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For One Day, Arby’s Is Paying For Fans To Get FREE Actual Sandwich Tattoos

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Every brand has its hardcore fans who will go above and beyond to profess their love for the company. This could be in the form of collecting memorabilia, getting the company to help them get married, or even tattooing the logo on them somewhere.

Arby’s is giving those who want it the chance to do the latter of those three on their dime, as for one day only, they’ll cover the charges on your themed tattoo.

The sandwich chain has partnered up with tattoo artist Miguel “Uzi” Montgomery to give Arby’s fans a free tattoo of popular Arby’s menu items — all designed by Montgomery himself.

Below is a flash sheet of tattoo designs guests can choose from.

Photo: Arby’s

The one-day promotion will be held on Saturday, Sept. 22, at Port City Tattoo in Long Beach, CA. From 11am to 8pm, the artists at Port City will be working to ensure that everyone who comes in will get their free Arby’s tattoo, though it will be limited to one tattoo per customer.

Arby’s and Montgomery created the sandwich-inspired designs as a way to give fans a way to express their love of sandwiches. They actually look pretty sweet, too.

Not too long ago, Domino’s Russia had a similar promotion (albeit reversed) where they asked fans to get a tattoo of their logo for the promise of free pizza for life. Unfortunately, they had to cut that campaign short due to the overabundance of folks willing to ink themselves for free pizza.

Still, it seems Arby’s is taking a more straightforward approach to getting their branding on fans. No promise of 100 sandwiches a year for 100 years, just a free (well-designed) tattoo. If you’re in the Long Beach area next Saturday, and want some free ink, pop your head in to Port City Tattoo. Arby’s will also be serving free sandwiches during the event.

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Arby’s Just Loaded Their Curly Fries With Greek Gyro Toppings

Every year, Arby’s brings back their Traditional Greek Gyro. While the limited-time item is still fast food gyro, the meat is actually pretty good. Good enough to temper my gyro cravings when I’m in a jam, at least.

This year, the sandwich chain just added a new item that’s sure to turn some fast food-loving heads: Gyro Loaded Curly Fries.

Arby’s new loaded menu item features a bed of the restaurant’s signature curly fries topped with gyro meat, onions, tomatoes, tzatzíki sauce, and gyro seasoning.

We picked some up at our local Arby’s and and managing editor Richard Guinto had this to say about them:

I felt like it was from a legit Greek greasy spoon joint and I was eating my drunchies away at 3 a.m. after buying the wrong girl drinks all night to no avail.

Resident Greek food scientist and ranker of fast food French fries Constantine Spyrou was also present, but was unable to try the meat because he was observing Lent.

I just ate the plain fries, although it smelled like a gyro to me.

Sure you’ll probably find more authentic fare at a real Greek restaurant, but they’re an admirable attempt nonetheless Arby’s.

Arby’s is also added a Greek Gyro Salad that includes gyro meat, tzatzíki sauce, red onions, diced tomatoes, and gyro seasoning on top of some salad made with green and iceberg lettuce.

The gyro items will be available for a limited time, presumably through the next month or two.

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Arby’s Launches Trio Of Sandwich Legends Including New Cuban Sandwich

Not too long ago, Jack In The Box released a trio of sandwiches “inspired” by the concept of food trucks. It seems Arby’s has already reponded to Jack’s food truck trio by releasing a few new sandwiches of their own.

Called the Sandwich Legends, these new items include: a Miami Cuban Sandwich, Texas Brisket Sandwich, and New York Reuben.

The Miami Cuban features thick-sliced roast pork (sous-vide for 3.5 hours), pit-smoked ham, pickles, Swiss cheese, and mustard with a toasted roll. On the Texas Brisket sandwich is smoked brisket, pickles, crunchy onion strings, and barbecue sauce (inspired by the famous Franklin BBQ) served on Texas Toast. Finally, Arby’s new New York Reuben features twice as much corned beef as the restaurant’s regular Reuben offering and served on toasted marble rye bread.

Arby’s new Sandwich Legends should be available nationwide by the end of February, Brand Eating reports. An official release of the menu is expected in March.

