This Anti-Gay Bakery Set Up A Funding Campaign To Pay Its Civil Fines And Got Shut Down


In 2013, Sweet Cakes by Melissa closed after the owners refused to make a same-sex wedding cake. The lesbian couple they turned away filed a civil complaint which stated that the bakery must also pay the couple $135,000 in emotional damages.

The bakery, now operated in the owners’ home, set up a GoFundMe page to help with the fines. Owners Melissa Kleine and her husband Aaron stated on their Facebook page that the fine will financially ruin the family as the business has no way to meet those numbers.

Sweet Cakes’ GoFundMe efforts raised a little more than $100,000, however, GoFundMe removed the campaign the next day. The crowd-sourcing site told CNNMoney that the campaign involved the defense of formal charges regarding heinous crimes, which prompted them to remove it entirely. These crimes included violent, hateful, or sexual acts.

The bakery responded to this on its Facebook page:

Evidently GoFundMe has shut down our GoFundMe page and will not let us raise any money. Satan’s really at work but I know our God has a plan and wins in the end!

GoFundMe is apparently still giving them the funds that already have been raised. Sweet Cakes has since started a new campaign on Samaritan’s Purse, a nonprofit Christian group.

The final decision of the case will be reviewed by the end of this year by the Oregon State Commissioner.

Photo: Sweet Cakes by Melissa


How One Man’s Request For An Anti-Gay Cake Turned Into A Civil Rights Landmark


So a man in Colorado walked into a bakery with designs for an anti-gay cake. While this sounds like the build-up to a tasteless joke, it actually turned into a huge win for civil rights.

Last March, William Jack asked the Denver-based Azucar Bakery to create two cakes for him in the shape of Bibles. The cakes would then quote anti-gay verses and feature an image of two groomsmen holding hands. Their hands would then be crossed out.

The owner of the bakery, Marjorie Silva, refused Jack’s request and told him that her bakery does not discriminate against groups of people. She did, however, offer to make the Bible cakes and give Jack the icing to decorate his cakes any way he wanted.

Jack was not pleased with this decision. The dissatisfied customer took the case to the Colorado Civil Rights Division, ironically, for discriminating against him. Silva, however, refuted the claim saying that she refused to serve him based on his request of “derogatory language and imagery.”

According to sources, the ruling stated that Silva would not accept orders discriminating against gays just as she wouldn’t accept orders discriminating against Christians. Essentially, the bakery would refuse to make a cake that discriminated against anyone. Period.

The Colorado Rights Division ruled in favor of Silva, last week. The past year has been an intense one for Silva and her bakery, but she stands firmly behind her decision and is glad she won.

Jack, however, plans to appeal this decision.



Anti-Gay Supporters JUST Raised $842,592 To Keep That Homophobic Pizza Shop Open

memories pizza

The pizza shop in Indiana that got a lot of flack over its refusal to cater its pizza at gay weddings just raised $842,592 to keep it open.

Business Insider reported that because of all of the national exposure the Memories Pizza shop has received over the past week, the owners have closed down their shop, unsure if they’ll ever open again because of the multiple death threats and harassing phone calls they’ve received.

Supporters of all things anti-gay rallied together as they usually do (See chick-Fil-A) and started a Glen-Beck supported fundraiser through Go Fund Me, trying to get the business back on its feet. The donations are now closed and they raised almost $1 million dollars from 29,166 individual donors.


To counter this counter, an LGBT Go Fund Me campaign was started, but didn’t get quite as much support towards their $100,000 goal. As of this writeup, they’re sitting at $26,855 raised:



As we saw last week, Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana attributed its decision to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which was signed in Indiana March, 31, essentially saying that folks in Indiana have the right to exercise their religious beliefs.

While the owners said they wouldn’t refuse service to anyone who went in their restaurant, regardless of sexual orientation, or religion, the gay community is still pissed that they can’t have pizza from a random pizza shop in Indiana at their weddings.

