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Starbucks Is Allegedly Testing Boba And People Are Losing It

[The Instagram user removed her photos, and through Instagram stories, admitted it was just a joke. It looks like our dreams of boba Frappuccinos will have to wait.]

The thought of a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato with boba should definitely excite you, and some Starbucks boba photos have surfaced, getting people riled up at the prospects of it being real, but we have our suspicions.

Instagram user @foodwithbecka, out of Houston, Texas, posted a photo three boba-filled Starbucks drinks, with the caption, “Happy Thirs-Tea Thursday! Starbucks will be testing out tapioca at a few locations on the westside of town this weekend!”

Happy Thirs-Tea Thursday! Starbucks will be testing out tapioca at a few locations on the westside of town this weekend! (and I gave into the hype and tried the crystal ball frappe and it’s actually pretty good.. still available at some locations!) swipe left for more photos! Check it out at the following Starbucks locations: Beltway 8 & Harwin Westheimer & S. Kirkwood Westheimer & Briarpark Westheimer & Jeannetta Westheimer & Hillcroft • • @starbucks crystal ball frappe, caramel macchiato and pineapple black tea tag a friend who would love this! • • #starbucks #tapioca #boba #thirsty #thirstythursday #drank #tea #caramelmacchiato #pineapple #blacktea #crystalballfrappe #frappe #frappuccino #tryitordiet #limitedtimeonly #starbucks #caffeinefix #houstonfood #westside #westchase #yougottaeatthis #explorehouston #dailyfoodfeed #ighouston #foodblogger #houstonblogger #houston_insta #houstontx #espesso #whippedcream

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Understandably, commenters freaked out, with cries of, “Whaaaat tapioca at Starbucks?!? That’s crazy!” and “Oh whattttttt???? I gotta go asap.”

Soon after, the foodie Instagram account @tryitordiet got in on the hype and reposted Becka’s photos, and their vast following started losing their shit, as well.

Both accounts went on to list five Houston locations that are allegedly testing the tapioca balls.

With the exciting news, I went ahead and called each of the Houston locations listed on her page, to confirm, and each denied that any testing was planned for the weekend.

Wamp wamp.

The Starbucks is either trying to keep the testing under wraps, or this is a very early April Fools’ joke. We’re willing to bet it’s the latter.

This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen way-too-early April Fools’ jokes in the food world. Hell, Cup Noodles told sent us a press release about steam-proof glasses they developed. We’re 92 percent sure it’s an April Fools’ joke, seeing how a couple of the photo files they sent us were labeled, “April Fools,” so there’s that.

There are already quite a few companies starting their April Fools jokes prematurely, according to the Washington Post, as businesses like Chegg, Duolingo, Mancrates, and even Energizer are getting a head start on the fake shenanigans.

We’ll have to wait and see if a slew of Starbucks boba pics start surfacing this weekend, but we call bullshit, and urge you not to get too excited.

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These Are 2017’s BEST April Fool’s Food Pranks

April Fool’s Day happened over the past weekend, which means the internet was chock-full of pranks and deceptions. Some of them actually ended up being real, like Rick & Morty coming back; though most weren’t, they were still pretty hilarious. Here were some of the funniest pranks we saw relating to food from this year.


Subway introduced a “new product line” in the UK and Ireland called “SubZero.” They were basically cones of frozen scoops of whatever sub flavor you wanted, from tuna salad to chicken tikka. Gross, but actually kinda funny as well.


Apparently, people in the UK have a huge controversy over how to correctly pronounce the name of the doughnut chain. To clear up the confusion and as a fun April Fool’s Day prank, Krispy Kreme temporarily changed its name in the UK to “Krispy Cream” to ensure that UK residents know how to pronounce Krispy Kreme in the future.


The popular food delivery chain teamed up with Seamless to bring “Delivery X” to the people. Parkour runners and stunt professionals would be hired as delivery runners, bringing food to your door while flipping and bounding over everything in sight. A cool idea and a badass video… but think of what would happen to the food.


These are actually real, unfortunately, but Fresh Direct made an April Fool’s joke out of introducing seedless avocados to make our lives a whole lot easier. Talk about genetically modifying food. At least the internet won’t throw a fit over this since it’s just a prank.


Whomst among you savages would purchase this product 😩💦 @Oreo

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While this wasn’t a prank by Nabisco, one Instagram user came up with an ingenious package design and product where you can just get the creme filling from Oreos as a product. I mean, I know it’s fake, but I would kinda be down for this.


