that there wouldn’t be any suspension on a first offense. He could be required to enter the league’s marijuana program if convicted, though.

Fake Arizona cans aren’t hard to find, as for $14, you can grab one on Amazon. The can is supposedly “smell proof” and even feels weighted like a full can of the drink.

As far as sneaky containers, maybe he should have used these fake tampon containers or the fake baby container. No one would have questioned him. Probably.