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We Tried Clam-Flavored Candy Canes So That You Don’t Have To

Recently, novelty emporium Archie McPhee made headlines for their seasonal Mac & Cheese flavored candy canes. We decided we had to get some to try them for ourselves, and the taste reminded us of buttered popcorn jelly beans, if you’re into those.

What we weren’t expecting, though, was to get a surprise inclusion from Archie McPhee featuring one of their other bizarre candy cane flavors: Clamdy Canes.

clamdy canesPhoto: Foodbeast // Constantine Spyrou

I know, looks appetizing, right?

The candy canes consist of sugar, flavoring, and color, so there’s no actual clams in here. Still, a clam candy cane is worth a taste, even if it is just once for scientific purposes.

I drew the short straw in terms of who had the first honor, and was honestly afraid of what the sweet-savory combo would be like. It took me a full day to muster up the courage to try this candy cane, but eventually, that first lick came…

…and was instantly regretted.

Photo: Constantine Spyrou // Foodbeast

The first odor to hit your nostrils is a whiff of clam juice, which confuses your brain when combined with the sweet sensations of the sugar on your taste buds. It’s a combination that is not inviting in terms of sensory appeal, even if you try to stick it out and go for a few extra licks.

“Clamdy Canes” are definitely a product up Archie McPhee’s alley, as the eccentric pranks and trinkets store specializes in the bizarre and outlandish. Whether they’re a prank or should actually be consumed, though, is up for grabs.


Gravy and Wasabi Candy Canes Make for the Cruelest Prank Ever


I like me a good prank. You know– the harmless, slightly terrifying sort. But there are some jokes that just aren’t funny (hint: they’re secretly hilarious), especially when it comes to messing with one of my favorite holiday foods — candy canes.

Yes, gravy and wasabi-flavored candy canes now exist. Sure it sounds like an innocent idea and all, but these candies look like the one’s we’d normally eat. In fact, the manufacturer encourages prankster antics by suggesting we “sneak one in with regular candy canes.” Genius? Yep! (Just don’t pull a fast one on me.)


If the idea of gravy and/or wasabi candy has you running for the hills, perhaps you can incorporate them into a sweet sushi or use ’em as a mashed potato topping. Maybe.

Gravy Candy CanesWasabi Candy Canes, $4.74, for set of 6 @Archie McPhee

H/T + PicThx Archie McPhee


Bacon Watch

Now, you can literally stay strapped with bacon at all times. The dudes over at Archie McPhee always hold it down when it comes to providing fun and innovative accessories with food. You can pick up a watch over on their website for $24.95.


Absinthe Mints

Absinthe has always been a subject of interest to me. For those unfamiliar, Absinthe is a strong, herb-infused, alcoholic beverage that was extremely popular with artists and authors in the late 19th and 20th centuries. One of the more predominant flavors of Absinthe comes from the aniseed, one of the primary ingredients of my favorite alcohol Arak. Absinthe itself is noted for its green color and stereotypically halluniogenic qualities. The folks over at Archie McPhee have put up a new product, Absinthe Mints, which maintains the unique anise flavor minus the side effects. You can get a set of 2 of these tins for $4.95. Get your giggidy-giggidy on!