After introducing two new sizes of Big Macs earlier this year, McDonald’s decided to throw in a new one and brought the Micro Mac to life. I’d need about a thousand of these to be satisfied.


To help mitigate the constant traffic issues you find in a typical Costco, the wholesale chain decided to make everyone’s lives easier and incorporate stoplights into their stores. I actually fell out of my chair laughing upon seeing this one.


Now this is one prank that I would totally get behind if it was brought to life. The popular boba tea spot introduced “Cannaboba,” or cannabis-infused boba, as its April Fool’s Day prank for the year. It’s actually not a totally far-fetched idea, and I would drink it if it was real. (Andrew Chau, make this a real thing, please?)


The pranks were definitely creative this year from the food companies and a lot of them were much more realistic than I anticipated. Still, they were all great laughs, and I can’t wait to see how everybody one ups themselves next year.

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Back In The ’90s, Burger King Fooled Customers With A ‘Left-Handed Whopper’

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April Fool’s Day is only a few days away and we can’t get over how awesome this tale from Burger King was. So back in the ’90s, Burger King ran a gag promotion that boasted a Whopper designed exclusively for left-handed people.

As reported by Time, the fast food burger chain ran a full-page ad in USA Today where they announced the Left-Handed Whopper back in 1998.

Burger King claimed that, in this burger, all the ingredients were rotated 180 degrees so that left-handed patrons could crush the hamburger with ease.

Left-handed customers actually stormed the castle gates hoping to get their hands on the modified burger even going as far as double checking their food in case they were mixed up with ones for right-handed customers. Guess it didn’t click that all round burgers were pretty much set for any type of hand orientation.

Not a bad April Fool’s prank at all. Nicely done, Burger King.


These Are The Ridiculously Fake Vodka Flavors Pinnacle Will Try To Fool You With


We just received an e-mail from a PR person who represents Pinnacle Vodka attempting to give us the scoop on their forthcoming April Fool’s Joke. The bit is admirable and people might fall for it considering Pinnacle’s track record of actually releasing some silly, yet delicious flavors (seriously, they have a Cinnabon Vodka).

Their PR team asked for an embargo, essentially telling us to wait until after April Fool’s to unveil that it’s a joke, and wait until tomorrow to perpetuate the joke itself.


Instead, here’s a quote from the e-mail they just sent us letting you in on the entire bit:

The fun and quirky brand known for pushing the flavor envelope (with over 40 innovations to date) is announcing some of its “newest regional flavors” on social media. Pinnacle is geo-targeting fans from specific regions to announce flavors including: New York inspired, Bagel and Cream Cheese Vodka; Philadelphia’s Philly Cheese Steak Vodka; Chicago’s Deep-Dish Pizza Vodka; Houston’s Tex Mex Vodka; and Seattle’s Salmon flavored vodka.

Pinnacle is planning to let fans in on the joke on April 2nd, so I wanted to give you a sneak peek in case you (or one of your colleagues!) had any plans to cover corporate April Fool’s pranks. Let me know if you’d like to hear or see more!

So there you go.

Just know that Bagel and Cream Cheese VodkaPhilly Cheese Steak Vodka, Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza, a Houston Tex Mex Vodka, and a Seattle’s Salmon flavored vodka are all fake.

Happy March 31st!

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White Castle Waffle Sliders Would Be the Worst April Fool’s Joke Ever


If bacon-scented mouthwash, Pizza Tic Tacs, and a machine that turns water into wine sound too good to be true, well, it’s because they were. Now, conspicuously close to April Fool’s Day, it seems we have yet another potential foodie heartbreaker on our hands: Belgian waffle sandwiches from White Castle.

According to the brand’s Facebook, the sliders will feature two imported Belgian waffle buns and your choice of three fillings: sausage, egg, and cheese; bacon, egg, and cheese; and chicken and waffles. The chicken and waffles version will be available all day, while the two breakfast sliders will only be available during breakfast hours, at all participating locations.

Of course, considering the timing of this whole thing, it’s very likely there will be no participating locations once April 1st rolls around. And though we’d love to see White Castle tap the growing waffle-breakfast fast food market, the sandwiches still have no official launch date, which makes us all more than a little skeptical. Don’t go breaking our hearts, White Castle. Hmph.


