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Head Chef Serves Gordon Ramsay Bizarre Apple Juice Risotto [WATCH]

A chef like Gordon Ramsay has probably seen it all. He’s eaten cuisines from all over the world, gimmicky dishes prepared in front of his very eyes, and novelty desserts that his body simply rejects. Don’t think he’s seen anyone make risotto with apple juice before, though.

Chef Ramsay’s visit to the Four Seasons Inn in Vermont was one for the books in this classic episode of Hotel Hell.

The host spots a variety of quality issues with the Four Seasons, but an even bigger problem was unearthed upon his arrival. Ramsay discovers that the inn’s staff are not getting paid. After speaking to the hotel’s team individually, he learns the staff are all afraid to confront the owner and head chef, Sandy MacDougall.

Ramsay decides to try the hotel’s food before speaking directly MacDougall.

Here’s what went down when Chef Ramsay tried apple juice risotto:

Ramsay is pretty underwhelmed with the dishes as he tries them one by one, with the apple risotto dish the chef ordered being particularly disappointing. The surly Scotsman then confronts the owner in the kitchen where it’s revealed that the stock used for this “apple risotto” is actually apple juice.

No doubt, Ramsay was peeved.

Check out the video to see the chef’s experience eating at the Four Seasons Inn. All things considered, apple risotto didn’t sound too great to begin with.


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