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Arby’s Serves Up Nashville Hot Fish Sandwich For Lent

Photo courtesy of Arby’s

Arby’s is kicking off the new year hot in preparation for the Lenten season. In a time where fish sandwiches flourish in the fast food market, the popular chain is taking things a step further with an item that’s sure to light a fire in customers’ bellies.

Brand Eating reports that the restaurant is introducing a new Nashville Hot Fish sandwich.

The sandwich boasts a crispy-fried filet of Alaskan Pollock that’s coated with Nashville Hot seasoning. It’s served with shredded iceberg lettuce, a parmesan peppercorn ranch sauce, and dill pickles on a sesame seed bun.

For those looking for something a little sweeter to pair with their meat, Arby’s is also offering a version that replaces the sesame bun with a King’s Hawaiian bun.

To coincide with the Nashville sandwich launch, Arby’s is also bringing back their seasonal Crispy Fish Sandwich. Both items will be available presumably until April 1, 2018, Easter Sunday.

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Arby’s Is Gifting Carnivores With Meat Sweats This Holiday

With less than a week to go until Christmas, any procrastinators sweating at the brow to get those last-minute gifts have to be stressed at this point. Fortunately, Arby’s may have a solution to mop up that salty holiday sweat.

The sandwich chain has announced that they are giving away a set of Meat Sweats to some lucky carnivores. Arby’s is choosing select meat eaters nationwide who have shared their sizable feats of meat throughout 2017 on social their social channels.

How Arby’s will go about selecting these individuals remains to be seen, but the sweat drops will be happening starting this week. We’ll be sure to update you when we find out more about the mysterious criteria, to give everyone a fighting chance at this apparel.

Until then, Arby’s, check out a few of Foodbeast’s meatiest entries this year. We’ll be waiting by the mailbox for our sweats.



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The 10 Craziest Fast Food Items That Broke The Internet In 2017

When it comes down to who made the craziest fast food items, chains really upped their game in 2017. Everybody was crafting concoctions that bordered sheer insanity, whether it be for their looks, calorie content, or how much it drove fans berserk. Not all items generated hype from the major fast food players this year, but these ten were the ones that pushed the limits of total absurdity.

Unicorn Frappuccino – Starbucks

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To be honest, I’m not sure whether this wacky drink broke baristas more than it did the internet. Still, the color-changing, terrible-tasting frappuccino went viral everywhere for its looks, which made it a huge hit on Instagram. This epitome of unicorn food was only sold for a few days, but that was enough to leave a lasting impact.

Firecracker Burrito – Taco Bell

spicy pop rocks burrito is back

Photo: Peter Pham // Foodbeast

You’d think Pop Rocks and burritos wouldn’t go well together, but Taco Bell found a way to make it happen with this eye-popping item. The spicy Pop Rocks added a whole new level of texture that was unprecedented in terms of fast food items. While it was only available as a test item this year, the hype surrounding it could lead to bigger launches in the future.

Cookie Dough Tenders – Popeyes

Photo: Peter Pham // Foodbeast

Another mashup between the realms of sweet and savory, Popeyes crusted some of their chicken tenders in shortbread cookie dough. These Sweet & Crunchy tenders drew long lines the instant they came out, and drew some high praise from our fried chicken expert, Reach. It also pushed the bounds of just what could be used as fried chicken batter, making us wonder what’s coming next.

McVegan – McDonald’s

McDonald’s is now the first major fast food burger joint to offer a full vegan burger, and this McVegan actually received praise from PETA. It’s insane how long it took for this item to surface, but the plant-based meat movement was in full swing during 2017. While it’s only in Sweden and Finland for now, initial tests are doing very well, so it may spread even further next year.

Arbynator – Arby’s

The Arbynator may have just come out last week, but its gargantuan size is enough to vault it into this top ten. At a half pound of meat, curly fries, and multiple sauces on the inside, there’s only one other sandwich as gluttonous as this one that came out this year.

