Powdered Alcohol Is Now Legal In America, Here’s What You Need To Know


“Palcohol,” they called it. A friendly name for a controversial form of alcohol has been approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, again. What makes this booze such a hot-topic item is that it comes in a powdered form.

CBS reports that there were many concerns with the powdered alcohol when it made its debut last spring. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau rescinded their green light of the product after claiming the labels initially did not reflect the product correctly.

Now, nearly a year later, it looks like Palcohol has once again been given the OK. The concern about the substance is that it’s freeze-dried alcohol intended to be mixed into drinks. There was worry that kids might try to sneak them into music events, easily, due to their inconspicuous appearance.

While it’s deemed legal, states are given the option of regulating sales of the substance within their borders.

With its whimsical name and multiple flavors, it could definitely become appealing to children. Though the main concern doubles back to how easy it is to misuse its potency.

However, a spokesperson for Alcohol said that potential for misuses isn’t enough grounds to be denied a label. Founder Mark Philips came up with the idea for Palcohol after wanting to enjoy an alcoholic beverage outdoors without having to lug around heavy cans or bottles.