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This Cheese Shop Has A $500 Cheese Plate On Their Secret Menu

Located among the shops at Center Street Promenade in Ctr City Anaheim, the Center Street Cheese Shop should be at the top of your list of places to visit in 2018.

Specializing in cheeses, meats and wines from around the world, all you’ve ever wanted to discover about all of that can be found at this spot.

Even if it’s just a quick bite for lunch, or if you’re catering for a party of 30, the Center Street Cheese Shop is the ideal spot for some of the rarest cheeses and charcuterie combinations on the West Coast.

Currently, the Center Street Cheese Shop is offering what they’re calling the “$500 Cheese Board,” featuring a decadent and indulging assortment of cheese and meat combinations.

On this platter of goodness you can find everything from Stilton Bucheron, a three-week-old goat cheese, some Alpine swiss coated with edible flowers, a four-year-old gouda from Holland, an Italian cured meat called bresaola and duck prosciutto – just to mention a few.

If you haven’t stopped by yet, be sure to check it out. The menu is always changing, which is even more of a reason to check in and try something you’ve never experienced.

Photos by Pete Pham

Created in partnership with Visit Anaheim


Stuffed Bagels Are A Thing And Make For A Clutch Holiday Snack

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially if you’re hosting a party for your friends or family.

You have to think about the food and drink preparations, the music playlist, and even all the decorations to make your home festive and joyful. Frankly, you’ll take any kind of help you can get, even if it comes in the form of packaged foods. There’s no shame in it – prepackaged foods that look and taste good is a win-win for the host and guests.

So why not just knock it out the ballpark with something you already know everybody will enjoy? Carbs and cheese.

Nancy’s Petite Stuffed Bagels just launched something to handle both: bite-sized bagels that come in four flavors of Original for those who love the classics, Jalapeño for folks that like a little kick, Apple Cinnamon for those who want to get really festive, and Pumpkin for those who aren’t afraid to be a little basic.

And, technically, since you do have to heat them up in your own kitchen oven or microwave, it wouldn’t be a complete lie to say they’re homemeade.. but that’s beside the point.

The most important part is now that you’re no longer a stressed and frenzied party planner, but the hostess with the mostest instead.


How To Make Deep Fried Pepperoni & Cheese Bites For The Perfect Game Day Snack

Our buddy Nick Chipman from Dude Foods has been known to fry up a thing, or two, and as the Super Bowl nears, he pretty much created the ultimate game day snack. Not sure if that was his intention, but I’m sure as hell making this for Super Bowl Sunday.

These Deep Fried Pepperoni-Stuffed Mozzarella bites are so easy to make, they’ll leave you wondering why you didn’t think of it yourself (The quick answer to that is, this dude’s a freakin’ genius).

Chipman stacks a piece of mozzarella cheese on top of a slice of pepperoni, Lunchables style, then proceeds to cover them in flour, egg wash, and panko breadcrumbs, before going straight into the deep fryer.

That’s literally it.

The result is a batch of gooey little pepperoni bites that you’ll demolish before the end of the first commercial break of the game.

I probably won’t wait until the Super Bowl. These things are happening tonight, by any means necessary.

If you think my description was garbage, peep Dude Foods’ complete recipe and upgrade your appetizer game, immediately.


Red Robin’s New Voodoo Fries Topped With Ghost Chili Will Burn Your Soul


Every time the name Red Robin comes up, we immediately think of endless steak fries. The gourmet burger chain is known for indulging its customers with a limitless supply of fries.

While specialty fries don’t qualify for the endless option, Red Robin has added these new Voodoo Fries that have us reconsidering another order. Or two.

Brand Eating reports that the fries are made with quest, fried jalapeños, bacon and tossed in blackened seasoning. It’s then drizzled with a ghost chili sauce.

Man, that sounds like the perfect hangover food.

Red Robin’s Voodoo Fries, along with a new Wild Pacific Crab Cake Burger, will be available from now through April. 3.  It’s be a part of the $3, $5, $7, $9 appetizer deal.

Photo: Red Robin


Applebee’s Is Giving Away 2 MILLION Free Appetizers For One Day


In celebration of Applebee’s upcoming Taste the Change Day event, the restaurant chain will be giving away 2 million appetizers for customers to snack on.

On July 21st, all nationwide locations of Applebees will be giving customers a taste of upcoming appetizers during the free sampling event. These new items include a new Sriracha Shrimp dish and a sweet Churro S’mores. The shrimp is covered in the restaurant chain’s special crunchy coating and tossed in a sweet and spicy sriracha sauce.

Along with the free food, many Applebee’s dishes will feature a reduced price.

More than 2,000 locations will participate in the event which means plenty of free food for patrons.


TGI Friday’s Endless Appetizers Adds Sriracha Chicken Potato Skins and Ahi Tuna Crisps


A while back, TGI Friday’s offered a special where customers would get endless appetizers for $10. Guests could choose one appetizer from a limited menu and get unlimited refills of that appetizer. Now it looks like that limited selection just got a little more wiggle room with TGIF’s newest additions of Sriracha Chicken Potato Skins, Spicy Chicken Tostadas and Ahi Tuna Crisps.

The Sriracha Chicken Potato Skins are topped with Sriracha chicken, Asiago queso, green onions and Sriracha aioli on top of, as you’ve guessed, potato skins. The Chicken Tostadas are served with roasted chili-spiced chicken, craft beer-cheese queso, avocado vinaigrette, chipotle creme, pico de gallo and sliced jalapeños on top of toasted shells. The Ahi Tuna Crisps are slices of ahi on top of tortilla chips topped with Sriracha sauce, guacamole and a slice of jalapeño. I’m sensing a spicy Sriracha theme here.

The rest of the menu includes your basic Loaded Potato Skins, Boneless Buffalo Wings, Pot Stickers, Spinach Dip and Mozzarella Sticks.

TGI Friday’s must know how much people go apeshit over Sriracha. Those geniuses.

H/T: Brand Eating


Slim Jims Get Transformed into Meatball Cake Pops

Slim Jim Meatballs

Forget about spaghetti-stuffed meatballs (even though they’re crazy delish), because we’ve discovered a mega curveball in this tasty game. George Duran of YouTube’s Hungry concocted a variety made from Slim Jims. Genius? Aww yeah.

Besides being a handy option for eating meat on-the-go, who knew SJ’s could be eaten any other way?! George did. The niblets are a mixture of eggs, breadcrumbs, milk, onion, parsley, pork sausauge and, of course, Mr. Slim Jim.

So whether you’ve got a few extra snack packs laying around, or you don’t want to spring for a super expensive slab of meat, Slim Jims could be the key to tonight’s gourmet-esque dinner.

Check out how these bad boys are made below:

H/T Neatorama + PicThx YouTube


Hedgehog Toothpick Holder is as Unnecessary as it is Cute

hedgehog 1

We know, we know. It’s awful not having a place to artfully, adorably arrange your toothpicks, preventing guests at your catered estate gala from having access to your truffle-stuffed, gold-plated olives. First world problems. We know.

Solution: The Hedgehog Toothpick Holder. You load this thing up with some toothpicks, tuck it on the edge of your bowl, and it just stares at you, begging you with its adorable painted eyes to go ‘head! Have one more cheese ball. For me?

How can you say no to that? How can you — oh, wait, it also wants $25 dollars?

Who even uses toothpicks anymore? It’s 2013. We should be free to have spinach in our teeth, dammit.

hedgehog 2

hedgehog 3

Hedgehog Toothpick Holder $25 @ holycool

H/T Incredible Things