This App Compares The Cheapest and Fastest Food Delivery Services All At Once

Decluttering our lives and getting our zen on in the name of simplicity and minimal peace is always a good thing, ask Marie Kondo and her fans. Streamlining and trimming the fat has always been good, especially when it comes to the white noise of delivery apps these days. Sure, variety and choices are a simple pleasure, but having to toggle between Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, and Caviar can be a bit much when you’re hungry and need a quick solution to your stomach’s grumbles.

Enter MealMe, an app started by co-founders Matthew Bouchner and Will Said, that aggregates the major food delivery apps in one, all while finding the cheapest and fastest delivery for every restaurant local to you. Such a premise — think of it as how Kayak and Priceline are to the travel industry — is a genius concept applied to the food space, especially in a pandemic-ravaged restaurant industry that has relied on food delivery apps heavily in the past year.

Use of the app is super easy, acting as a veritable search engine for food and offering up the best deals, fastest delivery times, and most savings as results, with figures and approximate times displayed clearly. This provides an ease of use, that of which I experienced myself, which makes it a no brainer to have it serve as consumers’ one-stop hub for food delivery.

As seen in the shot above, fees saved, price match figures, average delivery time, and even extra exclusive discounts unique to MealMe users are conveniently displayed, which then can be directly ordered in the app from any of the major food delivery services that makes most sense in terms of savings and convenience.

So for those exhausted of having to peruse through multiple apps just to satisfy your immediate cravings, MealMe is a smart choice that makes absolute sense and can be downloaded on the App Store. Because if we can leave the frustration of having too much choices to just streaming services only, then we can all take a collective sigh of relief.

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@Pizza Brand Brings Together Independent Pizzerias Under Uber Eats

Photo courtesy Expedite

Uber Eats is making some big moves lately. Earlier this week, the third-party delivery platform purchased Drizly, the alcohol e-commerce giant, for $1.1 Billion. Now, they’re shifting their focus to pizza.

According to Expedite’s release, a new umbrella brand called @pizza will house about 150 independent pizzerias.

So what’s that mean?

These 150 pizzerias from around the country will be exclusive for delivery under Uber Eats.

Lawrence Vavra, the founder and CEO of @pizza’s parent company @Restaurants, says that this project was intended to level the playing field against significant pizza chains. Joining this pizza group will not cost ma and pa shops extra, it seems. The independent restaurants are said to receive the same amount of money they would for any Uber Eats order.

The @pizza brand has also partnered with @FuckJerry to help promote the new initiative.

All the independent pizzerias under @pizza will appear in the Uber Eats app when ordering. Pizzas will be delivered in rebranded @pizza boxes with the Uber Eats logo on them.

Time will tell how successful this initiative is. Many consider the third-party platform harmful for a smaller business with their fees, so here’s hoping this genuinely shines a light on independent mom and pop pizzerias.


New App Helps Delivery Drivers Find The Nearest Restroom

With dining rooms shut down across the country, it’s an understatement when I say that we owe a lot to gig workers like delivery drivers to keep our bellies filled and our cravings satisfied. However, one of the inconveniences they come across is finding an open restroom that doesn’t require a purchase to use whenever nature calls.

However, thanks to a new app appropriately named The Whizz App, that won’t seem to be a problem anymore. Created by gig workers, for gig workers, Whizz uses a Google-styled map to help delivery drivers locate pre-screened locations that will permit them to use restroom facilities, no purchase necessary.

The Whizz App, a black-owned business, was developed by co-founders Robert Logan and Keith Crudupt who could relate to the discomfort and difficulty drivers go through when needing to use the bathroom while on the road. The two friends linked up to create this first-of-its-kind app to bring some comfort to the gig community.

WaBa Grill, one of the nation’s leading rice bowl chains, has stepped up to become the very first brand partner of Whizz. What that entails is the ability of app users to get restroom access at any of WaBa Grill’s 200 locations across Southern California. Subscribers also get exclusive digital coupons through the app.

The Whizz App is available via download on Apple IOS and Android devices.


Black-owned Restaurant Finder Tool Is Climbing The App Stores

The smartphone app eatOkra has seen a recent jump on the Apple App Store and for great reason — it does an incredible job of helping our community find Black-Owned restaurants in our immediate vicinity.

The app, a brainchild of New York couple Anthony and Janique Edwards, has been around since 2016. In the wake of ongoing protests around the country following the murder of 46-year-old George Floyd and countless other Black Americans, the app has gotten as high as #20 on the food/drink category.

At the time of publication, they currently sit at #25, an impressive number amidst a list of food delivery and resource apps like DoorDash, Starbucks and McDonald’s.

EatOkra is described as a “guide to finding black-owned restaurants and food trucks.” The app boasts listings in NYC, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, St. Louis, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Philadelphia, DC, Atlanta, Houston & Dallas, Portland and Detroit, to name a few!

With the influx of new users, the app’s creators have been working tirelessly to add new features like filtering restaurants by proximity, bookmarking and easy navigation features. No smoke, these guys are adding features to their platform that took Yelp ages to get right. And without the strong arming.

Go download it on the App Store or Google Play.

The app has proven invaluable for both Foodbeast and the greater foodie community to locate, patronize and amplify the delicious food created by black-owned businesses in our own neighborhoods.


