This App Tells You When Your Groceries Are Expiring


Sometimes it can be tough keeping track of all the stuff in your fridge. You’ve have no clue when you bought those mangoes and those tomatoes have been hiding in the back of the veggie crisper since last year’s 4th of July party. Either start throwing out the unquestionables, replace that baking soda, or get an app to keep tabs on everything.

Looks like there’s one for the latter. Aptly named “The Fridge,” the new app keeps track of your perishable foods so you’ll have an idea of when they’ll go bad. Provided you don’t mind taking the time to log everything, you can have complete awareness of the freshness of your food. Also, might as well use it as an excuse to clean out your refrigerator while you’re in there.

The Fridge app comes from Steven Masuch of Zanopan Design Corporation and is available to purchase for $1.99 at the iTunes store.

H/T Design Taxi


You Can Now Order Pizza with a Literal Push of a Button


Sometimes you just want a pizza, but you don’t want to go through the process of ordering it. Sure Seamless is easy, sure your favorite joint down the street knows your order by heart, but your computer is far away, and you don’t feel like leaving the apartment. Enter: Push for pizza.

What is Push for Pizza? Literally a button, that you push, that brings pizza to your doorstep. After an initial setup where you enter in your address and credit card info, you push the button, pick a nearby location, and choose between plain and pepperoni.  It’s just like Domino’s PiePal, but with the convenience of being on your phone, which we know is right next to you on the couch. Just press the button, and your pizza arrives hot and ready, tip and tax covered.

No word yet on whether the app will expand to include toppings other than cheese and pepperoni. But quite honestly, if you’re too lazy to call in an order the old fashioned way, you probably shouldn’t be given too many options. Just stick with the good stuff and put on some really stretchy pants.


New Android App Helps Fast Food Consumers Avoid Common Allergens

Hold The Allergen Android Application App

Android allergics rejoice! Hold The Allergen (HTA), a new application just released on the Android Market, helps allergy-ridden eaters decide which fast-food menu items to eat or NOT to eat based on the product’s ingredients.

If you have ever tried looking up ingredients or nutritional information on that hidden back wall of a fast-food/fast-casual restaurant, you know it can become pretty tiresome in a hurry. This application attempts to relieve that annoyance by putting ingredient information in the palm of your hand, allowing consumers to make quicker and safer eating decisions on the fly.

Currently HTA has nutritional information for seven popular national fast-food/fast-casual restaurant chains including Burger King, Carl’s Jr, Chipotle, Domino’s, Five Guys, Jack In The Box and Subway. All of the staple menu items of the aforementioned brands seem to be available, but I did notice that brand new items, like Burger King’s Ranch Crispy Chicken Wrap or Jack In The Box’s Chipotle Chicken Club, were not listed.

It is still unknown how fast the application will update with new menu items, which will be crucial since the chosen restaurants implement dozens of new products every year. Seven restaurants is a decent start, but there are numerous more to be added if HTA wants to be considered a comprehensive resource. McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Panda Express, In-N-Out to name a few of the chains we’d love to see added to the application.


Bag It! — This Smart Phone Game Let’s You “Bag Groceries” For Fun

Bag It!, the popular iOS and Android puzzle game application that allows you to experience the fun of bagging groceries, will now be available for a worldwide audience. Hidden Variable Studios, the company that developed the game, is launching custom versions of the game in six different languages (Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian and Spanish) for the holidays.

With more than 50 exciting levels, Bag It! lets you experience the addicting joy that comes from bagging groceries. Yes. Bagging groceries.