Disneyland Might be the Birthplace of Doritos


Disneyland is known for being the “happiest place on Earth” but did you know that it also might just be the birthplace of America’s beloved Doritos?

According to Consumerist, there’s two legends to the Doritos story with one of them naming Disneyland as the founding location of the popular chip. Apparently back in the day Frito (now known as Frito-Lay), had a restaurant in the park called Casa de Fritos where they sold Mexican food. One day, a local salesman requested that the stale tortillas be reused to make chips in an attempt to minimize wastefulness. Eventually the freshly fried tortilla chip thing caught on, leading Casa de Fritos to serve them to restaurant guests.

Arch West, former Frito-Lay Marketing Executive and creator of Doritos, saw how popular the chips were among guests and decided they would be much more profitable as a snack food. West immediately started mass producing Doritos with the help of tortilla vendor Alex Foods.

Ever since its inception, the renowned chip has been known as Doritos, which loosely translates to “little golden things” in Spanish. Little golden things indeed, with the success of Doritos Locos Tacos, over 100 varieties of the chip, and a huge customer fan base, West definitely struck gold.

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Doritos Creator Dies at 97

Arch West, the creator of the famous Doritos chips, passed away on Tuesday of natural causes.West had founded Doritos in 1961 while he was a marketing vice president for Frito-Lay in Dallas.

The family has scheduled a graveside service for West. His daughter told the Dallas Morning News that they, “Will be tossing Doritos chips in before they put the dirt over the urn.”

Doritos have gotten me through a lot growing up. My fondest memories consisted of saving the flavored residue on my fingers until the bag was empty then licking it off.

Sleep well sweet prince.

[THX: Dallas News] Photo Credit: Frito Lay