The hosts of these late night shows pretty much summed up the whole ordeal pretty nicely:

Since the little shop never took the time to make a website for its business, someone took the liberty of taking the domain name and made a satirical site with photos of phallic-shaped pizzas and pictures of the owner saying, “I love the gays.” The site has since been redirected to an LGBT, It Gets Better project.


To further beat down the restaurant, angry Yelpers gathered by the hundreds leaving one-star reviews and taking the chance to jump on the Yelp soap box to discuss gay rights.

Sprinkled in between were restaurant supporters with just as bogus reviews, except theirs had a lot of ‘Murica tones to them. Very few reviews were about the restaurant and its product. Most reviewers were from places like California and New York, and some reviews admitted to never visiting the shop, so Yelp took the liberty of deleting almost all irrelevant reviews, although they keep pouring in as we speak:


yelper 2












No word yet on Memories Pizza re-opening, but the money’s there, along with patiently waiting protesters.


The LGBT Empire Strikes Back: ‘Best Gay Bar in the World’ Releases the ‘Chick-For-Gay’ Sandwich

That’s it. The gloves are comin’ off.

Adding to the already massive pro-vs.-anti-gay outcry inspired by Chick-fil-A COO Dan Cathy’s controversial Baptist Press interview, West Hollywood California’s Abbey Food & Bar has just released its new chicken sandwich, cutely dubbed the “Chick-for-Gay”.

Named the “Best Gay Bar in the World” by MTV two years running, The Abbey promises that 100% of the proceeds made from the sandwich’s sales will go to the American Foundation for Equal Rights, according to the press release.

The $5, eight ounce sandwich features a breaded boneless chicken breast, served with pickles on a toasted buttered bun, and is set to be available through presidential elections this November.

The Abbey’s founder David Cooley explains:

With the upcoming election, even our lunch choices are a political statement. If corporations have the right to spend unlimited amounts of money on an agenda of hate, we as an LGBT business community have to spend money supporting Marriage Equality,” he said. “If corporations have the same free speech rights as people, the people have to exercise their First Amendment right at the cash register by patronizing businesses that support our agenda and stop giving money to those that oppose equality.

On the event page for today’s Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee made a similar point by asking attendees to come out to their local franchise to “support free speech.”

The Chick-fil-A Company thus far hasn’t thrown itself for or against either side of the most recent flame wars, except to say that it is not responsible for their promotions. In fact, it has been suggested that since the beginning of the PR firestorm, the company has been trying to save face and lie low, but it seems like not everyone is so willing to let them off the hook.

Since the infamous interview was released about two weeks ago, consumer approval for the chicken chain has gone down, according to information released by polling site YouGov.

The business world has seen what happens when an organization supports the LGBT community — which is that the LGBT community and its allies will support it,” Director of News and Field Media at GLAAD Aaron McQuade said. “Now we have empirical proof of what happens when a company rejects the LGBT community. The LGBT community and its allies will reject it.

Looking back to two weeks ago, it seems a bit hard now to swallow the fact that so much political outrage and gravity can be attributed to eating a measly chicken sandwich, but as long as this whole affair is still going strong, might as well enjoy the show.

A recent video parody by Funny or Die features actor John Goodman dressed as KFC’s Colonel Sanders jumping at the chance to promote his own chicken chain as gay-friendly—or at the very least, purely and unapologetically capitalistic:

“Hell I don’t actually give a shit,” Goodman/Sanders slyly admits near the clip’s end, “Gay or not, you’re just a bunch of big old money mounds…” As we rightly should be.

God Bless America.

[Thanks Huffington Post, US News, Gawker]


R.I.P. Chick-Fil-A — Could This Anti-Gay Hubbub Mean the Fall of an Empire?

(UPDATE: 7/25/12 2:18 p.m. Chick-Fil-A has just released a statement on its Facebook page denying its having any role in the creation of any alleged fake Facebook pages.)

