‘Carlos Danger’ Brand of Wieners Set to Hit Shelves Instead of Your Phone


We all knew it was coming. After yet another Anthony Weiner scandal, when endless wiener jokes were made, the internet laughed once more as it discovered the mayoral candidate’s code name was Carlos Danger. Because nothing says “Mayor of New York” like a seventies porn-star nickname.

But I digress, because some genius has figured out a way to make more money off of this scandal than Weiner himself has.  The hot dog brand Carlos Danger Beef Wieners, has officially been born. And yes, there’s now a company too.  It’s called Carlos Danger LLC.


The website for the wieners is an exercise in hot dog innuendos and sexual puns.  So please, do check it out, because you will laugh.  You can also purchase the hot dogs, in packages titled “The Big One” and “The Giant Weiner Party Pack,” as well as T-shirts saying things like “Ask to See My Weiner.”

I don’t know about you, but I sure hope someone starts a tailgate with these babies at the next Weiner rally.

H/T First We Feast  + PicThx Carlos Danger Weiners, ABC News