Top Foodie April Fools’ Day Pranks We Desperately Wish Were Real

Yesterday, Taco Bell announced the return of its Beefy Crunch Burrito this May, much to the excitement and outrage of many a Facebook fan, who threatened not only to stop eating at Taco Bell if the news turned out to be fake, but also to burn down their local location or kill someone with a lightsaber. With social media teams’ obsessions with cranking out prank stories all day, it’s easy to understand everyone’s hesitation. We totally get it. And on that note, here’s a list of the day’s best pranks that mercilessly got our hopes up:


1. Bacon Scope Mouthwash

This is one prank that never should have happened. First off, the story broke last Thursday, arguably outside the accepted parameters of April Fool’s Day prankage. Second, promising users the delicious taste of bacon with absolutely none of the heart attack should be a crime punishable by law. So not cool.


2. Pizza-Flavored Tic Tacs


Again, million dollar idea alert. When was the last time we had a new tic-tac flavor anyhow?


 3. Redbox Lunches


Okay, in hindsight, buying DVD-shaped deli meat that has been sitting in a giant red box without proper refrigeration was probably a bad idea anyway. But how amazing would it be to not have to wander through the frigid deli meat section every time you just want a movie and snacks? Seriously.


4. Cheeseburger Sharpies


Sharpie got in on the game by announcing a line of “Cheeseburger”-inspired markers, including colors like “catsup red,” “cheddar orange,” “buns beige” and “beefy brown.” The only thing that could have made these non-existent food-inspired writing utensils better? If they were scented too.


5. The Nokia Microwave


Meet the microwave that would never, ever break! Your move, zombie apocalypse.


6. “Shower” Patch Kids Body Wash

Seemingly designed specifically for our Publisher, this 2-in-1 Sour Patch Kid-inspired body wash lets you smell and taste like the adorable candy children and is also 100% edible. Wow Satan, think you could be more heartless?


7. Mad Men Bars to Open at Airports Across the Country


Admittedly, a bar that lets you pass out at the airport and equips you with a shock collar to ensure you don’t miss your flight could never actually be real. But it’s nice to dream.


8. Wynn Las Vegas To Open Wholesale Bottle Service Nightclub


It’s called KRKLND and it’s like Costco for lushes. Costco. For. Lushes (i.e., us). GAHDFACKINGDAMN.


And finally, the one we wish never, ever comes true:

1. Dude Foods Switching to Health Food


He brought us Chicken and Waffle Wings and the Bacon Weave Grilled Cheese and without him, I probably wouldn’t have a clue what to eat for dinner.


Hopefully, this whole dumb day has died down by now and everything will go back to normal and somewhere, some ideation team will look back and wonder why they didn’t think of any of these sooner. Christmas is only 9 months away, guys. Get on it.

H/T + PicThx Buzzfeed, Mashable, Ad Weekly, Eater

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The Taco Bell Facebook Post That Better Not Be A Joke


Mmmkay folks, so Taco Bell posted this photo (below) on their official Facebook page, with the following text: “Back this May. No joke.”


The photo features the much-missed Beefy Crunch Burrito — a tortilla stuffed with Fritos Flamin’ Hot chips, ground beef, rice, nacho cheese sauce and sour cream. The item was discontinued at Taco Bell, much to the dismay of die-hard fans but has since gained a cult following. (Check out 3 Million Fans to get my drift.)

When we got the ecstatic heads up from Richard Axton, undisputed top fan of the Beefy Crunch Burrito, that it was making a comeback, we were a bit skeptical at first. Luckily, Taco Bell assured fans that “This is real life.”

tbell response beefy crunch

Let’s hope for TBell’s sake that this is the real deal. If it does turn out to be an empty promise, sniff, they’ll have to watch out for this guy:




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Wendy’s Chocolate Chunk Chicken Frosty and Other April Foolishness

April 1st is an extremely hard day to take seriously in the news publishing industry. With so many actual press releases getting mixed in with equally convincing pranks coming in through our daily mailbox, it’s rather challenging to pick out the real from the fake. One of our favorite foodies, Nick, took April 1st to announce that his blog had been bought out by Wendy’s making our job that much harder today.

As part of the faux-buyout, the Wendy’s chain had asked him to create a “Bigger is Better” menu, which ended up churning out 4 items we actually wish existed, but unfortunately, do not. Of the four items that got the Bigger is Better treatment include a Spicy Nugget Garden Salad, Octo-Stack, The Heart Stopper and our personal favorite, The Chocolate Chunk Chicken Frosty (pictured above).