Dear Chick-Fil-A, you guys can stop digging your own graves now.

What began as a veritable sh*t storm has erupted into a full-blown avalanche, with public outrage piling on left and right as a result of about a week’s worth now of PR disasters starting with COO Dan Cathy’s recent anti-gay statements.

Not only did the company lose its partnership with the Jim Henson Company, who provided the chicken chain with its latest kid’s meal finger puppet toys, but it also added insult to (its own) injury by immediately issuing a recall of the toys, citing “possible safety issues” resulting from kid’s fingers getting stuck in the puppets’ holes. A photo of the posted statement from one location in Texas can be seen below:

But believe it or not, even all that isn’t as bad as Chick-Fil-A’s latest transgression: creating Facebook accounts of fake teenage girls in a cheap attempt to defend the recall as anything other than what it is: blatant and frankly, embarrassing immaturity.

Instead of accepting the severed partnership and agreeing to disagree, some Chick-Fil-A PR genius decided to whip up a little stock image magic to comment on the company’s Facebook page and defend Chick-Fil-A’s decision to recall the toys–though it has been suggested the fake red-headed tween might have been the work of some chicken-hating saboteur.

The page, belonging to a Miss “Abby Farle,” argues the recall has been in effect as far back as three weeks ago and therefore can have nothing to do with the Jim Henson partnership, (derr). At least, that’s what she plans on going with, until one user points out her page was made only eight hours prior and therefore can only belong to the aforementioned PR-flack. Keep scrolling to see the exchange for yourself:

Really, Chick-Fil-A? The saddest part might be that the problem here isn’t so much the fake PR hack job, but the fact that it was done so sloppily, on top of the ever-massing car crash pile-up Chick-Fil-A has already found itself at the center of. Even if it was the work of an outside party, the whole exchange still looks bad from any angle. As if the thinly-coded homophobic verbiage of kids’ fingers getting stuck in holes they don’t belong in wasn’t bad enough.

Already, this avalanche of anti-chikin-sentiment has resulted in dashed expansion plans for the chain in Chicago and Boston. A letter from the office of Boston’s mayor reveals that many LGBT-friendly power players are just as willing to stick to their guns and do what they can to prevent the company from expanding anywhere that actually likes feeding all members of the general public; letter posted below:

The thing is, Chick-Fil-A has always taken pride in its pro-Christian roots, having donated millions to similarly pro-Christian, anti-gay interest groups and remaining closed on Sundays, but never before has it taken such an abrasive public stance and roused such vehemently negative feedback.

“If Mr. Cathy doesn’t do something about this really fast, he will find himself looking at declining sales and fewer familiar faces,” writes one blogger at the Huffington Post, “He may not realize it today, but in the future he will see the harm he has done to his company, employees and customers.”

The same day the toy recall was announced, Chick-Fil-A posted the following statement on its Facebook and Twitter pages: “Going forward, our intent is to leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government and political arena.”

Maybe it’s about time they started practicing what they preach.

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Fast Food

Gays Protest Chick-fil-A

A few dozen Gay Rights activists gathered outside of the newly opened Chick-fil-A location in Hollywood, CA this last Saturday to protest what they call Chick-fil-A’s anti-gay policies. The protesters claim that the company contributes to groups that openly oppose gay rights including Focus on the Family and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Chick-fil-A released the following statement in response to the accusation:

“At Chick-fil-A, we have a genuine commitment to hospitality for all of our guests. We are not anti-anybody and have no agenda, policy or position against anyone as some continue to confuse with misleading reports. We have a 65-year history of providing hospitality for all people and, as a dedicated family business, serving and valuing everyone regardless of their beliefs or opinions. We support a number of organizations that enrich the communities where we serve daily. Some of these organizations are faith-based and marriage focused and others are not. These donations have not been given to support an anti-gay political agenda.”

(Via Hollywood Patch)