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Gordon Ramsay Makes 3 Holiday Recipes He Enjoys At Home With Family

We’re only a few days away from the holidays and, if you have the misfortune fortune of hosting friends and family this year, you’re gonna want to lock down that menu as soon as possible. Our boy Gordon Ramsay, shows us three holiday recipes you can prepare in advance for the holidays, before things get chaotic.

A highlight from Ramsay’s Christmas special is when he shows us how to make a Christmas stuffing consisting of pork, apricot and pistachios, a caramelized cranberry & apple sauce, and mint chocolate truffles.

Chef Ramsay heavily advises you to create something delicious with smaller portions rather than something average with more to go around. Y’know, so you can savor everything.

With some help from his son and daughter, Ramsay sets off to prepare a sweet and savory holiday feast for his friends and family. Check out the video, if you’re looking for some seasonal inspiration straight from the decorated chef himself.


Amazing Flowering Tree Produces 40 Different Kinds of Fruit


Welcome to the Garden of Eden, circa 2014.

Having grown up on a farm in Reading, Pa., New York artist Sam Van Aken has spent the past five years planting veritable Trees of Life all over the United States. Officially called Trees of 40 Fruit, these bountiful timbers are capable of growing forty different varieties of stone fruits including cherries, plums, apricots, and peaches, all on a single tree.

Working with the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Aken used a process called chip grafting to map the different fruits to different parts of the tree, depending on how they would bloom in relation to one another. According to Epicurious, each Tree of 40 Fruit looks normal through most of the year, but bloom in spring and summer to produce vibrantly pink-hued flowers and fruits.

So far, Aken has planted 16 Trees of 40 Fruit in public spaces like museums and community centers as well as private collections throughout the U.S. His ultimate goal is to plant a small orchard of them in an urban setting. Just watch out for snakes.

Picthx Epicurious