Farmhouse King – Burger King

Photo courtesy of Burger King

Burger King’s contribution to this list involves it’s most caloric burger of all time. At 1,220 calories per sandwich, this fried egg, bacon, and crispy onion double cheeseburger is easily enough to require an extra week at the gym. No fast food addition this year came close to beating the Farmhouse King in terms of unhealthiness.

Kit Kat Quesadilla – Taco Bell

Dessert quesadillas, anyone? At just a buck each, Taco Bell began testing Kit Kat AND Twix Quesadillas this year. The sweet candy fusion turned a ton of heads and led to customer demands nationwide. We’ll have to see if this delirious dessert will show up next year or not.

Cherry Pie Frappuccino – Starbucks

Photo courtesy of Starbucks Japan

While the Unicorn Frappuccino was crazy on a whole bunch of different levels, it didn’t have one insane addition that this drink did: A pie crust lid. Starbucks Japan sold the Cherry Pie Frappuccino for the whole month of April, and fans were drawn to it, both for the sweet flavors inside and the innovative pastry on the outside. We’ve never seen anything like it here in the U.S., but the crunchy add-on would definitely be a dope menu option.

Naked Chicken Chalupa – Taco Bell

When Taco Bell first announced their fried chicken taco shell, fans went absolutely nuts. The hyped continued throughout the year with its national launch, along with its return as a Bacon Ranch Naked Chicken Chalupa. The concept led Taco Bell to innovate even further with protein taco shells, with their breakfast Naked Egg Taco being an example of their continual envelope pushing. There was nothing normal about the Naked Chicken Chalupa at first, but now that it’s arrived, the norms have clearly changed.

Szechuan Sauce – McDonald’s

While Szechuan Sauce isn’t exactly new, having been released for a limited time in the 90s, its Rick & Morty-fueled return escalated to extreme levels of excitement. Hardcore fans demanded the condiment, then once they got it, called for more. McDonald’s couldn’t keep up with the growing hype of the Szechuan Sauce, as their ultra-limited release pissed off some fans to the point of police being called. No 2017 item was obsessed over more than the Mulan McNugget Sauce, that’s for sure.

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Arby’s Is Testing A Massive Curly Fry Stuffed ‘Arbynator’ Sandwich

Often, when we’re eating fast food sandwiches, we like to throw the occasional handful of fries into our serving to give our bite a mini upgrade. Well, it appears Arby’s is saving us that extra step. The sandwich chain is quietly testing another meaty addition this holiday season.

GrubGrade discovered that an Arby’s in Holland, Michigan, is testing a massive new sandwich they’re calling The Arbynator.

It boasts heaps of Arby’s roast beef, curly fries, and a cheddar cheese sauce. Arby’s later confirmed on Facebook that the sandwich also features Arby’s sauce and Horsey sauce.

Residents of Holland, or any drifters passing through, can find the Arbynator in three different sizes: the Classic, the Double, and the Half Pound.

Coincidentally, one of Wendy’s more popular sandwiches in recent memory goes by the Baconator. Curious.

Whether this curly fry-filled sandwich sees a national release remains to be seen. However, if you happen to be near Michigan, maybe you can grab one of those Half-Pounders for us?

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Every Arby’s Restaurant In America Will Serve Deer Meat Sandwiches For One Day

A while back, Arby’s released a sandwich featuring a deer meat patty. The venison sandwiches sold out almost immediately and fans itching to try them had to be at the few select locations selling the sandwich. Unfortunately, it was a little tougher for some folks than others.

Now, Arby’s is bringing their immensely popular venison sandwiches to every Arby’s restaurant in America. Though just for one day.

Customers will be able to find this venison sandwich on Oct. 21 at every Arby’s location in the United States.

The sandwich features thick-cut venison steak that’s topped with crispy onions and a juniper berry sauce. The meat is marinated in garlic, salt and pepper, and cooked for three hours.

If you’re set on trying it, be sure to line up before the sandwich chain opens its doors as they’ll only be available while supplies last.

Arby’s will also be launching a limited-edition Elk Sandwich on Oct 21 which will only be served at three locations in popular elk-hunting states: Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.

Good luck, everyone.