Hot & Fresh Out the Kitchen: Cooking with R. Kelly


It seems only appropriate that we purchase this Etsy apron from maker LucilleMaul in bulk. Because, really, when was the last time you bumped up your kitchen game? Baked a few cookies while trapped in the closet? If you’ve never made breakfast while listening to “I Believe I can Fly,” then you, my friend, have never lived.


Now you can do all those things, thanks to LucilleMaul’s foresight and/or wit. It’s a good thing, too. I was getting worried I’d have to rely on Ice-T/Ice Cube hip-hop/kitchen puns, or watching LL Cool J make eggs before getting attacked by a shark, a lá Deep Blue Sea. He doesn’t even sing in that movie!

Hot and Fresh Out the Kitchen R. Kelly Apron $25 @Etsy

PicThx Etsy


Magical Disney Princess Aprons, For After Your Happily Ever After

So the wicked stepsisters are gone, the wedding’s over and the kingdom is saved, so what’s a poor Disney heroine with no life experience or applicable job skills left to do?

Get back in the kitchen, of course!

But just because you’re stuck doing the same menial labor you were doing before you met your Prince doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. Instead of mucking around your ball gown though (because let’s be real, when are you ever gonna wear that again?), why not put some of those ol’ crying skills to use and wait for your fairy godmother and magical talking animal friends to sew you a fancy new apron out of pity?

No, that’s not right. You’re a princess now. You’re empowered, liberated. You can use your hubby’s plastic to buy yourself a Disney-inspired princess apron. Score.

Featuring a Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, two Cinderellas (pre- and post-Charming) and, for you more peasanty-folk, even a Minnie, Alice and Queen of Hearts version, these handmade baking vestments are admittedly adorable – and are sure to be a hit at all the kingdom-wide balls you’ll be hosting because that’s what Princesses do in their spare time, right?

Disney Princess Aprons by Lover Dover’s Clothing: $32-39 @ Etsy

Singing birds and fairy godmothers, sadly not included.

More pics of all the aprons below:

via Incredible Things


Spider-Man Apron

New York Comic-Con Starts today!  In honor of this event, I’d like to share this spiffy Spider-Man apron with you.  While it’s probably too late to order one as a last-minute costume, you can wear it to tingle the spidey-senses and tastebuds of everyone who enjoys your cooking.

I have to admit, I am sometimes jealous of my Southern California-dwelling FOODBEAST counterparts.  Not only do they get to enjoy that lovely SoCal weather, and have access to the fabulous Orange County Fair, but they live a stone’s throw away from San Diego, home of the largest comic convention in America.  Like many geeks, I hope I will someday be able to nerd out at San Diego Comic-Con International.

But this weekend, New Yorkers get their own slice of the geeky pie, as New York Comic-Con takes over the Javits Center for four days.  For those of you not able to get your nerd on at Comic-con this weekend, please accept this apron as consolation. ($20.95 @ Neatoshop)

And check out some of our previously featured comic-themed food products: Spider-Man Comic Book Cookie CuttersMarvel Superheroes Cakelet PanDC Pint Glasses, and Super Hero Spatulas.


Obama Apron

Are you fired up and ready to grill? Well, the president is. Obama’s 2012 campaign is in full swing, and his kitchen merchandise from the 2012 Democratic Convention is showing it. Show your patriotic side with this Obama Apron. Is anyone thinking Obama for round two? Should Rick Perry make a competing apron? How about a grill set? ($35 @ Barrack Obama)


Snow White Apron

What better to wear while cooking for seven hungry dwarves?  This apron will make you feel like a princess.  Just don’t eat any poison apples! ($28.65 @ Lover Dovers Clothing)


The Caperon: 50% Cape + 50% Apron

Let us re-acquaint you with BetaBrand, a San Francisco-based clothing company that has etched a name for themselves in the genre based on their innovative, often ridiculous clothing and accessory inventions. Late last year, we showed off their Gluttony Pants, a pant bottom piece with built-in napkins and adjustable sizing based on the level of your gluttony.

The brand’s latest piece, The Caperon, is exactly what it sounds like…half apron, half cape. If your summer grilling outfit wasn’t pretentious and douche-y enough, you can now get your inner-patriot on while flipping burgers, sausages and the bird [#goodone] at all possible haters.

One-size-fits-all, The Caperon supposedly comes from “a decade of painstaking research and development in the fields of fashion, science, metaphysics, and barbecuing.” If you pick up this $50 piece of BBQ wardrobe, make sure you hand wash in warm water, mild soap and line dry that badboy!