Parrot's Guide To Getting by in the Middle East

Gio and Elie are Lebanese and both speak Arabic. I don’t. I know somethings, but realistically I need to man up, buy that Rosettastone shit and get on their level. Until then this is all I need. If you don’t know about The Arab Parrot (, and feel like reading an amazing blog, get with it. The dude rules that’s all I need to tell you. Anyway he had a post awhile back about the only things you needed to know to get you through traveling in the Middle East, so here it is.

  • Ayeree fee wij imaak = ‘My Dick In Your Mom’s Face’
  • Kis em ick = ‘Fuck Your Mother’
  • Manyak = ‘Faggot’
  • Mos zibby! = ‘Suck My Dick’
  • Neek Hallak = ‘Go Fuck Yourself’
  • Sharmuta = ‘Whore’
  • Kiefel Hareem? = ‘How’s The Birds?’
  • Bit tifi wela bit ribla’ee? = ‘Spit or Swallow?’
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Adventure: Sahara Falafel (Anaheim)

My parent’s had this falafel spot in the Bay Area that they had been going to for years before we moved away. They hadn’t had any in a long time so as a change of pace, I decided to drive to one of my favorite parts of Anaheim, the Arabic district as we like to call it. To get some food at a small hole-in-the-wall falafel spot. My friend Gio swore by this place and it didn’t disappoint. I need to carry my camera more, and not just take photos with the iPhone. Check this short little trip after the jump.


Wholesome Choice: Irvine

If you’ve been reading our publication for a decent amount of time, you might have stumbled across us some of our adventures where we headed to Wholesome Choice in Irvine, CA. Everytime is better than the last, and the reason we keep writing about it and bringing it up is because we get something different every time we go. This time around, we were asked to stop taking pictures while inside their establishment. Intrigued? Of course we kept taking pictures, find out more after the jump: