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Burger King Is Building Artificial Limbs For The Disabled To Promote A New Burger

Burger King left a pretty bad taste in their customers’ mouths a few months back after they recently tried to hack Google. Their latest promotion, however, may actually set things right with their customer base.

Argentina Burger Kings are giving the disabled free prosthetic limbs, reports Grub Street.

To promote the burger chain’s new Stacker Atomic 5.0 burger, Burger King gave away 1,000 prosthetic hands to those in need. Fifty percent of the Stackers’ sales will go towards Atomic Lab, an Argentinian company that creates artificial appendages through 3-D printing.

Sounds like a pretty noble cause, even if it’s to promote a burger.

The burger itself, however, is pretty far from healthy. It boasts five beef patties with layers of bacon and cheese between them. Here’s hoping it’s popular enough to see money money go towards the lab though.


Guys Start Massive Brawl Over A Woman At Argentinian McDonald’s [WATCH]

I didn’t hear anyone yell “World Star!” in Spanish, but maybe someone whispered it as a brawl erupted in an Argentinian McDonald’s.

According to Daily Mail, the brawl allegedly erupted after a guy was getting really friendly with a woman in line and a man scurried in with a disapproving attitude. Apparently things escalated quickly after that as a full-on brawl, with multiple people broke out.

As is customary in these kinds of videos, the skilled videographer didn’t know how to turn the phone horizontally to get a better view of everything going on.


This Nifty Tool Helps You Create DIY Caramel and Nutella-Stuffed Bananas


Eating bananas with dessert spread can be a messy business. You can’t exactly stick your bare banana in a tub of peanut butter, but spreading nutella from knife to fruit can be a hassle, too. Thankfully there are much smarter people than us in the world, and one of them may have just solved this banana problem once and for all.

DestapaBanana is a new invention by Argentinian Sebastian Berger that allows you to core and then stuff unpeeled bananas with any liquify treat of your choosing. Basically a glorified syringe, but a really, really neat looking one. As demonstrated by the video below, all you need to do to use the Destapa (which means “uncork” in Spanish), is hold the device to the bottom end of an unpeeled banana, push the inner tube through to remove the core, and then inject as much sugar crack into the newly formed hole as you’d like.

Current Destapa flavors include chocolate, dulce de leche, and fruit, though there’s nothing stopping you from filling the tubes with peanut butter or nutella or marshmallow fluff too. Our money’s on cinnamon, rum, and some vanilla ice cream. Yasss bananas foster stuffed bananas, yassss.

H/T + PicThx Gizmodo


What 7 World Cup Countries Would Look Like as Hot Dogs

The World Cup has been exciting throughout and the fans of each country have passionately supported their teams. In honor of the World Cup, Brazilian hot dog makers WDOG decided to make seven hot dogs representing some of these teams so fans can passionately support their team, and eat delicious hot dogs at the same time. WDOG chose Japan, Mexico, U.S., Germany, Argentina, Italy and of course Brazil, and dyed the hot dog buns in their flag’s colors. They then used ingredients that they felt represented each country and crafted some mouth watering dogs.



japanese dog

The Japanese Dog has a white and red bun and is topped with sukiyaki, tare sauce and sesame seeds.



mexico dog

The Mexican dog has a red white and green bun. Topped with guacamole, chili, tortilla chips and a red hot chili pepper.



brazil dog

The dog inspired by host country Brazil has a green and yellow bun. Topped with bacon, banana flour mix, and Feijoada sauce, which is a traditional Brazilian stew of beans and meat.



argentina dog

The Argentine dog has a blue and white bun, garlic mayo, yellow pepper and chimichurri sauce.



 german dog

The German dog has a red, yellow and black bun, as does their proud flag. The ingredients for this bad boy include green mayo, pickles, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, caramelized onions, dark mustard and “German” sauce.



italy dog

The Italian Dog probably uses the same red, white and green bun from the Mexican dog, hopefully, it’d be terribly inefficient otherwise. This one is actually polpettone — an Italian meat loaf, stuffed with mozzarella cheese, an “Italian” sauce and basil.



us dog

The American dog has a red and blue bun. No white on the bun for some reason, but it does have some white mustard mayo to make up for it. It has nacho cheese, coleslaw and barbecue sauce. Because ‘MURICA.


A Livable House Made of 24,000 Bottles [VIDEO]

When Argentina’s economy collapsed in the early 2000s, a citizen by the name of Alfredo Santa Cruz ended up prowling scrap heaps, looking for trash he could sell. What resulted was an inspiration to build a massively recycled house made of 24,000 plastic bottles. The efforts in building the house have been translated into free courses for other citizens to use similar techniques in building their own homes out of recycled materials.

The houses are made sturdy and waterproof via an interlocking system developed by Cruz. Definitely not as gimmicky as the title to this story may lead you to believe, the house is fully equipped with unique and repurposed furniture. It doesn’t get much greener than this folks —


Barfy Burger

Argentina is famous for the meat offerings it has at its restaurants. But not everything from Buenos Aires seems so easily edible. Random grocery stores sell Barfy Burgers, but beware these will make you barf (/terrible joke) (Thx Random-good-stuff)

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Chilean Burger King Does BK Stackers Bigger Than US Burger King?

Earlier this week, we announced that Burger Kings in the United States have made available three formats of their BK Stackers, a BK Single Stacker, Double Stacker and Triple Stacker. While Americans looked at that menu and nodded with carnivorous approval and pride, little did we know that just across the way in Chile and Argentina, their BK Stackers started with the double patty and climbed up to a quadruple-patty Stacker.

Our friends across the way at Burger Business raised an interesting point, if Chileans can handle a quadruple-patty burger, are Americans not cut out for it? Is the market not right? If we can handle the heart murmurs a Wendy’s Baconator, what’s being said by only limiting US Burger King Stackers to a triple patty? Hmm…maybe it’s for our betterment.