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✊🏽Food has brought us together, and has given us a voice. It is our responsibility to utilize this platform for the black voices who are not heard. We are listening, and we are here to support.
——— ✊🏼Our team at Foodbeast is working hard to provide our community with resources, organizations, petitions, and the platform for amplifying black voices.
——— ✊🏾We have donated to the Orange County Bail Fund to provide immediate assistance to our own local community protestors. ——— ✊🏿Our comments, DMs, lines, and emails are open, as always. We’re starting with listening, and following with a reinvigorated representation of our fellow black chefs, restaurateurs and creators. ——— ✊🏾We encourage you to join us in supporting this movement in your own local communities by donating, voting in your local elections, buying from black owned restaurants and businesses, and having conversations at the dinner table about the issues at hand. ——— 🙏Click the link in our bio for more ways to help. #BlackLivesMatter ✊🏾✊🏽✊🏿✊🏼

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Get a Free Burger From Wendy’s Literally From The Palm of Your Hands

Why buy one burger when you can buy two?

Yes, the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast, the burger. Now this isn’t a “Royale with cheese,” but Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich, or the Dave’s Single Burger are literally in the palm of your hands, until March 31.

Here’s how.

Ya got an iPhone or Google Pixel or some other smart phone do-hickey right? Well, you pick that up, you download the Wendy’s app, go into “Account” and then get to “Offers” and you’ll see three deals ready for the picking.

On top of getting the two sandwiches for one deal, there’s $2 off any full-size salad.

I just tried to make sure this worked and it took me about five minutes to install and confirm emails to get to the offer. Seems like you can do this while waiting in the drive-through line.

But that’s not all that Wendy’s is offering. On Feb. 23, through its Twitter account, Wendy’s announced their Double Stack Burgers to be newly priced at $1.

So if there’s any other reason to go to Wendy’s besides their nuggets, it’s this deal, also two burgers for one dollar is the future that we must embrace.


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Minibar Delivery Gets Into The Wine Biz, Connects Customers To Vineyards

If you need a great bottle of wine for that romantic dinner or a client and want to go beyond the usual rosé, Minibar Delivery may have just the bottle for you.

The on-demand alcohol delivery service recently announced that it is launching Vineyard Select, a nationwide direct-to-consumer wine shipping service that connects customers with independent vineyards, not typically sold in stores, for wine deliveries to their home or office.

To order, wine lovers would need to download the Minibar Delivery app or visit the website and enter the delivery address. They can then browse the wine section to shop from curated vineyards, as well as explore each vineyard and its products. The Vineyard Select launch partners include Penrose Hill, Uproot Wines, and The Blending Lab to offer a variety of wines that fit every price point, with minimum orders that start at $45.

“Direct to consumer wine shipment is a natural expansion for Minibar Delivery,” said Lara Crystal, co-CEO and co-Founder of Minibar Delivery via a statement. “Our customers are wine lovers – wine is the top selling category on our platform. There are so many incredible winemakers out there that aren’t available in traditional liquor stores. With Vineyard Select, we can open up a whole new world of wine to our customers and connect vineyards with a new, enthusiastic customer base.”

Vineyard Select also benefits vineyard partners as they leverage the platform to reach a new marketplace and educate customers on their wine varietals.

The launch of the Vineyard Select program marks a key growth milestone for Minibar Delivery, following its recent influx of $5M in investment capital. In addition to its service of on-demand alcohol delivery in 37 markets across the country, Minibar Delivery makes it easy to send a gift across the country, book a professionally-trained bartender on demand, and access a dedicated concierge service to answer all spirits-related questions.

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Lyft Now Has A ‘Taco Mode’ That Lets You Make A Taco Bell Pitstop

Photo: Taco Bell

Taco Bell has announced a new partnership with Lyft that’ll surely please anyone with the late-night munchies hoping to grab some fast food on their way home.

The ride share app will now feature a “Taco Mode” that activates with the push of a button. Taco Mode allows customers to visit The Bell on their way home. Some lucky riders will even get free swag and tacos during the limited promotion.

Taco Mode testing is currently underway in Orange County, CA, where Taco Bell Headquarters resides. The collaboration between the two brands will be available between July 27-29 and August 3-5. It will only be open from the hours of 9pm to 2am. Whether the Lyft driver gets to indulge on that Taco Bell goodness remains to be seen.

Now that Lyft has Taco Bell on lock, we wonder if they’re open to partnering up with any fried chicken spots. Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?

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An App Finally Exists That Tells You Which McFlurry Machines Are Broken

Image courtesy of Ice Check.

We all know the feel of going to a McDonald’s and ordering a McFlurry, only to find out that the machine is broken… again. While McDonald’s did recently unveil a new machine that cuts down the time needed to fix and reset the machines, a new app offers a better solution: it’ll tell you which machines nearby you are working.

The app, called Ice Check, works in a similar style to the traffic app Waze, which informs you of cops, accidents, and road hazards via getting information from its users on what was happening on the roads. Ice Check will work in a similar fashion, using consumer input to inform which McDonald’s McFlurry machines are currently operational.

Participating McDonald’s locations will also input data to the app, meaning that several McDonald’s will be feeding in the info to tell you if their McFlurry machine is broken or not. The locations will also be giving out coupons if their machines are down.

In addition to the McFlurry information, Ice Check allows you to bookmark specific McDonald’s franchises and provides turn-by-turn directions to your selected McDonald’s.

The app is going to drop onto the App Store on April 14th, so when that date arrives, McFlurry lovers will be able to rejoice in knowing they will be able to reliably find McFlurry machines that are up and running.

Now that’s pretty sweet.