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This Machine Can Make ‘Cold Brew Coffee’ In Only 10 Minutes

Cold brew is a modern masterpiece. The cool version of coffee is typically made by steeping coffee grounds for a long period of time in cold water. While we’d love to drink as much cold brew as we can through the day, the tedious steeping process makes it harder to come by or is a tad too expensive for our wallets.

Prisma, new instant cold brew maker, may just have changed the chilled coffee game.


All you have to do is add your preferred ratio of ground coffee and water, press the start button and find something to do in the ten minutes it takes to brew your coffee. Typically, a decent cup of cold brew could take from 12 to 24 hours.

The process of making cold brew is sped up through use of a specialized vacuum infusion method.

Currently an Indigogo campaign, the project raised more than $135, 371 in backers at the time of publication. At 90 percent of its $150,000 fixed goal, it’s still got eight days left. A minimum backing of $279 will get you a model of the coffeemaker.

If we get one, we’ll probably save money making our own cold brew in the long run. Right?


This SINGLE Capsule Machine Can Make Coffee, Soda and Juice


Looks like having a coffee pod machine, a soda stream and a juicer all separately is no longer necessary. A new beverage appliancance found in Sao Paolo, Brazil, works as all three in one.

Kind of like a Keurig, all consumers need to do is insert a capsule into a slot and the machine starts brewing drinks. The options also include a cold and a fizzy option, according to Reuters.

The B.blend machine was created to compete with all the coffee and soda making machines currently in the market. Taking the purpose of the two machines, combining them and even adding a third juice function, the B.blend is said to be the first ever of its kind.

Designed by Design Inverso in a partnership with Whirlpool, the machine looks to only be available in Brazilian markets currently.

However, unlike the Keurig machine which runs for $199, the B.blend will set you back about $1,150. Guess that’s the price that comes with convenience.




Automatic Fruit Peeler Made For the Laziest Person On Earth


If the two minutes it takes to skin an apple is cramping your style, then perhaps this Automatic Peeler will pique your interest. This kitchen appliance is as easy to use as it is impractical. Just plop your fruit of choice on the stand, plug in the cord, press the power button and voila, your fruit is getting it’s shave on.

The only way this device might actually be necessary is if you’re pie maker, but if you’re lazy enough to need an automatic fruit peeler chances are you’re probably too lazy to be baking pies. Just saying.

Automatic Fruits Peeler, $13.99 @Amazon

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Guy Fieri-Themed Kitchen Aid Mixer is Terrifying


Attention all Guy Fieri fans: we’re rollin’ out, looking for America’s greatest… kitchen appliance. And man, have we found a great contender in this amped up Kitchen Aid mixer by artist Nicole Dinardo.

It’s got flames. Fake chrome lettering. An obnoxious yellow shade remiscent of Fieri’s own Chevy Camaro. THERE’S A GUY FIERI SKELEBRITY DECAL ON THE SIDE. We can’t decide whether this is hilarious, terrifying or a confusing combination of both. Still, it’s obvious the appliance would make bomb cupcakes.

Kitchen Aid Mixer-guy-fieri

Unfortunately, you’re looking at a one-of-a-kind creation, but c’mon– America needs this on its shelves. Your move Guy, ’cause this mixer is MONEY.

PicThx Un Amore


Toaster + Egg Poacher

Ever wanted to have your cake and eat it too? Well, I’m not sure if you can, but, with this handy machine, you can have toast and poach your eggs and heat your meat! What does this mean? It means, with the right ingredients, you can create a pretty nifty breakfast sandwich in minutes! The Back to Basics TEM500 Egg-and-Muffin 2-Slice Toaster and Egg Poacher is available for anywhere between $31-$53.