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This Food-Centric Photo App Is Just What Foodies Ordered

We live in a digital age and social media is life. However, if you’re not using the latest filter, or posting high-resolution photos of every meal you eat, you’re doing it all wrong. If you find yourself struggling to find the perfect filter, lighting, or frame for your five-course meal, look no further than Foodie — a camera app customized for food photos.

Released in July, Foodie is receiving four and five star reviews in the iTunes App Store. Foodie is compatible with every social media platform, so sharing directly from the app is simple and seamless. With more than 25 customized filters, this photo editing app is a must-have for even the most basic food photographer.

There’s nothing better than capturing the attention of your friends and followers with a nicely edited one-of-a-kind food photo. Check out some of the examples of customized photography from the creators of Foodie.


Color compositions and textures become highlighted, without washing out or changing the dynamic of the shadows or lighting.

Foodie Edit_Noodles

The app comes with an extensive smart guide that will assist food photographers with editing levels and filters — directly from the photo they are editing.


Foodie is the professional photo editor that’s simple enough for amateur foodies and photographers looking to make their photos come to life, while simultaneously sharing their creativity with the world.

So, if you’re like us and can’t start eating until you snap a dozen photos of whatever meal it is, download Foodie and hashtag your food photos with #FOODBEAST!


New Foodmento App is Basically Yelp Mixed With Instagram


Another day, another food app to distract diners from enjoying a hot meal. The latest smartphone app to hit the market, Foodmento, is described as “a hybrid between Foursquare/Yelp and the #foodporn hashtag on Instagram”. Confused? Let us elaborate.

Basically, this app can be used to search for your favorite dishes around the world. How users use Yelp to search for specific types of food or restaurants, Foodmento lets people comb through user submitted photos to find a specific dish. The dishes are ranked by customers using the app so users can see at a glance how popular the food is. What’s particularly great about this app is how it has been integrated with other apps. If a user finds a dish they’re interested in trying Foodmento offers directions via Google Maps, reservations via OpenTable, and even takeout using Seamless where restaurant where the dish is offered, making it simple for users to stop drooling over food porn and start grubbing on it for themselves.

Besides locating dishes this app also helps to start a dialogue between pals when users find a restaurant that a friend has previously visited or checked into. Both users receive a notification so they can start chatting about their favorite dishes and how they enjoyed the restaurant.

Foodmento is currently available in the Apple App Store.

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The iPhone 4: It Blends

If you read the site often enough, you may have figured out that I am an Apple product fanatic. So of course I had the iPhone 4 a day before it came out. Regardless, a must have kitchen appliance is a blender, and the best in the game are BlendTec. They blend everything including the new iPhone 4. (Thx Engadget)


iPad Frozen Into Slab of Chocolate, Given To Unsuspecting Girlfriend

A bloke from London named Stefan knew that his girlfriend living in Cape Town, South Africa was an Apple product nut and had to have the iPad. Problem is, the iPad wasn’t being released where she was staying. So he thought, what a great idea it would be to get her one as a surprise, but better yet I’ll get my friends to freeze the iPad in chocolate so she’ll have no idea what it is. (Thx AR) Check out how it all goes down after the jump: