Triple Double Oreo Now Officially Available In Stores Nationwide

After months of Internet rumors and speculation, one of the most anticipated cookie releases in recent memory is officially upon us — Triple Double Oreo. In early May, the news of the yet-to-be-released cookie surfaced via a rather curious Reddit post where a user claimed their friend was a product tester, and managed to snag a picture of the packaging.

For some serendipitous reason, the idea of an OREO with three layers of chocolate cookies and two different layers of creme, one vanilla one chocolate, was enough to get the Internet buzzing. Official word from Nabisco claims that the cookie is now in grocery stores nationwide, starting this week. The suggested retail price is $4.19 per package. One serving (1 cookie) is 100 calories and a total of 4.5g of fat.

To help with the launch of the new Triple Double Oreo cookie, the brand has called upon the help of Shaquille O’Neal, Eli Manning, Venus Williams and Apolo Ohno for the upcoming TV and promotional spots. Oh yeah, there’s also the brand’s mascot, Stufy. Get familiar:

Triple Double Oreo